Friday, March 11, 2005

Was DANS withdrawl RATHER premature??

So as we all know, after a long career on CBS Dan Rather slpped outta the lead anchor chair he owned for 24 years to be a contributer to 60 Minutes and other CBS news mags. As I listened to Sean Hannity the other day (as I do EVERYDAY for 3 HOURS!) he was talking about Dans departure and something struck me! (No not those damn seagulls again!) An idea, maybe a conspiracy theory! Or maybe my meds wre wearing off ;-)> Dan was 1 year short of hitting the 25 year mark! 12 months, 365 days! Why woulnt they let him stay? Are there more scandals buried deep and the closet of skeletons about to see light? Did they pull him due to his ratings loss.I dont think it was that. I believe know that Dan was a victim of his own doing though.Yes, he is a great America jouranist with his homespun style and sayings that a part of America embraced.Sure CBS had some problems way B4 RatherGate.REMEMBER the 2000 Election Night results??????(just an example) So,why not let the old guy stay and get the 25 year celebration???????? WELL, I have put on my Detective hat and come up with this conclusion or delusion! Dan was pushed aside like a used kleenex for a reason.They will have Mr. Shiffer be the anchor, FOR NOW. I believe that CBS, no, let me be more specific MR. LES MOONVES the HEAD OF CBS was behind the early withdrawl.They will stick Shiffer (at 68 years old) in there and then have a bunch of candidates apply on air for shot.Like Letterman did when he was sick, like Regis did till he fund Kelly! OK, ya hung in this far, now I DROP THE BOMB! Les Moonves has his own personal objective to the early withdrawl of Rather !!! Les Moonves married CBS Early Show Hottie JULIE CHEN, also host of the great reality show Big Brother, late last year. My theoryis his MAIN OBJECTIVE is to seat Julie, a beautiful young Asian American WOMAN as the 3rd horse in the evening news battle! Thats right, Les Moonves will see to it his lovely bride will hit the big time an drag CBS up back on the news radar!!! Some fresh young meat in the seat!I have no inside, just connecting the dots on what I have learned.Only time will tell, but thats my theory and I am sticking to it, I have thought about this ,I beat it around like a rented mule B4 posting! Julie Chen is NOT the first female or Asian to fill the anchor seat, she IS the youngest,hottest and the bosses wife though !!! YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! =^.^=

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Debbie said...

Hey Kitten,
I know I'm off subject, but I have been trying to comment on your post, but I'm having a problem....I got thru today, but yesterday, when I went to click on "comments", so I could leave a comment, a screen came up saying my "blog was not found".....I didn't know where to go for Tech support...maybe I'm doing something wrong....just let me know....this has been a problem...Please help!! I love your blogsite, and I would like to leave my comments.
Thanks Kitten, and sorry about the "run on sentences" LOL