Friday, March 28, 2008


~~~A LOCAL STORY HERE In IDAHO,NAVY BLOCKS KNIFE GIVEAWAYS!SOME DIRTBAGZ STOP US FROM GIVING TOKEN OF APPRECIATION!=^.^= ~~~~~~ RULE PLACES A $20 LIMIT ON GIFTS!!!! COEUR d'ALENE -- As far as the U.S. Navy is concerned, the Buck stops here. Veterans of the Iraq War are being told they can't receive a commemorative Buck knife as a "thank you" for their service and sacrifice. "Someone put up a red flag and said we can't do it," said Lt. Troy Gilbert, a member of the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion based out of Hayden. "There's a $20 limit in value that a service member can accept as a gift. These knives are valued at $103." Gilbert said roughly 40 reservists were going to each receive a special knife made by Buck Knives during an April 5 ceremony. "I am trying to see what can be done," Gilbert said. "I know the Navy JAG is looking at the legality of it. We might be able to get around this rule." Graham Crutchfield, a retired Marine, organized the commemorative knife program by raising money for the knives and is incensed with the Navy's edict. "It makes no sense and it defies logic," Crutchfield said. "A private citizen can't give one of our troops a gift for putting their lives at risk because of some bureaucratic nonsense. It's an insult to the American people." The problem began when Gilbert was trying to get some positive publicity from the Navy on the program. His efforts backfired when a senior officer said the gifts violated Navy regulations. "A lot of people have the 'Can't do attitude,'" Gilbert said. More than 500 Inland Northwest veterans, including those wounded in combat, have received special knives since the program's inception in 2005. "We haven't had any problems with any of the services until now," Crutchfield said. "All of the funds are contributed from folks who live in the area. We've had individuals, businesses, and service clubs make donations so that we as a people can express our appreciation for what these youngsters are going through on behalf of our children and grandchildren." CJ Buck, president and CEO of Buck Knives, said he was amazed by the Navy's decision to forbid its personnel from receiving the special knives. "I had no idea it would be a problem," Buck said. "Here's an individual trying to honor soldiers. It seems to be a shame." PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Last Thursday night the U.S. House of Representatives held a "secret," or closed, session to discuss controversial electronic surveillance legislation, over some objections that withholding it from the public wasn't necessary. According to the Congressional Research Service, last week's was the sixth secret session since 1812 for the House. Before 1929 the Senate routinely conducted business in closed session; since 1929 there have been 53. Modern practice is to close proceedings to discuss confidential information, impeachment deliberations, sensitive information from the president, and national security/military issues. Meetings of the Constitutional Congress and Convention were held in secret. Closed sessions are authorized by Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution. Any member of Congress can call one, and those who attend are forbidden to publicly divulge what went on. However, on occasion the members vote to have some portion of the transcript published in the congressional record. Since 1812, the closed sessions of the House have been to consider relations with Indian tribes (1825), a bill regarding trade with Britain (1830), the Panama Canal Act (1979), Cuban involvement in Nicaragua (1980), U. S.-supported paramilitary ops in Nicaragua (1983), and electronic surveillance legislation (2008). Since 1929, the Senate has met secretly on many topics, including contempt and impeachment (judicial and presidential), investigations of government contracts, military policies and war reports, WMDs, intelligence operations, unnamed legislation, trade with China, vaguely identified national security issues, and aircraft/other sales to certain countries. Thursday night's came after several weeks of deadlock over the surveillance legislation, mainly retroactive immunity for telecom companies who aided the government in questionable wiretaps. Two versions of the bill amending current law (FISA) existed -- one passed by the Senate and supported by the president that included the immunity, and the other introduced in the House without it. Friday morning the House passed the version without the immunity. To monitor federal legislation, go to PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yes, you guessed it.The newest SEX SCANDAL, Politicaly, has blown up all over us.N.Y. Governer Spitzer has been BUSTED paying 4 SEX! From the looks of him, he would HAVE 2 pay 4 it!But his poor wife looked too good 4 him, even as she stood their w/ that same ole stunned look we have seen over the decades wayyyyyy to many times. 