Wednesday, February 14, 2007


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY LOVIES!! I know some of you despise this day, BOMBARDED with the over marketed $13 BILLION buck spending spree,that leaves many feeling more alone,unloved and unapreciated.Its more than a 'got too,get me,go to'day.A SHOCK n AWE campaign is sooo not what its about to me and others.(Unless yer messin' wit a GOLDDIGGER!) LOL! Flowers wilt,cards get put away,dinners and cocktails are just 'rented'! I believe your time,love,a sweet note,a warm smile,a genunine hug,attention and thoughtfulness are your biggest and greatest gift of love of ALL! (I have heard diamnds are a girls best friend,but realy you are! But diamonds ROCK! ;-)> ) So many of us are blessed with love of friends,family,lovers,spouses,pets and cyber friends like ME! But the reality is,many are searching for that specal someone.A life companion, (Or in Paris Hiltons case..a ONE NIGHTER!) a person to share the best and help thru the worst.HEY, if that dinosaur LARRY KING can get married 7 times, theres hope 4 all of us right!? And some might even go to the end of the earth or THE MOON,like that psycho ASTRONUT who thought she found LUST IN SPACE!(note to her..DEPENDS Undergarments for 900 miles....NOT SEXY! Makes me think of Larry King again..urghh!). I have told many who asked for my love advise how to find like minded people.Well NOT BARS! Extend yourself to areas where you would never expect to find a special person.It usualy happens when your not looking. I tell people 1st go to HANNIDATE on and also there is Hannity Local Hookups(your area of the local hannitized). There are lots of safe local ways to 'hook up'! Good Luck in Love and Happiness to you who are looking.I now you will succeed in finding that special person. What realy hurts me are the ones left behind by the death of their loved ones.Whether old or they were killed in war, or a tragedy.Thats how I believe (and do),WE can make a difference and fill our own hearts with love.My grandma said 'You cant love someone unless you love yourself' (insert her broken Italian-English accent). Reach out to Military familes and First Responders that the family,wife,kidz husbands,parents,siblings.They are realy blue and you can have your own manificent act of kindness.You can do it undercover or flat out let them know YOU (and we) CARE ABOUT THEM! Your heart will swell as mine does when I go to Vet Hospitals,elder homes and the like to show them YOU MATTER and I APPRECIATE YOU!What about Grandma,an elder aunt or vet uncle?I see no reason YOU CANT make it a special day b doing a rando act of love and kindess in a forgotten persos life.Everyone knows someone like that and you can share time together and BOTH FEEL GREAT.Such a small,inexpensive gift that makes a world of you AND THEM! Dont let the love light in your heart dim,just cuz your aren IN LOVE (or LUST).You have a LOT 2 GIVE! If you are lucky enuff to have found that great love, and are just sooo PUNCH DRUNK LOVE,hey,dont just wait till Feb. 14th to do something special.Do it all year long.Keep them fires burning and enjoy THE HEAT!!! gggrrrrlllll !!! Love is in your heart,I have nothing but warm wishes,prayers and hope for all of you.Dont be burned on love if you had a bad experience,you have so much to give.And theres them stories of 80 year olds finding hot sexy love (ok, NOT SEXY!).So 'Better to Have Love and Lost,Than To Never Have Loved At All' (that goes for NY Cheese Cake too!) Go out there and have a great day, who knows it MAY turn out to be a different type of HUMP DAY than you expected! ;-)> This Day is about love,but it need NOT BE ROMANTIC.So put a smile on your face and a song in your heart (Mine is 'My Funny VALENTINE!) and get out there!! And last, but definately, NOT LEAST when all else fails...... REMEMBER, JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DOES THE KARPET KITTEN! =^.^= BIG OLE KISSES and SPANKS and all my love to you!!!!!!! PLEASE THANK, RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007


