Monday, December 15, 2008


As ya'll saw our Commander and Chief light on his feet with dealing with that filthy pig 'jouranlist' (using THAT term LIGHTLY!) who wanted to assault and shame Mr. Bush ,and OUR MILITARY,after all he and our military have done for his kitty litter box and his (the good people) of Iraq! Man, I was VERY impressed with the KAT LIKE movement of our President.LAME DUCK MY NARROW TAN ASS NACY PUKELOSI! And then to follow up with some funny quips.Like the dude had a small foot! OH SNAP!!! So,my mind started going......... Dumb Ass Security,what were ya doing?Not watching the Chief!Maybe Prez learned to move fast like that while hunting w/ Cheney... It can happen ;-)>! Or in the halls as Nancy and Reid and Kennedy are coming down ! Soundz right! This Shoe-ISCIDE LOBBER was swiftley thrown to the Karpet BEATEN!! Beaten like a Micheal Vick Dog,my fave part!! YYYYYEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH and left a trail of blood as they drug his stoopid ass outta the joint as Bush went Shecky Green! Loved IT!!! I had to think that if Chicago Gov,or Slub Blahgoy-SUMBITCH was on the other end of thrown footwear that thing on his head might have swallowed IT! And it sure as HELL WOULD HAVE HIT,CAUSE THAT HEAD and HAIR (?) are barn size! And throw a Jimmy Chew at his foul wife,it might just lodge in her big fatt MOUTH! So kidz, I leave you with wordz THAT LAST NIGHT THE GHOST OF JOHNNY COCHRANE PASSED ON TO ME TO TELL ALL........... WHEN THE SHOE IS THROWN BY AN IRAQI TWIT,OUR SWIFT,STEALTH PRESIDENT ,JUST WILL NOT BE HITT!!!!!!! ;-)> LOVE YA'LL =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


~~~As if our idiots on capital hill arent sucking us taxpayers dry enuff, I stumble on this insane hand out of our bucks!The money needs 2 go into freakin border patrol to keep these killers,terrorist and illegals THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! We are very so very,very vuneraable now and are in a bad situation all over the board,between bailouts,terrorists,2 wars,bankruptcy,good Americans losing $$ & benefits! NOW THIS!!!! =^.^= ...................... HUGE INCREASE IN MEXICO GANG KILLINGS: Mexico Says Gang Killings More Than Double in 2008 MEXICO CITY -- Organized-crime slayings in Mexico more than doubled in the first 11 months of 2008, the government said Monday, as powerful drug cartels fought increasingly bloody battles among themselves and against security forces. Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora said gangland killings rose by 117 percent to 5,376 as compared to the first 11 months of 2007, when there were 2,477 slayings. The government had previously not provided a total number for such killings and the figure came days after Washington began releasing funds from an anti-drug aid package. Underscoring the brutality of the conflict, authorities on Monday reported that at least 18 people were killed in a single day in southern Guerrero state and two human heads were left in buckets outside the governor's office. Medina Mora said the spike in "homicides related to organized crime" was largely caused by an internal falling out between former allies in the Sinaloa cartel, Mexico's most powerful drug gang. The current wave of killings, massacres and beheadings began at the start of 2008 when the Beltran-Leyva gang split from the main wing of the cartel led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman setting off battles between rival factions, the attorney general told reporters. The increasingly gruesome slayings also come amid a massive government offensive against Mexico's drug cartels in which President Felipe Calderon has sent tens of thousands of soldiers to states plagued by drug gangs. Since Calderon took office on Dec. 1, 2006, a total of 8,150 people have died in such slayings. Other contributing factors include long-standing disputes for control of drug trafficking routes, increased street-level drug dealing and leadership disputes following the arrest of some cartel lieutenants, law enforcement officials say. Mexican law enforcement has also been hit by the biggest corruption scandal in a decade in recent months, as more than a dozen high-ranking officials in police and prosecutors' offices have been detained or charged for allegedly passing information to the cartels. Medina Mora said the law enforcement cleanup, known as "Operation Clean House," had not affected U.S. confidence in Mexico's ability to fight drug traffickers, adding it had done "rather the opposite." "This is not only not affecting the confidence and capacity to work together, it has even increased the level of cooperation and confidence," Medina Mora said. Last week, the U.S. government released $197 million, the first installment of a $400 million aid package to support Mexico's police and soldiers in their fight against drug cartels. On Monday, the Guerrero Public Safety Department said in a news release that 10 suspected traffickers and a soldier were killed in two gunbattles Sunday in the town of Arcelia. Authorities also found the bodies of three men who had been shot to death near Acapulco. Two other men were beheaded in Guerrero and two more men where shot to death. In neighboring Michoacan state, the bodies of three men who had been missing since Thursday were found near the town of Zitacuaro. All three had been tortured and shot in the head, state investigators said in a statement. Police in the northeast city of Monterrey said 10 banners alleging police corruption and federal protection of drug cartels were found Monday. The banners, painted on white sheets in black and red ink, appeared outside various locations in Monterrey including the city's cathedral, a hospital and the town hall of San Nicolas, a Monterrey suburb. Several of the messages were addressed to Calderon and alleged Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna is helping the Sinaloa drug cartel. Garcia Luna has rejected those allegations. ~~PLEASE CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE ON THIS!! =^.^= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


By PATRICK O'BRIEN Staff writer HAYDEN -- It may have rained on their parade, but those in attendance were glad to be there. The city of Hayden hosted its second parade Saturday morning in honor of Veterans Day. "We love you guys, God bless you," cheered The' Karpet Kitten' as the Color Guard, Company B 321 Engineer Battalion, marched down Government Way. "I am just trying to keep their spirits up," she said, "I love our country." Stan Davis and wife Jylene were visiting family in Post Falls from Salmon. "I heard they were having a Veteran's Day parade, and I'm a very big supporter of the military and stand behind them 1,000 percent," Stan said. Grand Marshall, Lt. Cmdr. Richard Obregon, of the U.S. Navy, rode by with his family waving to the handful of the faithful that had gathered -- despite the elements -- to honor their veterans. "I just love the city of Hayden," said Obregon who had traveled extensively throughout the country with the military. "The people here are special," he sid, "very open, unique and friendly." Obregon worked both in the Army and Navy, and is currently stationed at the Spokane Military Entrance Processing Station. Judy Allers, of Dalton Gardens, braved the rain with grandson Ross Chadderdon, 9. "I admire what he does and thought I should come out and support him," said Allers of her husband, Pete, who was in the parade. Don Jiran and his wife, Lisa, stood waving flags as the Young Marines of North Idaho marched past. The Jirans were there to celebrate friend and fellow Coeur d'Alene police officer, Maj. William Wallace Connally, who was honored with Hayden's Distinguished Veteran Award. "It's the least we can do," Lisa said. With both fathers having served in the military, Don and Lisa are