Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Johnny died yesterday after a few years fighting tooth and nail over brain cancer.The captain of Thee Dream Team lost this one.Not many can say they beat Johnny,but alas Cancer took him out.I will say upfront, I am no fan of Johnny Cochraine, I used to call him Johnny Cockroach.I was fasinated by his magical court room tricks of confusion,corruption,cheating,lies,denials and preacher deliverence style.This was one Teflon MoFo.He taught us laymen the walk and talk of being a highly sucessful lawyer,thru the ULTIMATE reality show 'The OJ Simspon Double Murder Trial'. And even though OJ lefta trail of evidence that led right to his bedroom from crime scene ,he got OJ off of the double murder with his wit,madd skillz,rhymes and props!!! And even up to the end Johnny was trying HARD to help his long time client Michael Jackson get off,(MJ dont need THAT kind help!),ahh,get a not guilty verdict (alright!). I do hope JC found some time,or coinscience, to write the truth of what OJ told him about his guilt.He once said he had a client who admitted he was guilty,but it was his DUTY to defend his rights!OMG! As brilliant as JC was,he is the mentor of the crop of money hungry,no coinscience,mud racking scamming lawyers.And who will help the murdering,raping,stealing celebs now?His 13 law offices will go on, so kill away Hollywierd,someones still got yer back! In Johnnys own words...'If It Doesnt Fit You Must Aquit!' NO! not that jewel... From the mouth of the race card Master Baiter....."THE COLOR OF JUSTICE IS GREEN" as in $$$$$$$$. He wasnt just for the black criminals (I SAID Michael Jackson didnt I?!!) he took a white client every once and a while.Remember that poor white trucker driving thru LA during riots and was pulled and beated this close to death with bricks and dudes just pounding him? Johnny took him on and helped. It was just 10 years ago,maybe his brain tumor was there then,(hell the friggin trial almost GAVE ME A TUMOR,watching it 24/7!) He gave his all to free Simpson and his Motley Crew of lying fork tongued possee.Some may say the Devil called in his chips on Johnny.He HAD to have sold his soul to get OJ off that one.And I hated him for it, I hated Johnny for how he let his pit bulls tear apart everyone even remotely connected to case.And DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED,dont even, on how they turned a double murder case into the Mark Fuhrman trial.I said it B4, I will repete it till I die.....Fuhrman coulda been a card carrying memmber of The KKK,showed up in a white hood and STILL ALL THE EVIDENCE led to OJ,his Bronco and home. Mark bounced back from the landmines and grenades lobed at him by the pack of liars.He has proved time and time again what a brilliant detective he is and was,and his career is in high gear.OJs golfing his heart out, all the other lawyers are highly paid anaylists/authors/hosts.The trial that divided America.The trial of the Century.And Johnny was the Puppet Master.He showed all thats good and all thats evil in the system,and lawyers,too. He was a larger than life,boombastic,flamboyant,flashy,bling-blingy man a cross between a pimp and a preacher. He did alot of work in a short time and made a name and impact,not only in the courts, but every living room and dining table. Farewell Johnny, too bad you didnt out live OJ, but hopefully you left letters,tapes and proof that OJ did it and aquitted it. =^.^= (note to the Devil.....HERES JOHNNY!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Another long day goes by as Terri lays in bed wasting away. I STILL cant understand how,if she is soooooooo unhealthy how the hell can she withstand 12 days with no water or nurishment????? Remember I went on my own hunger strike to oppose the means of death to Terri? I, a 30 year old every healthy,fit woman only made it to 10 days B4 I ravished a cream cheese smeared English Muffin.But tis lady without a voice is hanging in there.Her will to live so strong?Maybe. The bodys natural way? Probaby not.The prayers and love and outpuring of hope and faith?Hopefuly.But its sick.How can they say shes in NO PAIN yet, give her morphine?I HATE all this political-laws crap.This is s HUMAN BEING, not a lab test on how long it takes till this innocent woman,who we dont even KNOW HOW she GOT THIS WAY, takes her last breath? For Petes Sake, how man of you have asked or payed