POLICE: LOS ANGELES HOSPITAL DUMPED PARAPLEGIC MAN ON SKID ROW Friday, February 09, 20007 LOS ANGELES��� A hospital van dropped off a paraplegic man on Skid Row, allegedly leaving him crawling in the street with nothing more than a soiled gown and a broken colostomy bag, police said. Witnesses who said they saw the incident Thursday wrote down a phone number on the van and took down its license-plate number, which helped detectives connect the vehicle to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site. Police said the incident was a case of "homeless dumping" and were questioning officials from the hospital. "I can't think of anything colder than that," said Detective Russ Long. "There was no mission around, no services. It's the worst area of Skid Row." The case comes three months after the L.A. city attorney's office filed its first indictment for homeless dumping against Kaiser Permanente for an incident earlier last year. In that case, a 63-year-old patient from the hospital's Bellflower medical center was videotaped wandering the streets of Skid Row in a hospital gown and socks. An after-hours call Thursday to Hollywood Presbyterian seeking comment was not immediately returned. Kaylor Shemberger, the hospital's executive vice president, told the Times the incident was under investigation. "Obviously we are very concerned about the information that has been presented to us," Shemberger said. "If some of the facts are correct, it is clearly not in line with our policy of handling these types of patients." City officials have accused more than a dozen hospitals of dumping patients and criminals on Skid Row. Hospital officials have denied the allegations, but some said they had taken homeless patients to Skid Row service providers. In 2005, Hollywood Presbyterian was accused of homeless dumping. At the time, a top executive denied the charge, but said Skid Row service providers offered treatment and care for some patients who had nowhere else to go. ~~~~ I pray someday our downtrodden ,poor,hopeless Americans are able to get medical care and treated with dignity no matter how uch (or little) money they have.We seem to care about other countries health and welfare.Why not us? Maybe Oprah,Angelina,Madonna and oter rich celebs should 'adopt' a homeless vet! Or how about the lawmakers chip in and let us get some of that awesome medical care they get.OR let them pay for thier OWN! =^.^= ~~~~~ PLEASE THANK RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Locked in Eternal Love a 6000 yr. LOVE STORY

2007 Archaeologists find prehistoric 'Romeo and Juliet' locked in eternal embrace! (not me and my beloved Sean! LOL!) ROME -- It could be humanity's oldest story of doomed love. Archaeologists have unearthed two skeletons from the Neolithic period locked in a tender embrace and buried outside Mantua, just 25 miles south of Verona, the romantic city where Shakespeare set the star-crossed tale of "Romeo and Juliet." Buried between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago, the prehistoric pair are believed to have been a man and a woman and are thought to have died young, as their teeth were found intact, said Elena Menotti, the archaeologist who led the dig. "As far as we know, it's unique," Menotti told The Associated Press by telephone from Milan. "Double burials from the Neolithic are unheard of, and these are even hugging." The burial site was located Monday during construction work for a factory building in the outskirts of Mantua. Alongside the couple, archaeologists found flint tools, including arrowheads and a knife, Menotti said. Experts will now study the artifacts and the skeletons to determine the burial site's age and how old the two were when they died, she said. Luca Bondioli, an anthropologist at Rome's National Prehistoric and Ethnographic Museum, said double prehistoric burials are rare -- especially in such a pose -- but some have been found holding hands or having other contact. The find has "more of an emotional than a scientific value." But it does highlight how the relationship people have with each other and with death has not changed much from the period in which humanity first settled in villages and learning to farm and tame animals, he said. "The Neolithic is a very formative period for our society," he said. "It was when the roots of our religious sentiment were formed." The two bodies, which cuddle closely while facing each other on their sides, were probably buried at the same time, possibly an indication of sudden and tragic death, Bondioli said. "It's rare for two young people to die at the same time, and that makes us want to know why and who they were, but it will be very difficult to find out." He said DNA testing could determine whether the two were related, "but that still leaves other hypotheses; the 'Romeo and Juliet' possibility is just one of many. ~~Check out the picture:


