Wednesday, February 14, 2007


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY LOVIES!! I know some of you despise this day, BOMBARDED with the over marketed $13 BILLION buck spending spree,that leaves many feeling more alone,unloved and unapreciated.Its more than a 'got too,get me,go to'day.A SHOCK n AWE campaign is sooo not what its about to me and others.(Unless yer messin' wit a GOLDDIGGER!) LOL! Flowers wilt,cards get put away,dinners and cocktails are just 'rented'! I believe your time,love,a sweet note,a warm smile,a genunine hug,attention and thoughtfulness are your biggest and greatest gift of love of ALL! (I have heard diamnds are a girls best friend,but realy you are! But diamonds ROCK! ;-)> ) So many of us are blessed with love of friends,family,lovers,spouses,pets and cyber friends like ME! But the reality is,many are searching for that specal someone.A life companion, (Or in Paris Hiltons case..a ONE NIGHTER!) a person to share the best and help thru the worst.HEY, if that dinosaur LARRY KING can get married 7 times, theres hope 4 all of us right!? And some might even go to the end of the earth or THE MOON,like that psycho ASTRONUT who thought she found LUST IN SPACE!(note to her..DEPENDS Undergarments for 900 miles....NOT SEXY! Makes me think of Larry King again..urghh!). I have told many who asked for my love advise how to find like minded people.Well NOT BARS! Extend yourself to areas where you would never expect to find a special person.It usualy happens when your not looking. I tell people 1st go to HANNIDATE on and also there is Hannity Local Hookups(your area of the local hannitized). There are lots of safe local ways to 'hook up'! Good Luck in Love and Happiness to you who are looking.I now you will succeed in finding that special person. What realy hurts me are the ones left behind by the death of their loved ones.Whether old or they were killed in war, or a tragedy.Thats how I believe (and do),WE can make a difference and fill our own hearts with love.My grandma said 'You cant love someone unless you love yourself' (insert her broken Italian-English accent). Reach out to Military familes and First Responders that the family,wife,kidz husbands,parents,siblings.They are realy blue and you can have your own manificent act of kindness.You can do it undercover or flat out let them know YOU (and we) CARE ABOUT THEM! Your heart will swell as mine does when I go to Vet Hospitals,elder homes and the like to show them YOU MATTER and I APPRECIATE YOU!What about Grandma,an elder aunt or vet uncle?I see no reason YOU CANT make it a special day b doing a rando act of love and kindess in a forgotten persos life.Everyone knows someone like that and you can share time together and BOTH FEEL GREAT.Such a small,inexpensive gift that makes a world of you AND THEM! Dont let the love light in your heart dim,just cuz your aren IN LOVE (or LUST).You have a LOT 2 GIVE! If you are lucky enuff to have found that great love, and are just sooo PUNCH DRUNK LOVE,hey,dont just wait till Feb. 14th to do something special.Do it all year long.Keep them fires burning and enjoy THE HEAT!!! gggrrrrlllll !!! Love is in your heart,I have nothing but warm wishes,prayers and hope for all of you.Dont be burned on love if you had a bad experience,you have so much to give.And theres them stories of 80 year olds finding hot sexy love (ok, NOT SEXY!).So 'Better to Have Love and Lost,Than To Never Have Loved At All' (that goes for NY Cheese Cake too!) Go out there and have a great day, who knows it MAY turn out to be a different type of HUMP DAY than you expected! ;-)> This Day is about love,but it need NOT BE ROMANTIC.So put a smile on your face and a song in your heart (Mine is 'My Funny VALENTINE!) and get out there!! And last, but definately, NOT LEAST when all else fails...... REMEMBER, JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DOES THE KARPET KITTEN! =^.^= BIG OLE KISSES and SPANKS and all my love to you!!!!!!! PLEASE THANK, RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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