a friend/neighbor/relative to go into your home while you are away TO WATER YOUR PLANTS????? Not to mention the live pets,they need that food and water dang it, and you wouldnt want to or allow your precious loved plants or pets to do without for a minute would ya??? A PLANT! And they call her a vegetable, hey, they need water too!Her brain is damaged,and now they are ruining her other vital organs w/ no nurishment.I am appauled death row convicts get a better vast array of methods of death.No way would we evenstarve a serial baby killler to death in this country. This chick is fighting for her life,and this disgusting act is distracting us from everything else.Emotions aside, and yes, they are RUNNING HIGH,this has to make an impact on death choices.But the answer must be some where between emotion and law. Why does the media want to see Terri Schiavo dead? They keep misrepresenting the facts in her case. This woman is NOT a "vegetable." Vegetative-state people do not sit up in chairs, do not smile, laugh or cry, do not recognize individuals or try to talk -- which Terri does. "Vegetables" are considered to be in an "uncurious" state. Terri's husband wants her dead, people should be asking, "Why?" He was offered $1 million, then $2.5 million and then $5 million to walk away and give guardianship to her parents. Why doesn't he? What can Terri tell if she were able? That her husband is the reason why she got in the state she is in? People are not hearing facts. Here are some facts: Terri told her parents she was going to leave him the day before she was found unconscious. After her parents discovered black bruises on Terri's back, they begged Terri not to go back to her home that night. Terri and Michael had a huge fight that same day. She did not have a heart attack as medics first thought. Medics on the scene called the police and the police thought Terri's circumstances was, or would become, a homicide. She had marks on her neck consistent with strangulation, it was discovered she had fractures on her bones prior to and after the event. Do people know that Michael is 6 feet, 7 inches, loud, obnoxious and a controller? That he recorded the odometer every time Terri went somewhere? Do people know that when Terri was first hurt and while he was suing the doctors for misdiagnosis, he was telling everyone that he loved her, would be with her for life. But as soon as the $700,000 award was made for Terri and $300,000 for Michael, he stopped all and any rehabilitation. There are affidavits signed by several nurses of his behavior -- that Terri could swallow but Michael put a stop to it. When a nurse put a damp wash cloth in Terri's hand because her fingers were closing together, he made them stop because it was therapy. Michael will not allow friends to visit, a radio or TV to be on or her curtains opened. He dictates when Terri's parents can visit. He controls every aspect. The nurses say after his visits, Terri is left crying, despondent, staring. After one particular visit, Terri was out of it and crying. The nurse checked her sugar level and it didn't register. When she checked Terri, there were needle marks under her breast, under her arm and in the groin area. The nurse found a concealed bottle of insulin in the trash, which could have killed Terri. When the nurse reported it to her superiors and the police, she was fired. When Terri got an infection, Michael was full of glee and wanted to know when the "b---h" was going to die. Isn't it interesting that it was seven years later, after the settlement, after Michael had proposed to another woman that he remembered, "Oh, yeah, Terri and I were having dinner one night and watching the fate of Karen Ann Qwenlin and she said that she wouldn't want to live like that." The first judge admitted Michael's statement as fact and that is what the other courts reviewed, facts set by the first judge. How does this hearsay have merit in the eyes of the court? Terri does not deserve to die. She does not wish to die. She tried to tell her attorney before the feeding tube was pulled "I want to live" -- that is documented. The liberal media is biased and wants to portray this vicious husband as a loving one. What loving husband would have multiple affairs and have children with another woman? It is a lie when they say she can feel no pain -- Terri is dying a very painful death. Take a stand for this woman, for life. =^.^=