NANCY PUKELOSI....WHAT THE??? They are so full of crap that she reaks!All the promises and blowing gas and what is she up to? NO GOOD! This overstretched dusty hag realy thinks she is a rockstar! A PRIVATE JET? What is her friggin BROOM is in the shop,hopefully the BROOM is getting an upgrade. I am sure her taunt,tight and pulled face is aerodynamic enuff to trot her ass across country!JEEZE! Come on you stinkin' Limo Libral Liars!And thanks 4 the minimum wage increase.Amazing that they gave themselves SOOOOOO many raises B4 getting to our meager increase! That bee-otch.They are passing more gas than bills! And poor President Bush! During State of Union,he must have been a bit nervous with that mean old Bush hater BEHIND his back with a heavy weapon (gavel)! I hope Cheney had a shotgun under table pointed at her for safety! The hypocracy is RAMPANT and what about BORDERS? What about the real issues? The hypocrisy from liberals has reached its apex. I hear liberals like to be called progressives these days. Liberals, progressives or socialists are all makeup artists trying to put lipstick on a pig that has lost 7 of the last 10 presidential elections in this country. These are people who support a party that gave us Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. One was the worst president in history and the other the last to be impeached and the first to be disbarred. Here are some facts for you misguided liberals; Halliburton received no-bid contracts during Clinton administration for work in Bosnia and Kosovo. John Kerry was a 'C' student at Yale. Al Gore was a 'C' student at Harvard and could not complete either divinity school or law school at Vanderbilt, failing five of the eight classes he took in his three semesters at divinity school. Bill Clinton dodged the draft. He never served a day in any branch. He repeatedly told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction during his presidency. On July 23, 2003, ex-president Clinton went on Larry King live and said "it is incontestable that on the day I left office, there were unaccounted for stocks of biological and chemical weapons (in Iraq)." The next time a liberal, socialist, progressive or whatever wants to talk about Bush's grades in college, his 5 years of service, flying jets in the national guard, his no bid contracts to Halliburton or his supposed lying about WMD's in Iraq remember that. These people, because they are hypocrites, did not hold the candidates they supported to the same standard as they hold our current two term, twice elected president! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Thursday, February 08, 2007


One thing that can be said about life is it isn't boring, at least not to those who pay attention. Just a few of the more bizarre items in the news wires recently: � No free rides. Winning a big sweepstakes prize, such as the ride into space won by Brian Emmett of San Francisco, Calif., quickly hit a sour note when Emmett realized he couldn't afford the $25,000 taxes he owed on the prize. The news Tuesday was that a space tourism company agreed to pay the taxes in exchange for some consulting work by Emmett. � Vertical marathon. 290 people raced up all 86 floors of the Empire State Building this week. The fastest time was 10 minutes, 25 seconds. Movin' up is hard work. � Pedicure bandit caught. A man accused of not paying for more than 20 pedicures he received at various spas in Illinois and Wisconsin was apprehended this week. He led police on a foot chase. � Two-headed calf dies. A Virginia calf born just after Christmas died this week. The dairyman who owned her refused to have Star on display while she was alive, but shipped her body to Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum for taxidermy. � Bouncing down the street. While they wouldn't really cause bouncing, rubber sidewalks may be in Philadelphia's future. A city councilman is proposing the idea of recycled tire rubber for the city's sidewalks because they last longer than concrete and are safer in the event of a fall. � College on eBay. Sick of the rising cost of tuition? Try eBay, where Oklahoma Weslayan University is auctioning tuition. A year of tuition, room and board reached $4,425 on Monday and runs through Saturday. The non-eBay price is $23,000. � Chewie's back, and mad. A man dressed as Chewbacca from Star Wars was arrested for battery in Hollywood this week. The wandering wookie head-butted a tour guide. � That's one honest cop. The Kewaskum, Wis. police chief cited himself for a traffic violation. After he accidentally drove past a school bus with its lights flashing, the chief wrote himself a $235 ticket and paid the fine the following day. � The worried wife. A woman in New York was arrested after spiking her NYPD-husband's meatball with marijuana. She wanted him to test positive so he'd lose his job, because she was afraid he would be killed in the line of duty. She figured a prison sentence was better than a funeral. � Wrong anthem. A local band in Grenada, in honor of a China-financed stadium on the Caribbean island, played the Taiwanese national anthem for a group of visiting Chinese dignitaries. Oops, or political commentary? � Oops again. A similar gaffe occurred at The White House last spring when an American announcer called China by Taiwan's formal name. ~~PLEASE SUPPORT, HONOR,RESPECT,PRAY & THANK OUR ARMED FORCES AND FIRST RESPONDERS & THE FAMILY WHO SACRIFICE THEM FOR US!GOD BLESS THEM & US =^.^= ~