members of Coeur d'Alene Veterans of Foreign War, Post No. 889. Don spent time in the Navy. "It's kind of embarrassing for the public to sit at home in a warm, dry house," said Don in reference to Saturday morning's thin crowd. Karpet Kitten agreed. "It brought a tear to my eye as always," she said. "I am kind of disappointed with the turnout. All they've done for us, and people can't come down and stand on the corner -- and the lack of children." Following the parade, community leaders and parade attendees gathered in the Hayden City Hall to see Obregon and Connally acknowledged by Mayor Ronald McIntire. "We're losing our World War II veterans on a daily basis," said Nancy Lowery, president of Hayden's City Council. "So to be able to have our Distinguished Veteran be a World War II veteran is really meaningful." Lowery said she had recently lost her own father, a decorated veteran. "I understand more and more, how much it means ... to be a part of our political system," she said. "It couldn't happen without the young men and women that go out and fight for us." PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OBAMAS SEXUAL PERV PAL! OMG!Barrys a scum magnet!

KarpetKitten reports a "sex pervert" was Sen. Barack Obama's longtime mentor and "father figure". For seven years, the presidential candidate had a "father-son" relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, who has confessed to having sex with children, SADOMASACHISM,Bondage and practicing a wide array of DEVIANT sexual activities. In his 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father, Obama identifies his childhood mentor only as "Frank," but Obama insiders later confirmed he was referring to Davis, a journalist and poet who was a pal of Obama's maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Frank Marshall Davis admitted in his private papers that he had secretly authored a hard-core pornographic autobiography called Sex Rebel: Black, published in 1968. The author of the book - a copy of which was been obtained by The ENQUIRER - is listed as "Bob Greene." Davis later confessed to its authorship after a reader noticed similarities in style and phraseology between that book and Davis' poetry. Davis confessed: "I could not truthfully deny that this book, which came out in 1968 as a Greenleaf Classic, was mine." The appalling catalog of admitted real-life decadence is laced with perverted sexual activity, bisexuality, rape - and the seduction of children. "Davis' admission he wrote this disturbing book exposes Obama's mentor as living a secret double life - and as a sexual pervert," disclosed a source. In his shocking tell-all, Davis admits to seducing a thirteen year-old girl, voyeurism, exhibitionism, bisexuality, rape and sadomasochism. Barack, called "Barry" as a child, was a mere ten year old when he first met the family friend who lead a secret double life. Obama's grandfather introduced Barry and Davis because he believed it would help his alienated grandson identify with being of mixed heritage because Barack's mother, Ann, was a white American while his father, Barack Kenyan. Obama's parents separated and then divorced when Barack was only 2. Ann remarried and took Barack to live with her and new husband Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia - but Barack was later sent to live with his white grandparents in Honolulu, Hawaii. Barack describes how Frank Davis had a lasting effect on him and became a father figure over the seven years they knew one another on the tropical island. In Dreams from My Father, Obama wrote: "He would read us poetry whenever we stopped by his house, sharing whiskey with Gramps out of an emptied jelly jar. "As the night wore on, the two of them would solicit my help in composing dirty limericks." Obama described being counseled by Frank often and recalled drinking whiskey with him. Since Frank Davis has been identified as the author of Sex Rebel: Black, Obama has been extremely secretive about the true nature of his experience with the self-admitted deviant. Obama also describes turning 2 Frank 4 counseling when he found out hid granny died had admitted 2 his grandad she had been scared by a panhandeler because he WAS BLACK! (OMG!!) AND he also recalls drinin WHISKEY w/FRANK! Davis died in '87 at age 81. Barrys grandad died 5 yrs. later! Since Davis has been identified as the author of 'SEX REBEL:BLACK" the Seantor O has been secrective (DUH!) about his experience w/ the POET! Obamadinjad & his fam have REFUSED 2 speak 2 anyone abt his link to DAVIS! (as usual),However,Davis' close (yuk!) peep Dawna Weatherly-Williams,said she met Obama when she was 10 yrs old @ Franks home!YUK! In another recent interview,mom of 3 Dawna,who calls davis DADDY!-admitted that while Davis "never REALY did DRUGS,Obama and Stan DID DRUGS,he & Obamas granddad did smoke pot 2gether! NUFF SED! =^.^= 4:20 PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Several months ago, during the primaries, Obama stated that his grandmother is a typical white person, who does not like and trust people who look different than she does. This is an insult to most white people. My husband and I lived in different states and overseas and always made friends with different ethnic folks, celebrated birthdays and other holidays together, had our daughter play with their children, etc. This also holds true for all the white people we know. Sen. Obama cannot make us believe that he did not know, or never heard, his pastor, during the 20 years he has been acquainted with Jeremiah Wright, preach the black liberation theology that was founded in South America by communist Marxists. This theology teaches nothing but hate against white people, as we all have seen and heard on TV. Why was Sen. Obama during his high school years attracted to Frank Marshall Davis, a staunch communist who became his mentor? Later on in Chicago, Saul Alinsky, another hard-line communist, became Obama's mentor. Bill Ayers stated in 2001 after our country was attacked that he should have bombed more places and Obama whitewashes that statement? Then, we all know of his longtime friend Rezko, a slum lord, who mismanaged millions in state and federal money to fix up the apartment complexes for poor people in Southern Chicago and now will be sentenced for 17 felony accounts. Why didn't Obama investigate this criminal while he was a state senator? Instead, he used him for his fundraising, and Rezko helped finance Obama's $1.6 million villa last year. During Obama's senator years, he voted in favor of late-term abortions, as well as to gun bans for legal citizens, who had a concealed weapon permit in order to defend themselves in their own home. He cannot make us believe that he is in favor of the Second Amendment. In 2006, Sen. Obama (while already an elected official in Washington) traveled to Kenya, Africa, and campaigned for Raila Odinga, who claimed to be a Christian on the surface, but was promoting strict radical Muslim laws. However, we must remember that the incumbent president, who ran for re-election, a Christian, was also very pro-America and western countries. This man won by a slim margin and the supporters of Obama's friend, Odinga, murdered, sodomized and raped over 1,000 people, and many thousands were misplaced from their homes. Countless churches were also burned, but no mosques. Consequently, the re-elected president had to give Odinga a position in his government in order to stop the violence. If Russia were to invade Alaska tomorrow, claiming that they used to own it, which is true, Obama would probably give it to them. If General Powell or Michael Steel, the former Lt. Governor of Maryland, who are both black, were to run, we would vote for them as president in a heartbeat. PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Reguards to SEPT.11....

