Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I hope ya'll are as confused and angry as i am over this 'bill' that will allow ILLEGAL, let me say that again ILLEGAL People who have ILLEGALY entered our COUNTRY to become CITIZENS! I cant even believe I am writting that! They will get our American welfare, insurance, education and freedom for a mere $5,000 payoff.Wow, the government ACTUALY believes this is a solution? Who drop the Extasy in there water pitchers? I am waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out from behind Tony Snow and tell us we have been PUNKED! I dont hate mexicans, my girlfriend and her family are mexican.The ones here worked very hard and waited long to be a citizen.And then a few who married into it ;-)> With 12 million here ALREADY,and they can bring up to 10-12 I was told thats over 100 Million ILLEGAL/AMERICANS! There goes all the money we dont have setting them up, medical,more schools,translate EVERYTHING into SPANISH, teach Americans,spanish and then some! We are at f*cking WAR and these chowderheads deside 4 us that ALLOWING ILLEGALS this (almost) FREE PASS at citizenship is IN OUR BEST INTERESTS???!!! How, oh pah-leeze,some tell me how we are goin' make it,if they didnt do this,thru all the lawn maintenance, maid work and fast food cookers of ILLEGAL Mexican decent NOT DOING THESE JOBS? Why wouldnt they try it ALL AMERICAN JOB FORCE? Our auto makers are going bankrupt due to import sales and pplaces like WalMart dominating areas with their NOT AMERICAN made goods.(Forcing mom and dad ops. outta biz).Why not at least give the peeps on assistance who CAN WORK, to do these jobs.As it is the 'minority' get dibs on all the jobs anyways.Dont you think these ILLEGAL JOB SNATCHERS are taking AWAY JOBS Americans need.They just say we ARE LAZY.There are millions of down on there luck, one check away from homeless,THAT WOULD DO THAT JOB.They make us out to be AMERICANTS not AMERICANS! They are spoon feeding the fable that biz is very much in need of there kind souls that do the work that America puts its name on.I swear,I know up here in snow country, peeps that COULDNT WORK thru this nasty harsh winter we just had,too be able to work at some of these jobs taken by ILLEGAL workers.Lately on news have noticed a spike in crimes commited by ILLEGAL men who bolted right back to Mexico.One skeezer raped a little girl and ran back.I dont get it.The wall needs to be put up.The Mexican Government put on alert.A massive deportation of who is here NOW,will be small in comparison to the INVASION of more ILLEGALS and their ILLEGAL FAMILY MEMBERS.Imagine they are starting their lives here,snubbing their noses at our LAWS and robbing jobs and benefits and medical and education.NOW the jackasses in charge are throwing us AND THE AMERICAN DREAM under the bus.Its a sad,sad,sad day in this country and to those who are patroling the border, fighting in wars and protecting our streets and yup,EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN! I pray,realy pray this doesnt happen and they try something else.Like thinning the hurd by 100,000 ILLEGAL DEPORTATIONS A MONTH.NOT open armed welcome to feed on Lady Liberty's teet.This is a sell out of all of us.They need to deport, fine employers and make it a priority to employ AMERICANS AND SECURE THE BORDERS with walls and patrols (g' men and citizens) FIRST. The Mexican governement HAS TO BE PUT IN A RESPONSIBILITY ROLE to NOT keeping thier own in, but ENCOURAGING them and schooling them how to ILLEGALY enter the US.Its not just the good hard workers (gag me), its DRUG SMUGGLERS,FLEEING CRIMALS,TERRORISTS....oooohhhh...yeah, TERRORISTS.HASNT ANYONE thought of this?I am sick in the pit of my tummy.I feel scared,betrayed,non represented and very pissed off at the thought of this.They are having frigging parties in Mexico and in terror camps on the word of this. This truely frightens me the thought of the money being sucked to make this lame brained shitty idea work.And I heard TEDWARD KENNEDYs name is on this! No wonder its as ridiculus as if a drunken hobo thunk it up! Cause it was! We are at risk of losing so much while ILLEGALS get the lotto win.For shame on those who go along with the selling out of America for a mere 5K.There are kids, college kids, poor working,welfare,fired and disabled and any hard working Americans WHO CAN AND WILL DO THIS WORK,its just a matter of TRYING IT.Not lay down like a trifelin' little bitch! Send them packing and the family,fine the cheap bastards who HIRED ILLEGALS,and place AmeriCANS in those jobs.Put the wall up and stop this BS! The terrorists our brave warriors are fightinghas spending THE REST of our $$$$ on and at this moment,are streaming over the border you idiots! STOP THE WARM AND FUZZY and leave that to me.CRACKDOWN on ILLEGALS NOT REWARD THEM for being such good sneeks and crimals!!! The mexican governement should have a parade! I should storm the beachs of Cabo with some of you and FLY MY FREAK FLAG and declare it Cabo KITTEN! How would they like that??!! LOL! We HAVE to do something to prevent this tragic mistake from happening.But what!????!!! Anyone seen Ashton Kutcher???................... =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-) IF YOU DONT STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS,THEN BY ALL MEANS,FEEL FREE TO PUT YOUR FATT ASS IN FRONT OF THEM! ITS WAR,YOU GONNA DO THE JOB? POLITICIANS START WARS,SOLDIERS END THEM! =^.^= T.W.A.T.=The War Against Terrorist S