Friday, March 25, 2005


God saw you were getting tired, and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you, and wispered,"come to Me."With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you fade away. Althouth we love you dearly; we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, our sweet hearted girl at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the Best. ~~~~May you all be safe and healthy and this never happens to you or yours.Fill out a Living Will TODAY,your family will appreciate it.May Terri already be in the light of the Lord =^.^= My love and hopes to you for a happy GOOD FRIDAY and a Beautiful Easter my dear ones ~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri SCHIAVO STARVES 2 DEATH while Scottie PETERSON eats pancakes!!

Ok, strap in, this ones gona be a bumpy ride!!! I AM SICKENED! We ALL know the sad story of Terri, who is i a vegetative state in Florida.Her husband swore 14 years ago that he would give her the best care for 20 years,along w/ $700,00.00 to do it.Mike Schiavo has dumped Terri in a less than whats needed facility an spent the bulk of Terris money on LAWYERS TO SPEED UP HER DEATH, yes, speed it up, not improve quality or therapy.TO PULL THE PLUG! It is a black eye on AMERICA that while most of the country are fat assed twinkie piehole stuffing couch potatoes, the only thing to do for Terri is to STARVE HER TO DEATH,SLOWLY.Is this the freaking 1500's? STARVE TO DEATH? We are THE FATTEST NATION.We throw out more food than some third world countries consme.STARVE???? Even on Death Row those pigs are getting nurished and medical and care! Isnt that pathetic that LAWYERS fight tooth and nail, some knowing their client is guilty and dirty as hell TO SAVE THE MURDERING BABY/WIFE KILLER or RAPIST?The lawyers will lie, hide,trick,scam,etc just to keep there client ALIVE and FREE. Then there is Terri who lawyers,judges and her err... husband are FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL TO KILL! Yes, fighting to KILL HER! How can we as a coutry be so screwy that 24/7 news,radio and pap is filled w/ comments,eds, and stories of this horrific case that Florida let go wayyyy to long.Why didnt they IMMEDIATELY investigate her broken bones, do some detective work?Why didnt my homestates Health Department MAKE SURE Terri was getting proper are and therapy to try to improve her condition from the get go.To just dump her in a dark room,unplugged from life was a death sentence.She needed much physical and mental stimulation early on.Now, who is to say what could have been,the milk is spilled. Her poor worn out family, who doesnt care what she looks like, they reach deep ito Terris soul and see her how she was and how they hope she can be,again...someday.These people are fighting TOOTH and NAIL to SAVE HER.They gave birth to her,and damn it, they should have her.She had a great relationship w/ them and they truely LOVE HER.Many of you say,shes bai dead Kiten.True, but who are we to say to those parents, your daughter doesnt deserve this nurishment and the oxygen she breaths herself.'We are gonna STARVE HER TO DEATH', cause her loving husband knows it was her wishes. I am sure Peterson,OJ and Blake would have the same to say,'She would have wanted it this way'. We are sick, jaded and very confused as to WHO must die and HOW. Give Terri a nice shot and away to sleep in eternity.Dignity,peaceful and humane.But STARVE someone.Starve the freakin prison community who rapes and murders women and children and see how FAST them lawyers,judges and lawmakers jump in THAT direction. This is just rancid. If America,AMericans,The President, Gov. Bush, lawmakers and judges ALLOW TERRI TO STARVE TO DEATH, I just dont see how the world can respect us for this barbaric behavior.An animal gets better euthenasia than what they are doing to Terri.We fight for the worlds rights and quality of life, yet starving in a bed in Florida lays a human being slowing draining of life.Hard-hearted lawyers and judges are making a career out of this case as many TV Personalities. How can death be DEMANDED when there are signes of hope and her family takes her AS IS!!!?? So what have we become? Cold,brutal,heartless souls who pick and choose who should live or die or eat or starve.Scott Peterson killed 2 people and yet Geragos fought TOOTH and NAIL to save HIM.Though Scott did get Death, he has breakfast,lunch and dinner everyday,5 hours outside and TV. If only Terri had that treatment,maybe death wouldnt be the only option to her husband and his lawyers and the 20 judges.Yes 20 JUDGES! And not one of these people could inforce death by injection??? Why not hang her too, after they STARVE her to DEATH.Soundz alittle Sadamm Hussien dont it? He would starve ya,wouldnt he.Now that I think of it, alot of those dictators and rulers WOULD and DO use STARVATION as a means of torture and death.STRANGE BUT TRUE. On a (very) personal note: Friday after I had dinner I desided that I wouldnt eat any solid foods while Terri suffered til death.I wanted to see what my min and body would go through even though I am a very fit and healthy 30 year old.Its the week of Easter and I have been fasting from Red Meat and donuts since lent started,and thought this last week I would sacrifice in honor of Terri.So I am a bit more screwy (HEY!!), worn out easy and am snappier/cranky. Just liquids.Dont roll your eyes and say, 'Thats lame Kitten'! Sounds like high drama, but I felt like I should do it,in her name,her honor for respect to her. My heart,prayers and love and hope to the Schindler family and all whose lives they and Terri touched.All you who have you own personal battles to fight. How ever this situation turns out, I wish it to be quick and over.Life or Death. But as I started out here, how can lawyers and Judges fight soooooo hard to save a life of a serial killer or baby killer/rapist, gross molesters and pedophiles and yet they are fighting just as hard TO KILL poor TERRI SCHIAVO??????? It's no wonder the world hates us so much, we are pretty sick and confused, the leaders AND the followers.Panties on a Prisoners head for info during war OUTRAGE! But let the girl starve to death....GOD BLESS YOU ALL. And GOD BLESS TERRI and HER FAMILY.Hopefuly one way or another she will be 'Home' soon......... =^.^=

Monday, March 21, 2005

PROSECUTOR dies from cocaine O.D. after bizarre events.MURDER??!!