My computer has been down 4 about 2 weeks now! DAMN U AL GORE!!!!! So many of you must have been svratching your noggin's wondering why I had nothing 2 say about Sept.11th or Patriots Day! You probably thought Michelle Oh-Blah-Blah-Blah-Ma had me kitnapped!! LOL! Hell NO! I am so madd that during these times I was unable 2 express my deep sorrow to those who suffered on that day 7 (yeah 7 years) ago that rocked our world.Not a day goes by that the victims of those terrorists do not cross my mind.I pray,thank and honor them and shed tears.The brave 1st responders who rushed into that mess,many to die.Many have medical problems and mental problems to this day.These men and women are true blue Heros.Thank God for their sacrifice and strength and their families who live with the knowledge they died or are permently damaged all this time to save their fellow neighbors.Not a day goes by that I dont think or pray,thank,honor and shed tears for thr passengers on the planes used as weapons to do those murders deeds,and a piece of my soul dies thinking of their last horrific moments,and their long suffering families who I send my love and prayers too. Not a day has passed that I dont thank GOD for our BRAVE VOLUNTEER TROOPS and VETS who kicked ass and gave life and limb in that kitty litter box to take down these hard line radicals and free those long suffering people.All while leaving their beloved families home.My heart cries for you families and YOUR great sacrife of your Hero, our HEROS.You families are what keep them going and I am so sorry you are or were without them.Hopefuly some are coming home soon.And for those who never will I personaly give you my deepest sympathy and earnest thanks.I send ya'll cyber hugz and kisses for your loss.I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN AND NEVER WILL.You and yours are always on my mind and drive me daily.I am also greatful there has not been another tragedy like that for 7 years.I think we have Pres. Bush to thank 4 that.So all you who have a PERSONAL STAKE in this I say Know you are respected,loved and prayed 4 as your loved ones by MILLIONS of us and we are here for you.You know how much I care ;-)> I am worried though,that the terrorist swore that they would cripple our society and financial base,and the way the market,banks and home situation is going,I fear they may have us on that one.But we know the best and bravest of all military are kicking ass and doing thee absolutely best job given the circumstances they can do.ALL MY LOVE AND Hopes for a brighter future for all of us, even those who are Americans that care,worry and also thank God for our Troops, Vets and First Responders and their families.WE CARE!!!!!! ALL MY LOVE =^.^= ******************* Here is a prayer I found for those lost that I hope brings some piece of mind: ~~~~~~~~~~ETERNAL REST GRANT UNTO THEM,OH LORD: Lord Jesus,lovingly welcome into your presence my deseased family,relatives and friends who have completed their journey on this Earth,and have gone to their rest in the hope of rejoicing with You forever in Heaven. Source of all life and love,in Your infinate mercy,look favorably upon their goodness,and forgive any sins they may have commited,so they may enjoy for ALL ETERNITY the GREAT REWARDS You HAVE PROMISED TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN YOU.AMEN! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Jury: Death for Duncan AMEN!!!! BOISE -- A longtime sex offender was sentenced to death Wednesday for the 2005 kidnapping, torture and murder of a 9-year-old North Idaho boy after federal jurors who watched video of some of the brutality deliberated just three hours. The jurors' recommendation was binding on U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge, who thanked them, dismissed them and then sentenced Joseph Edward Duncan III. Relatives of the victim, Dylan Groene, remained somber as the jury's decision was announced. Duncan murdered Dylan's mother, older brother and his mother's fiance to kidnap him and his younger sister, who was sexually abused along with her brother, but survived. Duncan showed no reaction other than smiling as the verdict was passed to the judge. "We're happy with the verdict, but it's a shame -- this should have been limited to one death," said Steven Groene, the father of the children. "He should have had the courage and the guts to kill himself before killing anyone else." Duncan took Dylan and the boy's then-8-year-old sister, Shasta, to a remote western Montana campsite where he raped, tortured and threatened them before shooting Dylan in the head and burning his body. Jurors viewed horrifying video Duncan made of him abusing Dylan. "This defendant is dangerous. He is a predator who takes pride in his work," prosecutor Traci Whelan said. "He earned this day. His actions ... call out for the death penalty." Duncan acted as his own attorney but had offered no response to prosecutors' closing argument. "I have no argument," he told the court. With an eye toward kidnapping the two children, Duncan stalked their family. In 2005 he entered their Coeur d'Alene-area home and used a hammer to kill their 13-year-old brother, Slade Groene, his mother, Brenda Groene, and her fiance, Mark McKenzie. Duncan was arrested and Shasta rescued weeks after the kidnappings when a waitress at a Denny's in Coeur d'Alene called police after recognizing the two as they ate. Duncan pleaded guilty in December to 10 federal charges involving the kidnappings and the murder of Dylan. He pleaded guilty to the other three murders in state court, where he also could be sentenced to death. In closing arguments, Whelan reminded the jury of Duncan's lifelong "pattern of violence," including a conviction for raping a boy at gunpoint in 1980. Duncan has told investigators he killed two half-sisters from Seattle in 1996, and he is charged with killing a young boy in Riverside County, Calif., in 1997. Duncan may now be brought to Riverside County to stand trial in the death of Anthony Martinez. It's hard to tell if the end of the federal case will offer any comfort to Shasta, Steve Groene said. "I can't speak for Shasta, I can't get inside her head," he said. "Possibly now we'll have to be dragged through a court proceeding in California. If they go ahead with the prosecution, it would be such as waste of taxpayer money because he'll never spend a day in a California prison." Darlene Torres, Brenda Groene's mother, said she was glad the case was over. "Justice has been served," Torres said. "It's been very painful." She said that when she saw Duncan in court, "I seen nothing but an evil, empty, coldhearted shell." "The jury speaks