I cant believe that they are trying to pull this crap on us.Unsecured borders,and being as safe as a bottle of scotch on Tedward kennedys nightstand,we are sitting ducks! In many ways to.Our safety,financial future and lives are hanging on a string.I swear,if brains were chocolate Kennedy and Harry Reids couldnt fill a friggin M & M!!! I have dug up some info to shed light on how repulsive,illegal and down right UNAMERICAN this sell out is. Total bullsh*t!! The Senate amnesty bill is full of lies, half-truths and misdirections. • If passed it would give immediate amnesty for nearly all of the 22 million illegals. • Triple the rate of chain migration from around 250,000 a year to around 750,000 a year for about a decade. • Create new flows of 200,000 "temporary" foreign workers every year who will bring their families and have anchor babies who will qualify for citizenship. They will receive the new "Y" visa. Guest workers would be limited to three two-year terms, and they'd have to spend at least a year outside the United States between each term. Temporary workers will be allowed to bring immediate family members if they can support them financially and they have health insurance. (I dont have health insurance!How 'bout you?) • "Z" visas -- Illegal aliens will be given six months to apply for a "Z" visa. However, they can still renew them indefinitely -- the first "permanent temporary visa" in U.S. history. Federal officials will have only 24 hours to do a security and criminal background check, and if they can't complete the check they can issue the visa anyway. If the fingerprints don't kick up a criminal record in the first 24 hours they get instant legalization papers. Once they get those papers, they can stay in the United States the rest of their lives, whether or not they ever decide to apply for a "Z" visa or green card; • Even if it is found that the illegal alien has a disqualifying FELONY it is not a sure thing that they will be deported. If the alien can convince the judge that deportation would result in a hardship for either the alien or his spouse the alien cannot be deported. Illegal alien gang members will be given a "Z" visa if they are willing to renounce gangs -- 650,000 criminal illegal alien absconders would be legalized under the bill. • Illegal aliens will not be required to pay back taxes. S. 1348 puts an illegal alien into a super class of an American. They are correct that this is not instant citizenship (which might not come for 18 years). But it IS "instant legalization" that allows legal residence and work in the U.S. Immediately after the amnesty bill is signed into law, all 22 million illegal aliens can sign up, give their fingerprints and/or eventually citizenship (unless they are found later to be terrorists or fail to meet a few obscure criteria that may or may not ever be enforced). We urge you to call YOUR SENATORS. Ask friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., to call also. S. 1348 is a sell-out of American sovereignty. • It is a slap in the face to anyone who has legally immigrated into America. • It would be a terrible tax burden for us, our children and eventually our grandchildren. • It rewards illegal activity and elevates illegal aliens above U.S. citizens and legal aliens. For all intents and purposes, it does away with our borders. WE MUST NOT ALLOW ANY OF THIS TO HAPPEN 2 US!JION ME IN MY OUTRAGE!!! As I have said before, many of my jobs have been hard working,underpayed ones.They are trying to make us believe we are too lazy or a bunch of primadonnas who snub our noses at hard crappy jobs.LIES!And this $5,000 payola to get in is a joke, make it $50,000.00 and us that money for a freaking wall.I also want cheap employers to pay big time NOW! They and we know who is illegaly working.And what about mexicos gov (whata joke) to be finacialy responsible for every border jumper,even the masses of non mexicans doing it.We must place sanctions,cut of their imports even. =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)


I just got a PHONE NUMBER to call or FAX Senators about AMNASTY BILL I have just called and rest of my fam and friends.PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE CALL & PASS THIS AROUND.UNITED WE STAND IN TAKING BACK OUR GREAT COUNTRY!I thought it was worth getting out there in hopes we can make this crazy crap stop B4 its to late.KISSES! =^.^= Fax congress free call free info Body: Go to fax congress free NO AMNESTY. You may also call the U.S. Senators switchboard where they will transfer call to your senators office. TOLL FREE 866-340-9281 Please tell family and friends. It was quick,first 2 times got busy signal, but then got thru,PLEASE FELLOW AMERICANS GET TO YOUR PHONES NOW!!! PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)