Prosecutor dies from cocaine injections He'd had a long decline, loss of family and home By JIM SUHR Associated Press Writer MACON, Mo. � A former prosecutor and family man once known for a firm grasp of the difference between right and wrong, David Masters arrived at his death bound to a chair, his final stop along a road of poor choices. Two housemates are accused of being his judge and jury, condemning Masters for owing three weeks of rent and making passes at a woman with whom he lived. When the woman pulled out a gun, court papers say, Masters said he'd rather die from drugs � so the father of seven was injected with syringe after syringe of cocaine. The 52-year-old's body was found the next day near a river in the Ozarks, a couple hundred miles from this small town where he made his name upholding the law. "No one in their wildest imagination would ever dream he would succumb to an illicit drug problem and associate with the people he did," said James Foley, a former Macon County prosecutor and retired judge. "They try and rationalize it, but you couldn't even make this up in TV fiction. That's what his life became." No one will say if Masters might have been using drugs as his life fell apart. Since losing re-election in 1998, he'd abandoned clients, separated from his wife and surrounded himself with drug users, his daughter said. Brad Funk, an assistant prosecutor under Masters for more than five years in the 1990s, said his one-time mentor always "tried to do the right thing. That's why it's so shocking, sickening that David ended up such a lost soul." Masters came to Macon in 1990, when then-Gov. John Ashcroft tapped him to be the county's prosecutor. Masters was a sharp, organized litigator who devoted full-time hours to the part-time job, and had a private law practice on the side to make ends meet. Masters often was in the courthouse readying his cases before dawn, then could be seen at his private practice downtown into the wee hours of some mornings. "He was as productive as two or three attorneys put together," says Funk, since 2001 an associate circuit judge in Mercer County. "I never questioned his decency or his integrity or his abilities as an attorney. He was an officer of the court, and he took that very seriously." The job took a physical toll on Masters, a Diet Coke-swigging diabetic who didn't seem to make his health a priority. "Some days he just wouldn't look good, his color wouldn't be good or whatever. He just didn't look rested or healthy," said Judy Roberts, who has run the county's circuit clerk's office for the past 11 years. "I just figured he was working too hard, too many hours" =^.^=

Sunday, March 20, 2005

REV. AL SHARPTON-Church of the Greedy MoneySpongers-CAUGHT in PENSION SCHEME!