the mind of the community," U.S. Attorney Tom Moss said. "By the verdict today, they have given voice to the victims." After the verdict, the jurors were whisked away from the federal courthouse in two white vans so they could avoid the phalanx of media covering the hearing. The heinousness of the evidence in Dylan's murder made it particularly difficult for the jurors to remain impartial as they deliberated, said Art Patterson, a jury consultant and senior vice president of the trial consulting firm DecisionQuest. "Generally, for human beings, it's pretty hard to maintain impartiality when confronted with such horror," Patterson said. "How could any juror not want to see this person removed from our list of living human beings? How could you live with yourself as a juror if there's any chance this human being could escape from jail and do something like this again?" Patterson said. ~~Thank you jurors and judge, Now lets pray Shasta dont have 2 go to Cali & Washington State. Her father Steve spoke thru his electronic vocal box after the sh*t hit the fan on Duncan,and he was fierce! We have had many convos about both of us wanting 2 kill this scumbag and I give Steve so much respect 4 being there every day looking that scumbag in the face. I thought Steve woulda jumped seats and tables 2 get to Duncan,the the great father and biker badd ass he is.Pray my kidz 4 them,Duncan admits to the 2 WA. State sisters, Dylan, his family and a boy in Riverside,Ca.Evil Bastard =^.^=~ PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, August 22, 2008


~~~~~~~~As many of you know this tragedy has turned our town upside down.this scumbag has been alive for 3 years now, even being his own lawyer this week! This pig deserves 100 deaths and knows it.Pray for Shasta and her dad Steve.All week the paper has given all the gorey details to the torture of Dylan and Shasta and the ultimate death of little Dylan.The details are so disgusting I had a hard time reading them knowing the family and thanks 2 the jury for the quick verdict.I am also adding the link to a page that has ALL the info,but be warned at how horrible it was.Esp. when they played videos of Shasta in the hospital the night she was found and her voice recounting the story in detail in police car munutes after she was found at Dennys.There is also horrific video of the tortue and other heinious things you and I can never imagine.So,I feel its important to see what evil walks the earth and why Judges like the one who had Duncan and let him go,only to continue his countrywide rampage.I am typing this tru tears for all the pain.I thank God for the jurors wisdom.I pray that we as people can come together and make sure if you rape and God forbid KILL A CHILD YOU WILL DIE! There is no turning back 4 these animals and children need us to be their voice.WE MUST NOT!NOT ALLOW THIS IN OUR COUNTRY!!!I say INSTANT PUBLIC EXECUTION.How dare these pigs think,plot,steal,rape,torture & kill children and get away w/ it!Esp. if its THEIR OWN KID!! =^.^=~~~~~~~~~~~ -----------Duncan eligible for Death Sentence Posted: Aug 22, 2008 12:15 PM Updated: Aug 22, 2008 12:42 PM SPOKANE - In less than two hours a jury of 12 men and women decided that confessed killer Joseph Duncan was eligible for the death penalty for the murder of Dylan Groene. Dylan, along with his sister Shasta, were abducted by Duncan from their family's home in Wolf Lodge Bay east of Coeur d'Alene in May of 2005 and held in a remote campsite in the woods of the Lolo National Forest in western Montana for several weeks. Ever since winning the right to represent himself Duncan has taken a nearly hands-off approach to defending himself, at times supporting the prosecution's case and agreeing that he should be given the death penalty for the 10 felony charges he pled guilty to in the case late last year. The capstone for Duncan's defense was his often-rambling closing arguments Friday morning where he raged against prosecutors, the jury and the system itself. "You people really don't have any clue yet of the true heinousness of what I've done," he said. "I was not searching for a child, but rather I was on a rampage." The jury's decision after roughly a week of testimony only caps the first of two phases in the sentencing trial. Now that they have found him eligible for the death sentence the jury must now decide whether or not that should be his sentence. In order to get the death penalty the jurors must agree unanimously; if just one juror disagrees then Duncan would receive an automatic life sentence. ~~~Here the news page link to all the info that went on in court and all the disgusting details.Be warned,esp this last weeks trial! Evil is out there,kidz =^.^= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Have ya'll noticed the once high profile Madame Michelle is not around??? NOT LIKE I MISS HER OR ANYTHING, actualy glad not 2 have to hear anymore of her delusional pie hole spills ;-)> Is her pulling a Salman Rushkee just another well planned trick from The Obama Camp? OF COURSE IT IS!!! I can see her and The Rev Wright in an undisclosed bunker with no windows or tv's! Or maybe shes off with Nancy Pelosi getting some plastic surgery! Can you believe the nerve of that WITCH to turn the lights and mics off and tells all to blow off for a 5 week GAG ORDER/VACATION! Them Dems are so calculated I guess they think the only way to defuse all the BARACK BACKLASH by his OWN PEEPS SPEAK,that they are on a 'SHUT THE HELL UP AND STAY OFF THE RADAR type of Witless Protection Program' till its safe for them to start their yapping again. Its funny, Barry is globe trotting and chatting it up with the leaders of of countries and taking stage to masses of brainwashed mortals (most didnt even understand him! LOL) like a freaking ROCK STAR and his MRS. is MISSING IN ACTION! Oh, she must be pisssed! If she would have not been such an elitist snob and serial fist pounder she might have seen the Eifell Tower!!! She talked her way out of that Summer European Vacation she always wanted.And for that I know you join me in a chuckle on her behalf ;-) She and the rest of his f'ed up possee of haters may be out of the cross hairs 4 now, but their wordz and actions wouldn't B 4gotten! HAHAHA Hopefuly while Mrs. Oh-Blah-Blah-Blah-Ma and the Democratic DickHeadz are on a bit of R & R, they are doing more than tuning their tire gauges and inflating them tires and getting their Rolls Royces' tuned up, they REALY do come back with some answers 2 our questions and actualy DO SOMETHING that makes a profound impact on us Americans. Who am I kidding, they are getting nipped,tucked,plucked and sucked...and probaly spray tanned and riding around in private jets. GOD BLESS AMERICA! ;-)> PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, July 04, 2008


