Monday, July 17, 2006


I just had to tell ya'll about my super duper patriotic great American weekend. Saturday was an awesome day.Rathdrum Days Parade had alot of The National Guard that returned,met some great old timey Vets and was impressed w/ size of crowd in lil ole North Idaho.Had an 80 yearold Vet dressed in his best, spit shine and all,and we talked during the parade.I made him blush with my praise and thanks and prayers.Even too a pic w/ him.He was a General.As the parade entries threw candy and stuff, I would gather it and give the candy to him(General Crockett!) and his wife.So cute as they ate candy and popcycles! I told them not to curse me when the sugar rush ran off! LOL! Made me feel proud! We then shot over across town to see off 100 troops headed to Iraq..alot of tears and scared eyes on the kids in uniform.Then went to a dedication ceremony at Court House in CDA honoring troops w/ an array of medals(see todays and headline story 'National Guard Honors Soldiers' and it names them and all the brave things they did) and to place a plaque for the one soldier from the 116th that was killed.It was a very moving hour and a half w/ first being the ONLY civilians (tisk-tisk people) having about 75 of the troops hanging w/ us and me taking pics (of course!) and some we met during Post Falls parade.Its awesome to be surrounded by so many great Americans, and they knew us.The parents of the fallen soldier were preset, very strong, no tears.I hugged and kissed both of them and thanked them for their sacrifice and let them know how greatful and sorry we are for their loss.Watching alot of the guys cry as they hugged mom saying what an honor it was to serve w/ their son, was hard to say the least.The 5 star General who I met in Post Falls, saw us and was so thriled to see me, it was wierd.He has the news clipping the Spokesman Review locl paper took of me next to him with the entire 116th on Flag Day.I had a shirt on that said 'I Love ARMY BOYS' and he was all...'I have our pic over my desk,and see you everyday!You got me in the paper! ' . I said, your the reason, he goes, it was you being so cute and that shirt! LOL! They took another pic of me with them,and the General goes anything special? I go, 'Yeah, All the guys take your shirts off!' And everybody,even the somber mom, laughed hard. Then about 10 minutes later the stereo stared playing Taps,and the ceramony began.I feel honored and greatful for that chance to show my and my families appreciation for all their sacrifices and hard charging work.All kinds of medals Purple Hearts,Bronze Stars,Metals of Valor and all were gven to these guys that just minutes B4 were goofing around with me! They took formation in the grass under blue skies and 95 degrees.I was like a proud mother! Its amazing what a hug and kiss does.For both sides. And you know, from the bottom of my heart, how honored I am to know such great Heros ! GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I send you all my thanks,love and prayers and kisses!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Faster than a speeding Kennedy, able to leap tall Libs (John F'in Kerry) in a single bound,its a bird (EAGLE),its a plane, its SUPER HAN-MAN! Thats right kidz we now have OUR OWN Super American Hero SEAN HANNITY !!! Super Han-Man has been shooting with laser speed TRUTH,JUSTICE and THEE AMERICAN WAY! By day hes a mild (MILD?WYLDE,more like it!),mild mannered radio talk host carpet bombing the libs with thier own dirrty bombs,doing the HEAVY LIFTING of all the bullsh*t the wackos throw his and our way,defending OUR LIBERTIES,FREEDOMS and for some of us our freaky fetishes! LOL! ;-)> Super Han-Man uses his powers FOR GOOD,not evil! He could banish Tedward Kennedy and his pack of wacks to another plant...URANUS would fit! But NOOOOOO, our Hero allows the booze hound to waste our oxygen and give us materal for great jokes (some of the Kennedy tricks ya cant make up Kidz!) But by night Sean strips outta that stuffy expensive suits and ties and PAD-DOW! SHAZAM! He's right in tighty tights! Oh, beat still my heart! Muscle huggng red and blue BABY! (Notice this new gayed up movie fakeass SuperMan doesnt even have a RED CAPE..its more like a burgandy..a clear sig the Queer Guys had their eyes on the wardrobe! But not our Super Han-Man! He PROUDLY wears that red takes a REAL man to rock a cape and tights!And whie the movie version had over 75 costume tweeks, our Super Hero needed NO SPECIAL PADDING in the 'man area' or fake muscles,and 'all the rest of that stuff! This Great American Hero is packed and stacked,BABY! Hes like a Super Hero Whopper....Grade A American Beef, a bit cheesy and two hott bunz! hehehe! Super Han-Man is worldwide in his service to helping people.He throws himself in the path of danger (sitting next to Combs and assorted libs),and all those EVIL,EVIL VILLANS! OMG! Kerry,Sharpton,Schumer,Hillary,Ed Asner and ALEC BALDWIN! So maybe Sean doesnt work at a newspaper,he wasnt sleezy enuff to get a job at the NEW YORK SLIMES, so what! ABC and FOX are his news cover. More similiarites between MY Super Han-Man and the other gayed up Super Man...... That perfect almost helmet hair,side part and all! The rugged,sexy good looks,too! And Han-Mans eagle eyes dont need no stinkin' glasses! And in the new movie Lois Lane is a slutty little single mother,(shes gona be on Maury Povich nextweek for 'Whose my Babys Daddy!).This hussy who couldnt wait for her man to return! That bee-otch! I appoint myself Super Han-mans Lois Lane! Hannitized and Sannitized and a very loyal proud American kick ass chick who stands by her man! I could also be his 'Kryptonite'...vavava-voom! And the kicker is like I said on Super Han Mans show...This movie 'Hero' is the ultimate ILLEGAL ALIEN! Not another country, ANOTHER PLANET!!!(and Brando was his FATHER!). Dudes gotta be doin' the crap the other Super Heros wont! ;-)> Hannity is ALL AMERICAN BABY! And just as in my dreams, I wish a comic of my 'fantasy' would be mass produced! Sean...uh, Super Han-Man flying high above the Northwest in his most tight tights swooping down on me to save me from a rabid Cindy Sheehan protest that Michael Moore is filming, and us flying high with me in his ripped,rockin musclebound arms! Then off to Iran, North Korea and finish off Iraq! Whatta Team! ;-)> YYYEEEAAAAAWWWHHH!!!!!!! Truth,Justice and the American way....sprinkled with Karpet Kitten Fantasy! Come Fly with me....... =^.^=