Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I love,LOVE,LOVE Chocolate! I was thrilled to hear of this new futuristic city of CHOCOLATE....mmmm chocolate! Oh crap! Willy Wonkas not the friggin contractor, Ray Nagins off his rocker again! Dude is trying to do good things for the great New Orleans,but when he open his mouth,its all gumbo mumbo! He sounded like him and Pat Robertson got the same batline to GOD. As much a I KNOW,having lived down in N.O. and bon and raised in the south, it aint the 'white milk' section of our country Fo Sure! So whats everyones blowing a gasket over this strained,drained,exasperated mans MLK Jr. Day pride of his race? The majority of it was and willbe black.Been there, seen it, lived it. The most part of the white folks are for the booze parties,Spring Break,Mardi Gras..etc.Let Ray aginget over his nervous breakdown, maybe he realy does have plan for Willy Wonkas Chocolate Newer Orleans! It would ROCK! A tasty fun filled theme park! A few rides, may I suggest.... Mr. T's WILD Ride! Spinderellas Castle! Snoop Mouse! Russel Simmons Coutry Bear Hip Hop Jamboree! Swiss K Family Robinson! Grand Theft Space Mountain! OK, I will stop!You get it.Just make sure those water rides are caramel-lee.yummers! Note to Ray Nagin, I love your idea of a chocolate city,and I understand with all the trama and heavyweight desisions you have been tripping over,some times you just step in it. OR MAYBE ITS A MAJOR CASE OF MUNCHIES????????? YYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWHHHHH! =^.^=