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !!!! Independence Day -- Fourth of July. What is it we celebrate? It was the day in 1776 that our Declaration of Independence was signed. It was the day our Founding Fathers put their names on the document that declared to England that we would no longer submit to English rule. The Founding Fathers "mutually pledged to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor." Many of these men did lose their lives and fortunes during the war. None, however, lost their honor. By signing the Declaration of Independence they were considered traitors in the eyes of the king and subject to hanging should they be captured. Our country's independence was secured only after 11 years of bloody combat. Independence Day is celebrated to honor our Founding Fathers and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought Britain to secure our freedom which we enjoy today. Britain at that time had the worlds largest and foremost army. It is also a time to say thank you to all the men and women who have served our nation in the past and those that serve today in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. As you celebrate Independence Day be sure and remind your children the meaning of this day and the reason for the celebration. An important symbol of our nation is our flag. Out of respect for our flag and for those who have fought to protect it and are fighting today to keep us free, it is common courtesy and proper flag etiquette to stand at attention, remove your hat and place your right hand over your heart when the flag passes by in a parade. Please set a good example for your children and for those near you by standing and by placing your right hand over your heart. It is the very least we can do to honor our nation and those who have fought for our freedom. This is the greatest free nation the world has ever known. Take time to send prayers and love to those fighting for us.Those who have lost life and limb and the families.We should all be thankful 4 their great sacrifices in our name As always show your thanks and respect to our vets and let 'em know how greatful you are! .My love to all of ya and have a safe weekend kidz! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I dont know whether to laugh or cry.Can you believe our esteemed SUPREME COURT has allowed these bastards that have been getting fat at Club Castro? I know,not only SHOULD we HAVE NEVER brought their killing machine asses off the sand,but noooooooooo we did and let them have their religious rights and korans and feed them so well that many are overweight,most are extrememly well fed and cared 4 even.They would never have had it so cushy if left to be on battlefield.Most would have blown themselves up and slaughtered our troops!Do you think if any of these dirtdogs would have given the troops,maybe your loved one,one of the first of the best we ever had came across the same chance we have given THEM,even a second thought?? HELL NO ?Remember our guys hanging brutaly from the bridges?Remember their sick,twisted cheers?Remember Dan Pearl? They are, and back when the scumbagz at Gitmo were there, on a RAMPAGE OF DEATH. So in case ya havent heard, another problem , the other day 400 TALIBAN that were JAILED BUSTED OUT! Yup 400 TALIBAN, 400 of those pyschos gettin the Band Back Together!!!!! And guess whos is top on their HITT PARADE? US! AMERICAN,AMERICANS and ISREAL! And 4 the evil bomb loving maddmen to hear we are ALLOWING,VOTED ON & GIVING their fellow El-KaBoomers a FAIR TRIAL is INSANE!!! This is like a badd LSD tripp! (so I hear ;-) ) Many smart wonderful friends of mine are of the mind that they deserve....DESERVE a fair trial.(OK,KK,Breath....) In a different world peeps...Hell a different country for Petes Sake.i would luv to think if we sent them back 2 Iraq for the gov ,that we STILL, we are helping get some balls..BUT NO! They suck and I think there are more criminal,tainted people in charge anyways.Thats why we are still babysitting them and kickin terror ass! Good Bless our Troops and Vets,and i am sorry you probably havent gotten the same treatment if it were you.And I hate that some vets are homeless,mentaly damaged and no help at all.Even kill themselves.And this is how big of a fruitloop country we are? We want to look good in the worlds eyes, instead of wacking these animals,and showing balls,NOW! PC KISS THIS!! All the money and SECURITY forTERRORIST!!! .LOL!This aint Daddys America kidz.I am so proud that our great military is all VOLUNTEER.What a great thing.They deserve so much more in every way them we can ever give them.If we cut the pork,(and through it on terrorists and fronts of airplanes!) ,ridiculous hearings and spending and take Americans and troops/vets into account first and fore most.But I am greatful 4 ya'll and pray these murdering life destroying pigs DIE!!! These scumbagz were the first line of battle.Hardcore MoFos,who are probably softer (HA!) with the Oceanside vacation.(Oh,shut up, its harsh, but what would saddam do 2 them? This IS a vacation compaired!).Time's UP!The parties over.Give them a bacon dripping shower and drop em off back to theKITTY LITTER BOX from which they kill to protect.As a Floridian I beg there is no Gitmo Invasion(Ala Haitian/Cuban invasion '80) to the beaches! If none of the above check box :DIE,TERRORIST,DIE! GOD SAVE US ALL and give the judges a morcel of WISDOM! JEEZE!! YYYYYEEEEAAAAAWWWWHHHH!!!!! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, June 06, 2008


Hey ya'll. Been away and missed ya! I got this info from someone and wanted to pass it on,as far as I know its legit.Do you realy think Michelle Obama is gonna let another strong smart,intellegent woman in THAT circle? Michelle will be the Queen bitch in charge...... I say there will be NO BITCH CASSIDY & THE SUN DANCE KIDD ticket, with Hill playing second..So whats up Billarys pantsuit sleeve?Trust me she has a plan.Do you realy think she will play second fiddle to this smooth newcomer? HELL NO! She would rather go republican than do that.Obamas ties to racist pigs are far more worse than a randy womanizer ;-)> So since she cant DRIVE the GRAVY TRAIN ON BISCUIT WHEELS she will do whats best for the Billary machine..........Watch your back John McCain.I wouldnt be surprised if she tried to saddle up next to him. With all Obamas skeletons in HIS closet why is he the nomination America? Isnt even a sniff of terror ties enuff 2 scare ya? He may not be one, be he may be in their deep pockets.I am proud of America to have a ticket with a War Vet Hero, a Woman and an African American..... or in this case a 1/2-rican American. Theres alot of time left in this game, cant wait til the 2 minute warning.Get a tetnus shot kidz and Get out the body bagz,its gonna get nasty! PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Monday, May 26, 2008