Investment Scheme Unfolds in Philly Trial (AP) By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press Writer PHILADELPHIA - For anyone who looked closely enough, the presidential campaign finance reports posed a mystery: Why, in the winter of 2003, were a handful of wealthy investment bankers making donations to the Rev. Al Sharpton? Federal prosecutors offered this surprising answer: It was all part of a scheme involving government pension funds, city contracts, and a plan to take over scores of chicken joints. The unusual allegation was tucked away in a 150-page indictment handed up last June as part of a sweeping FBI probe of city government in Philadelphia. A federal jury began hearing more about it Wednesday in the trial of the city's former treasurer, Corey Kemp. The case centers on charges that Kemp accepted thousands of dollars in illegal gifts from the late Democratic fund-raiser Ronald White in exchange for influence over which companies received city contracts. FBI agents tapped White's phones for nine months as part of the probe, and it was during that investigation that they allegedly overheard him talking with Detroit fast food king La-Van Hawkins about enlisting Sharpton's help with an ambitious business plan. In 2003, Hawkins had recently sold off an empire of Pizza Huts and Burger Kings and was hoping to replace them with Church's Chicken, Popeye's Chicken and Cinnabon franchises. To do it, he needed millions of dollars in new capital. Investigators said he turned to White, an old friend. The plan, prosecutors said, was complex: Hawkins hoped to get financing from New York City's huge pension fund. To do so, he needed to persuade the city's controller, William Thompson, that the investment was worthwhile. And to do that, he needed to get his foot in the door. That's where Sharpton came in, according to the indictment. Both Hawkins and Thompson were friendly with the long-shot presidential candidate. Hawkins hoped Sharpton might be willing to make an introduction. White's job was to warm Sharpton to the idea by raising money for his cash-strapped campaign. To do it, he turned to financial services executives who he had helped get work in Philadelphia. Several of the fund-raising calls were recorded by the FBI. "I know this is gonna sound strange to you, but, it's not strange, OK," White told Stewart Wolmark, an executive at CDR Financial Products of Beverly Hills, Calif. "Let me tell you, you know, this guy has a lot of contacts and in particular, ah, he has a very strong relationship with the controller up in New York." Wolmark agreed to help raise $5,000 for Sharpton. "I mean, don't ... don't let them think that we crazy ... you know what I mean," White said, laughing. "I mean, this has nothing to do with winning or losing the presidential." White made a similar pitch to Jim Reynolds, an executive at Chicago-based Loop Capital Markets. "Don't think I'm crazy when I tell you this, all right?" White said. "It's, it's, it's Al Sharpton. OK. For, for, for President." "You are crazy man," Reynolds said, laughing, although he quickly agreed to help raise another $5,000. "Well, let me tell you something, man. I'll tell you what he brings," White said of Sharpton. "He brings access to, into these corporate rooms. Where we, where we're not getting these deals from." The plan worked, at least in part. Thompson ultimately agreed to speak with White. The meeting took place on May 8, 2003, at Sharpton's request, according to Thompson's office. The discussion never resulted in a deal. Thompson's spokesman said that when the meeting took place, White wanted to talk about hedge fund investments, not restaurants. Sharpton's lawyer said there was nothing improper about arranging the meeting. Neither Thompson nor Sharpton nor the executives are accused of any wrongdoing, but prosecutors brought a charge against White and Hawkins for allegedly asking Kemp to do a little acting to help salvage the restaurant deal. In a meeting secretly videotaped by the FBI, Kemp sat down at a New York hotel with Aslam Khan, an Illinois businessman considering a sale of his Church's Chicken franchises. Investigators said Kemp tried to make Hawkins' bid appear more secure by suggesting that it could get financial backing from Philadelphia's pension fund. At the time, Kemp had no authority over the fund. White was charged with giving the treasurer $10,000, a new deck for his house and tickets to the 2003 Super Bowl in exchange for his help with various business deals. Defense attorneys said the gifts were not illegal. They have also disputed that Kemp, White or Hawkins did anything wrong during their meeting with Khan. The trial is expected to last many weeks. White died while awaiting trial. ~~~~~~ The good Reverand AGAIN caught with his grubby handz in the cookie jar, Oh Al! =^.^= ~~~~~ More like CHURCH OF THE POISON MIND YYYYEEEAAAAAAWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

ITALIAN PRIEST accused of kidnapping PROSTITUTES!

Italian Priest Accused of Kidnapping Prostitutes Wed Mar 16,10:10 AM ET �Oddly Enough - Reuters By Phil Stewart ROME (Reuters) - His defenders in the Catholic Church call it tough love. His critics call it kidnapping. �Priest Cesare Lodeserto, the former head of an Italian foundation that looks after illegal immigrants, has been making front-page news in Italy since he was arrested last weekend over accusations he had mistreated Romanian prostitutes. The women allege that the well-known crusader against sex slavery kidnapped them by taking away their identity papers and refusing to let them leave the immigration center in southern Lecce province. Lodeserto's lawyer told Reuters that the priest sheltered them for their own good after they were found drunk in town. "A few times I behaved like a strict father, but what could I do? These are young girls, easy prey for men looking to fool them," Lodeserto told the magistrate following his case, according to Il Messagero newspaper Wednesday. The scandal has hit a raw nerve in Roman Catholic Italy, where community leaders have in the past been denounced for using tough tactics while helping the less fortunate. That includes Vincenzo Muccioli, who put drug addicts in chains and condoned beatings to help them kick the habit. The accusations against Lodeserto are less severe. "(Lodeserto) never refrained from using offensive phrases and expressions," one of his accusers said, according to transcripts leaked to the newspaper Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. "In some cases, he even slapped them, ripping up their state permits and threatening to send them back to their countries." SEX SLAVES Lodeserto's Foundation on the Adriatic coast was created in 1997 after a wave of Albanian immigrants poured into eastern Italy, and it has a satellite operation in Moldova. It has a special focus on helping victims of the sex trade. Thousands of women are forced to work as prostitutes in Italy, but victims of sexual slavery can obtain temporary papers under legislation that aims to help them start a new life. Lodeserto has in the past faced death threats from angry pimps, and an unidentified immigrant suggested in an article published this week that the scandal was a setup, saying she had been offered cash to file a complaint against the priest. "Lodeserto stopped them from leaving at times when it was inopportune for them to leave. This sparked the talk about kidnapping," Lodeserto's lawyer Pasquale Corleto told Reuters. Church officials have also been at pains to defend him, and Italy's Episcopal Conference has expressed its "solidarity and faith" in Lodeserto. The Archbishop of Lecce, Cosmo Francesco Ruppi, also backed the priest. "The arrest of Cesare Lodeserto appears, to say the least, groundless and incomprehensible, if not absurd," he said. European Affairs Minister Rocco Buttiglione, a friend of Pope John Paul (news - web sites), said Lodeserto "has given his life to help the poor, the immigrants and the prostitutes." �"Now he's being hit by defamatory accusations," he said.