1st ,b4 I go off on the scandalishious part, I beg women from now on....PUH-LEEZE,PAH-LEEZE!,spare what ever nugget of self respect you have 4 yourself and family and dont allow these sleezy weasels to prop you up as a shield against harsh questions and a hope of making the cheater look more family oriented. Just as they screwed you and your families hearts and minds ALONE,let them STAND ALONE.My heart bleeds everytime,and there are so many I cant count over the decades, when these betrayed,lied 2,maybe even sexualy deasesed and emotional crapped on spouse is standing by her man.Maybe its my HOTT IITALIAN BLOOD, but that bastard would be bruised ,on a crutch or probably a stretcher doing his press confrence, and the infamous,forgive me I have sinned speech.The skeezers on Capital Swill and all high profile politicians and lewd servants of the Lord are out of control!! NO WONDER so much redickulous shit is going on (like the our military contract going 2 FRANCE!II HELLO!Who did France have to screw 2 get that sweet deal?Makes ya wonder..) These 2 headed monsters are scheaming and cheating and the lies 2 cover,Woah,that takes, time, money and alot of effort and TAX DOLLARS to cover up! Between the sex and campaigning we are being BLED DRY !!! Why do we have to wait 4 them to deside if AND when they RESEIGN?THEY WORK 4 US, Why cant,'We The People' COME TOGETHER and FIRE their sorry asses and demand our tax bucks back that has paid there sick fetishes and lifestyles of the sick and famous? Freakin TACO BELLS standards are higher than our governments and some religious sects!!!! And they worry if athletes are jacked up on Hulk juice?What a joke,yeah and its all on us. This latest blowup will probably end in rehab and divorce and maybe jail for Elliot Mess.Between the FREE gay random sex and high paid hot hooker sex ,page didddling, bribes and well ya'll know how they are screwing the tax payers,I have to believe a 'clean sweep' B done and kick their mealy asses out,send Trump down to tell em YOU'RE FIRED!!!!! if needed. We are going to Hell in a Handbasket and these morons are at the wheel of the SIN WAGON we are been driven there in! Hell, they are HIGH JACKING OUR COUNTRY!!With so many of us good hard working American paying for these jerks high end lifestyles on OUR DIME,we deserve to have a SAY in what they are accountable 4,what they do 4 us.Where did our balls go people??? This is thee greatest country in the world being ruined and cash strapped by the jackholes WE BELIEVED in at voting time.And its not just the sex my claws are out at,Its candidates who lay with terrorist,rasists and scammers and cheaters.And they get this GOD COMPLEX which in their sick twisted mindz dont think they will get caught! And Its insane that many of these men wrote and passed bills about exactly what they are doing.4 Petes sake, THEY KNOW they ARE BEING BADD! And note to these naughty,badd boys...STOP ASKING US TO PRAY 4 YOUR POOR FAMILY,or KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS,or WE NEED OUR PRIVACY.I wish a lightening bolt would come outta the heavens and strike them dead BANG! Like they were on their knees praying while they were,well....on their knees! Is it me kidz OR ARE THE INMATES RUNNING THE ASYLUM????????????? Its hypocritical,gross and the children,yours and theirs, dont deserve this news and details either 24/7. With all the murders,abductions and lead painted toys and filthy beef and high priced gas, IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR. we dont need to hear about the nasty dirty deedz and details of these OVERPAYED,OVERSEXED,BOOZED UP,PILL POPPING,scuriliss decievers! What or who,comes next I cant say,but I know there are sleezy weasels crappin their pants,but a few dayz will pass,and the games are back on 4 them.Letz get the brooms out PEOPLE and DEMAND some psych tests,drug tests and kick their crummy asses 2 the curb, not REHAB and keep paying them and give retirement funds too!!!! Give em a boot in the ass INSTEAD!!!There ARE plenty of great people who can serve us well, I just DONT THINK THEY ARE POLITICIANS! Too badd,soo sadd... =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, March 07, 2008

U.S. Awards 2nd LARGEST MILTARY CONTRACT EVER 2 FRANCE!!! what the F' ??