NATIONAL TRAGEDY:1,800 VETS Die EVERYDAY ;-( Memorial day '08

~VETERANS BURIALS NONSTOP @ NATIONAL CEMETARYS ~MY LOVE TO YOU & THOSE WHO HAVE LOST A DEAR WARRIOR.KNOW THAT MANY OF US PRAY AND SEND LOVE.BUT PEOPLE I BEG YOU TO HAVE A VET IN YOUR LIFE.ESP.AN ELDERLY ONE.THER ARE THOUSANDS OF NURSING HOMES FILLED WITH THESE HEROS.GOD BLESS THEM AND GOD BLESS YOU!THANK A VET TODAY & REMEMBER @ #pm Pacific/6 Eastern IS NATION MOMENT OF SILENCE.REMEMBER THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED & THOSE LIVING AMUNG US WHO NEED OUR LUV & SUPPORT.SET A PICNIC PLACE FOR THEM =^.^= ~ -----RITTMAN, Ohio -- The cracking of rifle fire silenced the twittering blue jays, blackbirds and killdeer. As members of the color guard lowered their rifles, the smell of bitter smoke drifted over the family and friends of former Army Sgt. Ellis Hale, a Vietnam War veteran who died of prostate cancer at age 59. Sniffles and gentle sobs accompanied a recording of taps. Moments after the final note, Sherry Hale walked down a curved brick walkway past the saluting line of representatives of the country's past wars. Head bowed, she clutched to her chest the American flag that covered her husband's casket. The scene at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery is repeated nationwide more than 100 times a day. Military veterans are being buried at such a rapid rate that national cemeteries use heavy equipment to make room. "We're still in growth mode right now," said Bill Tuerk, under secretary for memorial affairs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. "We're in a very high demand time period and we're trying to respond to it." An average of 1,800 veterans die each day, and 10 percent of them are buried in the country's 125 national cemeteries, which are expected to set a record with 107,000 interments, including dependents, this year. And more national cemeteries are being built. The peak year for veterans' deaths will be either 2007 or 2008, Tuerk said. An estimated 686,000 veterans died in 2007. While many World War II veterans are dying, so are an increased number of Korean War and Vietnam veterans. Ohio Western Reserve, a 273-acre expanse south of Cleveland, opened in 2000 and has about 11,000 veterans and dependents buried there. It has enough land to keep it open 92 more years and accommodate a total of 106,000 burials. Thirty-four veterans groups volunteer for services. Every seventh Thursday members of American Legion Post 548 from Louisville, Ohio, dressed in black coats, ties and pants with white belts, gloves and shoulder cords, come to pay tribute to fellow veterans. One crisp spring morning, dozens of mourners for Hale more than filled the benches inside a stone open-air shelter tucked into a wooded corner. Several jumped as the seven members of Post 548 fire the first of three volleys. The shell casings faintly ping and clatter as they landed on the brick walkway. "Every time I fire, I say 'This is for you,'" says Navy veteran Dave Scanlon, choking up while referring to his father, "Skip," a World War II veteran who died in 1999. Ohio Western Reserve averages 7 1/2 burials a day. The busiest national cemetery is Riverside National Cemetery, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. It averages about 30 burials, followed by Florida National Cemetery, 50 miles north of Tampa. Third busiest is Calverton National Cemetery, about 50 miles east of Manhattan, although it has handled as many as 55 burials in a day, said Michael Picerno, director of Calverton National Cemetery in New York. To accommodate so many burials, hundreds of crypts are preplaced at Calverton, then covered with dirt and grass. When it comes time for a burial, the sod is cut away, the crypt opened and the casket lowered in. Six new national cemeteries are under construction under a fiscal year 2008 budget of $167.4 million, triple the previous year. It's the largest number of cemeteries constructed at one time. Despite handling burials at an assembly-line pace, the National Cemetery Administration has the highest customer satisfaction score of any federal government agency and any private sector company, according to the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index. It tops companies such as Heinz,, and Hershey's. "We are ever-conscious of the fact that with each family we get one chance to get it right," Tuerk said. Part of streamlining the process involved holding services at committal shelters _ open-air, gazebo-like structures _ instead of graveside. Calverton has seven shelters; Western Reserve has two. After taps, two uniformed members of an Army honor guard, wearing white gloves, perform the third and final ritual _ the folding of the flag. They make each of the traditional 13 folds with precision as mourners look on in silence. The flag was presented to Hale's wife of 36 years. She was seated on a bench in the front row. "I feel so blessed to be an American and that America has furnished something like this for our soldiers. It gives you such a wonderful feeling," she said. "I feel proud." A cemetery employee politely asked the mourners to leave the shelter so the next service could begin. Men and women in dark suits and dresses, some holding hands or with arms around one another for comfort, climbed into their Fords and Buicks and slowly drove away. ___ PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-) Remember my website HAS A TON OF VET/FAMILY RESOURSES!And WWW.USACARES.ORG

Friday, May 09, 2008


Duncan psychiatric evaluation completed - STATESMAN STAFF Edition Date: 05/09/08 A psychiatric evaluation of convicted child killer Joseph Edward Duncan III has been completed, and a federal judge could decide soon whether Duncan will be allowed to represent himself in his death penalty hearing. A jury is expected to decide this summer whether Duncan should be imprisoned for life or executed for the kidnapping, abuse and slaying of young Dylan Groene in 2005. Duncan has already pleaded guilty to the crimes against Dylan and the kidnapping and abuse of his sister, Shasta Groene. Duncan wants to represent himself, and U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge said he was inclined to grant Duncan's request but first wanted the mental competency evaluation. Lodge said the evaluation would be kept under seal.