Sex Doll Sparks Bomb Alert at Postoffice Wed Mar 16,10:09 AM ET �Oddly Enough - Reuters BERLIN (Reuters) - A blow-up sex doll sparked a bomb alert in a German post office after it started to vibrate inside a package awaiting delivery, police said Wednesday. �"Workers were unsettled when it began vibrating and made strange noises," a spokesman for police in the eastern city of Chemnitz said. "They were worried the package might be a bomb." Officers brought the sender to the scene and discovered the source of alarm was an electrical device inside a life-size female sex doll. The man told police he had wanted to return the doll because it kept turning itself on at the wrong moment. Order was restored after the sender removed the doll's batteries so the defective product could be returned. =^.^= This could have been the first case of a doll blowing people! =^.^=

Friday, March 11, 2005

Wacko Jacko wont Moonwalk outta this one!!

Many of us watched yesterdays MJ was extremely tardy for his child molestation trial.I sat on the edge of my seat (not realy;-)> ) watching to see if the police were gonna take him into custody and cuff him if and when he showed up.Like they would any of us! I know he is fragile and rich, but a cuff and book would have should the judge means buisiness and child molestation is a SERIOUS charge and should be extremely important to him to show up and act right.Not Jackson right, everday people RIGHT. I will play Devils Advocate here. Sure Mike has a bad back, do you know how heavy them damn 11-13 year old boys are to lift?? If he wasnt stopped he very well may have a hernia or pooped some disks in his back for Petes Sake! Some think his back wasnt bad, he was just upset about the reality of his victim/accuser being up in his face about to spill all the beans of what went down in Neverland.He held up to the younger brother (or Plan B as MJ thought) on the witness stand without a meltdown (and I dont mean his face). So was it his back or his coinscience? How about how MJ lookedHe was doing his best bad back acting he could muster.I know bad back, I have flair ups myself because of the Carpet Biz.He was making some quick side movements that are almost impossible for a back sufferer. I watched in disbelief as our Michaels hair was messy!His make up even whiter and flusher! He would never let his image be tarnished to show up in public like this.He even had on pajama bottoms ( anybody see a young boy with the same on!!??? BINGO!) They could have had him fixed up during the long strange drive in.At least the body guards and ubrella stayed true.But he looked like shit.Maybe the walls are closing in on the man who was The King of Pop. Its kinda sad, how can you go from what he was to a person who grooms and molests small children. Jeeze children with cancer.Its a circus and cant say how it will end.But I do know if it comes down to it he cant do real time.I think he would rather be dead than found guilty and do time.Infact in keeping with the minds of pedifiles, they dont even know what they are doing is wrong.It aint CHARMING Michael,its down right freaky, down right Jackson family FREAKY and buck up and put your bleech aftershave down and just ADMIT you are insane and need help.Maybe the mom did pimp the kids for her own benefit, but Jacko has been dangeling carrots to unsuspecting boys and them being there didnt give him the right to do what they say he did.He is into self mutilation with surguries,had a sex scandal payout to a minor b4,dangles his own kid over a balcony,sees himself as a King and above all.... Thats just enuff for most of us to know about to convict.But maybe his lawyer will moonwalk him right outta this mess,stanger things have happened....... this just in..Neverland will now be renamed OK,ALLTHETIMELAND! YYYYEEEAAAAWWWHHHH!!!!! =^.^=

Was DANS withdrawl RATHER premature??