The second largest military contract ever handed out by our government (for more than $35 billion) to build new air tankers for the Air Force to replace its aging KC-135 tankers, was just awarded to an American firm -- but the tankers will be built in their subsidiary in France, a company which also builds the Airbus, Boeing's major competitor. The states of Washington and Kansas, the two largest manufacturers of Boeing planes, have risen up in wrath against the government's awarding all this work for perhaps the next decade to a company in France, when the economy in our own country is presently in a recession, and probably headed for a depression under the present administration. Awarding contracts to firms with European ties is not unusual. Large military contracts have been manufactured in Italy as well as in Germany over the past decade. Let us take a look at the background of this contract. It was only a few months ago that Boeing entered into a contract to lease 100 air tankers to the Air Force for a period of 20 years, after which time the planes would still be owned by Boeing. Sen. McCain was probably the only senator objecting to this leasing arrangement, since he felt that the Air Force should own the tankers, since the purpose of these new planes was to replace the Air Force's aging KC-135 tankers presently more than half a century old, with the oldest of them stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane. The Fairchild planes would be the first ones replaced if this new contract proceeds. However, the leasing contract was turned down by the government because all of a sudden, an investigation showed that the key chief Air Force Procurement officer was being paid to make sure that Boeing received that contract -- further, she was to be hired by Boeing at a six-figure salary upon her forthcoming retirement from the Air Force. Both she and Boeing's chief officer who had arranged this sweet deal are serving time in federal prison today. Naturally, due to this history, Boeing's bid on the replacement air tankers was rejected. A new contract with more stringent requirements was put out for bid. When the bids came in, the successful firm, with its French partner, met the higher requirements in four out of five major components of the bid and tied Boeing on the fifth. All hell is breaking loose at this moment. Labor leaders are saying we need the jobs in this country more than France needs the jobs. They are saying also that Boeing is one of the finest military aircraft builders in the U.S.; that France for years has heavily subsidized its industries, including Airbus. Because of the subsidies to French farmers, Great Britain for years refused to become a part of the European Union. It was only half a century ago when I was in the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Ships that the Navy gave out a bid for destroyers to a French shipbuilding firm. The arguments then were very similar to those of today except that the French government had known Communists as ministers in their government, and we at the time were still in the heyday of McCarthyism. The Navy was obliged to back down because of the uproar in this country. But should we back down on the present air tanker contract? Should we reward corporations who lie, cheat and commit criminal acts to win military contracts? I, for one, felt that Boeing should not have been allowed even to bid on this contract at all. Boeing, which once had a splendid record of quality products and quality work a number of years ago, sort of lost its way when old officers retired, new ones took over and moved the headquarters from Seattle to Chicago; when they expanded into all sorts of military fields. Prior to that time, military contracts had been a very small part of Boeing's business. Should we reward a company that presently holds three large military contracts, but has had cost overruns of many billions of dollars? Should we reward a company that has been responsible for shoddy workmanship on part of a fence being built for national security purposes between Mexico and the Arizona/Texas border? Should we reward a company which doesn't care about either its employees or their morale, or the quality of the work it puts out, but only the size of its bottom line? It has been only a very few years since, my very good friend visited a friend in Seattle who is retired from a very responsible job with Boeing. He toldthem that the company is no longer the same. He has two sons plus two sons-in-law presently working at Boeing, all of whom say they no longer have any pride in their company, nor have they any faith in the product they produce. The forthcoming presidential election of 2008 is all about change -- change in the way we do business; changing from corporate control of the federal government to a people-controlled federal government. How can we expect to change the corporations as long as we kowtow to them on the basis of more jobs temporarily, rather than the morality of a good job done, backed by a corporation's hard-earned good name? Yes, Mr. Bush; let's create your legacy and accept the fact that the government should be run by the people, for the people, and not by the corporations, for the purpose of fattening their own bottom lines. The good you are doing in Africa won't wipe out the harm you have done to this country by your corporate-controlled government. PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)