Local Rapist gets his...YEEEAAWWHHH!!!

Police: Woman claims she killed man who raped her A Kootenai County Sheriff's deputy monitors traffic at the access point to a homicide scene that was being processed by investigators Thursday morning on Hayden Creek Road. Man found dead on Hayden Creek Road HAYDEN -- The Kootenai County Sheriff's Department is investigating the death of a man on Hayden Creek Road early Thursday following a woman's report that she killed him after he raped and stabbed her. Sheriff deputies responded to a 911 call from the woman just before 5 a.m. "She had taken his vehicle to escape the scene and used his cell phone to call 911," said Capt. Ben Wolfinger. "I couldn't say whose knife was used to stab him. I know she fought with him and was able to jump in the vehicle and head down the road." Deputies discovered the man's body about two miles down the dirt road from the nearest house. The woman's name is not being released because she is an alleged rape victim. The man's body was taken to Spokane for an autopsy. His name will not be released until his next of kin is notified. The woman was treated and released from Kootenai Medical Center Thursday. "I think she had cuts on her hands -- multiple cuts," Wolfinger said. The vehicle has been impounded and it is unknown why the two were on the dirt road. "We'll be getting a search warrant to search the vehicle. That still has to be processed," Wolfinger said. "We're just collecting information and putting pieces of the puzzle together." The investigation is ongoing. "There's still lots of forensic evidence that needs to go to the labs," Wolfinger said. "It could be several weeks before the final picture comes into place. Our goal here is to do it right and make sure we have all the evidence processed appropriately." PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, May 02, 2008


Remember the drinking game' 6 degrees of Separation of Kevin Bacon'? Well this here is 6 degrees of SEGREGATION in terms of the company Barack Hussien Obama has been around.Talk about CHICKENS COME HOME 2 ROOST....But ALAS!!!Obamas birds have come home to roost!But they are more like looney and doe-doe birds,HELL,CUCKOOS too!,Finaly the groundhog Rev. Wright emerges on a ROCK STAR tour after Obama totaly dissed him ! I wonder if the Rev cried? ;-( The million dollar house must ease the pain.He is out talking about this mess he got Obama in.Saying he was 'DEVIOUSLY MISINTERPRETED'! DUDE WE HEARD YA,ALOT OF YOUR HATE SPEAK! This man is as full of CRAP as Ted Kennedy is full of Scotch! And that ALOT! Wright is at best a D-Class bottom feeding showman,the gold embroided robes and suits.Yeah, he served 6 yrs. in military,and thanks Rev, but did ya come home w/ shrapnel in that twisted head of yours? He may be so pissed at Yobama that he is posturing for a book deal coming out maybe Oct/Nov??? hmmm..... Yobamadinajad has so many OTHER big bombs ready to go off,and trust me this info WILL GET YOUR PANTIES in a wad! Wright has a bunch of GOOD BUDDIES...Lets start with 69 yr. old JAMES CONES,FOUNDER OF THE BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY MOVEMENT.(that even sounds angry)Ole James,in his own words says 'WHITE PEOPLE ARE POTENTIAL HUMANS,not YET EVOLVED!(At least we have potential...),Cones rambles on that 'BLACK THEOLOGY WILL ONLY EXCEPT the love of GOD,which participates in the DESTRUCTION OF THE ENEMY'! (Us!)Thats from his book,'BLACK THEOLOGY & BLACK POWER'.This man is a SO CALLED 'HIGHLY RESPECTED SCHOLAR & PROFESSOR'!OMG! At New Yorks UNION THEOLOGY SEMINARY,which seems to just SUCK UP Wrights twisted hateful rasict thoughts.Core goes on goes on...'WHAT WE NEED IS DIVINE LOVE' (thats RICH!) Expressed in 'BLACK THEOLOGY & BLACK POWER' is 'the power for BLACKS 2 DESTRY their OPPRESSORS HERE & NOW by ANY MEANS at their disposal' ! (Holy crap, thats scary!) Now, check this out...He goes on and decrys 'IF GOD ISNT 4 US, and AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE,the HE(GOD) is a MURDERER and we HAD BETTER KILL HIM!' Isnt this INSANE,kidz?? And Yobama knows nothing ,BULLSHIT!! This man is a freakin homegrown terrorist,he declared Jihad on our caucasian asses!! A Rasist in EVERY sense of the word,and a bag of CHIPS! Next up 2 bat... another Kooky Cronie! KHALID ABDUL-MUHAMAD (soundz Johnny El-Kaboom-ish?) He is w/ Nation of Islam and a Screwy Lewy Farrakan deciple,who as we know Wright calls Lewy a 'BROTHER who I LOVE and ADMIRE'(And over 20 yrs. w/ Obama around he hasnt smelled this?NO!!!) This nut job Khalid Abdul Mohamad loves,LOVES (Alot of man love here!) LOVES COLIN FERGUSON.Remember Colin?He murdered a bunch of white folks on a Long Island Train!Yeah, a white murdering machine WITH GROUPIES! LOL! But sadly TRUE! Some Possee,huh?And last but not least another member of this RAT PACK...nutty KAMAU KAMBON.KAMAU KAMBON is ANOTHER NUTTY PROFESSOR (poor indocturnated kidz and parents tutition bucks!) He uses the job as a lecture pulpit at NORTH CAROLINA State. UNIVERSITY.In 2005 KK was speaking/screaking at HOWARD UNIVERSITY and JUMPED ON THE GENOCIDAL BANDWAGON,proclaiming (Now hold on to something..) 