So as we all know, after a long career on CBS Dan Rather slpped outta the lead anchor chair he owned for 24 years to be a contributer to 60 Minutes and other CBS news mags. As I listened to Sean Hannity the other day (as I do EVERYDAY for 3 HOURS!) he was talking about Dans departure and something struck me! (No not those damn seagulls again!) An idea, maybe a conspiracy theory! Or maybe my meds wre wearing off ;-)> Dan was 1 year short of hitting the 25 year mark! 12 months, 365 days! Why woulnt they let him stay? Are there more scandals buried deep and the closet of skeletons about to see light? Did they pull him due to his ratings loss.I dont think it was that. I believe know that Dan was a victim of his own doing though.Yes, he is a great America jouranist with his homespun style and sayings that a part of America embraced.Sure CBS had some problems way B4 RatherGate.REMEMBER the 2000 Election Night results??????(just an example) So,why not let the old guy stay and get the 25 year celebration???????? WELL, I have put on my Detective hat and come up with this conclusion or delusion! Dan was pushed aside like a used kleenex for a reason.They will have Mr. Shiffer be the anchor, FOR NOW. I believe that CBS, no, let me be more specific MR. LES MOONVES the HEAD OF CBS was behind the early withdrawl.They will stick Shiffer (at 68 years old) in there and then have a bunch of candidates apply on air for shot.Like Letterman did when he was sick, like Regis did till he fund Kelly! OK, ya hung in this far, now I DROP THE BOMB! Les Moonves has his own personal objective to the early withdrawl of Rather !!! Les Moonves married CBS Early Show Hottie JULIE CHEN, also host of the great reality show Big Brother, late last year. My theoryis his MAIN OBJECTIVE is to seat Julie, a beautiful young Asian American WOMAN as the 3rd horse in the evening news battle! Thats right, Les Moonves will see to it his lovely bride will hit the big time an drag CBS up back on the news radar!!! Some fresh young meat in the seat!I have no inside, just connecting the dots on what I have learned.Only time will tell, but thats my theory and I am sticking to it, I have thought about this ,I beat it around like a rented mule B4 posting! Julie Chen is NOT the first female or Asian to fill the anchor seat, she IS the youngest,hottest and the bosses wife though !!! YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! =^.^=

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ANCHORS AWAY!!! buh-bye!!!!

Fire up your Tivos,Tonite is Dan Rathers last night in the anchor chair and CBS is planning to air a tribute to the longtime TV anchor man! It willbe a one hour long special honoring over 40 years of Dans most MEMORABLE LIES!!! ;-)> Good Luck Dan!And thanks for keeping the BS in CBS! =^.^=

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

WAKE UP CALL,KIDZ!! Lets save a life or 2 !!

I wont preach about March being Colon Cancer Awareness Month.But I will ell you how important early screening is.Ihave personaly taken a couple of V.I.P. in my life to be tested.Its abit embarrassing,but colon cancer is so much worse.Please read todays Dear Abby that 'splains it much better.Good Health and Lots of Love to ya'll!~~~ TESTING FOR COLON CANCER CAN DETECT AND PREVENT DISEASE DEAR ABBY: Imagine if, by applying what we already know, we could save the majority of lives that are lost to the third-leading cause of cancer in men and women. That's no pie-in-the-sky dream. I'm talking about colon cancer. Regular testing can help prevent this disease or detect it at its earliest, most treatable stage. This year, colon cancer will claim the lives of more than 56,000 Americans. That's more than 150 deaths a day, many of them preventable. The tests allow doctors to remove polyps before they can become cancerous, and prevent colon cancer from happening. These same tests can also detect early signs of the disease as effectively as mammography detects breast cancer. So why aren't Americans over the age of 50 getting tested? Many people simply do not realize they're at risk beginning at age 50. Some people think they don't need to be tested because they have no family history of the disease or symptoms. The truth is, symptoms often don't appear until colon cancer has progressed, and no matter what a person's family history or how someone feels, if you're 50 or older you're at risk for colon cancer. There is also the perception that the test will be embarrassing or painful. While some of the tests may be uncomfortable, colon cancer is far worse. Bottom line: If you're 50 or older, now is the time to get tested for colon cancer. People with a family history of the disease or other risk factors should discuss with their doctors getting tested even earlier. Abby, March marks the sixth annual National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It's a perfect time to start raising this important subject and making sure that Americans get the test that could save their lives. Do it NOW. Don't put it off. It's one of the few cancer tests that can actually prevent the disease. -- STEPHEN F. SENER, M.D., PRESIDENT, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY DEAR DR. SENER: I am pleased to help publicize this important message. Readers, if there is a history of colon cancer in your family, please discuss it with your doctors, regardless of your age. If you're lucky and there isn't one, but you're 50 or nearly there, recognize that adulthood brings with it certain responsibilities. So don't be childish, don't be embarrassed and don't be afraid. The exam isn't painful. The biggest "inconvenience" is the preparation for it. Consider it an initiation into a special club -- the long-life club. The American Cancer Society offers a free information kit to help you discuss colon cancer testing with your physician. To get one, call toll-free: (800) 227-2345 and stop colon cancer before it starts. ~~~~~~~Remember,this isnt just a mens disease ladies!!!!! =^.^= ~~~~~~

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Celebreality= Smooth Criminals

Looks like Marthas recipe for sucess turned out to be doing time! That domestic goddess turned lemons into lemonaide and more than tripled her wealth!!! Yippee! No doubt her first weekend out of the 'Big House' ino her own 'Bigger House'was a bittersweet homecoming.But how can we feel badd for her after this turn around? I always thought she got the shaft anyways, I mean who DOESNT inside trade? But she bucked up, went away for 5 months, will do 5 more w/ a legbracelet monitor,(maybe she can jazz it up with some sparkels or bedazzelers) she gets to go to church and work and reclaims her reign of strong arm control of her life.I am glad shes back home on her 500 count Egyptian sheets!She shed 20 pounds EVEN! Makes a hard working girl like me wanna go on an illegal rampage ;-)> !!! So congratualations Marty Mar, you showed everyone what an Iron Maiden you are! NEXT! Michael Jacksons trial, finaly...the circus has gotten underway! Of course the jurors arent of his peer group,HES A FREAKING ALIEN!from URANUS no doubt! And theres no blacks on jury, cause,well, he aint black anymore,anyways! His lawyers are so desparate to squash his sordid tales that they had JAY LENO gag ordered!NO JOKES! What a joke!They got Jay on witness list to SHUT HIM UP and not muddy the waters on tv.But Jay got Brad Garrett to come tell some jokes Jay WROTE! And Jimmy Kimmel had a Jay Leno impersonator (Frank Caliento) doing a monolouge of MJ jokes! HAHA! Most of us are pretty sure Jackos guility at this sad point in his life.I am no lawyer, but the first thing I would advise to MJ is GET A SPORT COAT,DUDE! You aint the King or General!Whats with the outdated armbands and medals and such? You are a FREAK MJ! I am sick istening to the testimony of trial.they claim MJ was 'hands on' himself and one hand down the kids pants!!! OMG! OMG! Public stoning to death would be charming for this type of actions,if AND when MJ is found guilty! Sorry Whore-Aldo Rivera,you will lose that moustache,and thats fine w/ MJ sice he doesnt like facial hair interfearing w/ his ass getting kissed! Even OJ knows MJ is guilty! Some say MJ needs help, I say yes, and jail time, remove his children,home and those silly outfits and throw away the key! Child molestation is just about thee worst crime and deserves death!I pray justice is served, the lawyers and judge and jurors dont loose site of the truth.As long as MJ walks or moonwalks the streets, it screams loud and clear that children or woman victimized by rich celebs in this country get a free pass.It sickens me.......... =^.^=

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Druuged out man CUTS and EATS own PENIS!!!!

Drugged man cuts off penis and eats it July 14 2003 A Malaysian man sliced off his own penis, then fried and ate it after taking hallucinatory pills that caused him to hear voices urging him to mutilate himself, police said. The 34-year-old claimed he only realised what he had done when he saw blood oozing from his crotch, said a police spokesman in the town of Sitiawan, 300 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur. The man had taken hallucinatory pills before sleeping on Friday and awoke hearing voices telling him to chop off his penis and devour it, the spokesman said on condition of anonymity. He was hospitalised in a stable condition, the national news agency Bernama reported. The man had recently been released from a drug rehabilitation centre, Bernama said. AP =^.^= What a long strange trip!