'WE THE BLACKS NEED 2 EXTERMINATE WHITE PEOPLE OFF THE FACE OF THIS PLANET' and 'BLAIMS THE WORLDS SUFFERING ON WHITE ARROGANCE' !! (What a bombshell!Are ya paying attention to these insane 'LEADERS"?) Obamadinajad, who ,in his wacked out head thinks he can have a chat fest w/ IRANS MONSTER DICK-TATOR! Sure Obama...and bring Jimmy Carter w/ ya, he can strum Kumbaya on the guitar as the peace talks flow.....JEEZE! He has NO IDEA what hes diong.Even started w/ the lies and distortion B4 being Prez, thats fresh!Hes been at the hip of Wright 4 over 20 yrs. him being his spiritual leader and all and NOT KNOW Wright and his pack HATE US,WANNA KILL US? They dont just think it THEY SCREAM IT OUT and put in BOOKS! These dudes are RACIST KILLERS ON THE LOOSE!! Hell, even if Obama came out now saying he was a gay,hooker loving,cokehead that wears womans panties we cant forget this what I have given you here! He is in it up to his neck and got LOTZ OF 'SPLAININ 2 DO! Just denouncing Wright now, MONTHS AFTER this tip of the iceberg that sinks S.S. BARACK,why the wait, its been too long to turn is back on him.Even after he said he wouldnt diss his grandma,or Wright.(Anyone seen Granny?) Wright is using this momentum 4 something.He freaks me out,not just his wordz, his eyes...Their DEAD.As these other idiots are.You know all these MUSLIM ties and names scares me,what do we REALY KNOW ABOUT OBAMA, 'cept his bowling game SUX!Even his wife dissed America! They scare my fur up and it should SCARE U 2!! This is EXTREME,UNEXPLAINABLE REDORIC! Plain and simple.Being Black they get a pass? Black Pride?Great I say embrace who you are.I am a proud white American Italian princess!But why may some call me a racist to declair my WHITE PRIDE? Why dont they take this crew to task?We need 2 kick these bozos OUTTA THE COUNTRY that they HATE and THEY HATE,Dispise US!?They are totaly degrading the hard working great black Americans that love and fight 4 this country.I want some to speak up and let their voices be heard.Obama is a joke.He hates our military,we are bitter,God loving shooters 2 him.Our warriors DESERVE a GREAT LEADER not some snot nosed elitist man-child w/ his head up some Pastors ass.These threats are real people.Directly from Obamas book 'The Audacity of Hope' (which he took that title from one of Wrights speeches) Yobama says 'I WILL STAND WITH THEM,THE MUSLIMS,SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS SHIFT IN AN UGLY DIRECTION' !! (Holy smokes,its almost as fugly as this can get,AND HE STANDS w/ MUSLIMS?) Like the ones who hi-jacked planes and murdered innocents on our soil and got us into this kitty litter box piled w/ crap? How can you POSSIBLY consider this man after this info I give u 2 chew on?How can he run a country when he has so many skeletons in his huge walk in closet? We know the Clintons..Hll Hillary is a fighter.She will go postal and need a straight jacket to get her to let go of her death grip.This woman is in it till the deathmatch,look at the patience and time she put into Bill.Shes no quitter.;-)> JUST SAY NO-BAMA! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)


Prosecutors want Duncan hearing closed when Shasta testifies ~~~~~Its been a wylde couple of days in this horrible story!1st Duncan wanted 2 represent himself and they held off to do mental evaluation tests!HES FRIGGIN INSANE,JERKS! It was thought he was doing this to expedite his death penalty chances!BUT NOOOOOO...he just wants to get Shasta in his face and that pig may question sweet Shasta! Then last Sunday, his legal eagle had a traffic accident in Boise and arrested and released under a misdemeaner for drugs,weed, booze and paraphenalia!He also totaled his vehical!This jerk must have to self medicate when you DEFEND a scumbag like DUNCAN! So this ass Tom Monaghan had some jail time in Ada County,while his 2 partners wrangled to get his stupid ass out! =^.^=~~~~~~ BOISE — Federal prosecutors have requested that the sentencing hearing for confessed child killer Joseph Duncan be closed to the public during testimony from one of his young victims, Shasta Groene, to protect her from emotional harm. Prosecutors, who filed the motion Tuesday in U.S. District Court here, also are asking that the courtroom be closed while the jury is shown a graphic videotape Duncan made that prosecutors say shows him sexually abusing the then 8-year-old girl and her 9-year-old brother, Dylan. Duncan eventually shot and killed the boy with a sawed-off shotgun at a wilderness campsite in Montana. The motion filed by U.S. Attorney Thomas Moss and Assistant U.S. Attorney Syrena Hargrove says that Shasta could be harmed if the public is not excluded and she's "forced to testify knowing that the whole world is watching and scrutinizing her every word and movement," which "is likely to be even more psychologically damaging." Duncan, who could receive the death penalty, has asked to represent himself, creating the possibility that he may question Shasta during the hearing. Duncan, a convicted pedophile originally from Tacoma, pleaded guilty in December to 10 federal charges in the May 2005 kidnapping of the children from their Coeur d'Alene home and Dylan's death. Three of those crimes can carry the death penalty. He earlier pleaded guilty in state court to murdering 13-year-old Slade Groene, his mother Brenda Groene and her fiance Mark McKenzie at the Groene home before driving away with the two children. Shasta was rescued when Duncan took her back to Coeur d'Alene, where they stopped to eat at a restaurant on July 2, 2005. A waitress recognized Shasta and called police. The motion was filed in response to a legal memorandum filed earlier this month by 16 media and open-government organizations, The Spokesman-Review newspaper of Spokane reported. The group has told U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge that the public has a constitutional right to be present in the courtroom. The 10-page legal brief filed by prosecutors notes that society has a "strong interest in protecting young victims of violent crime from further psychological harm," matched against an equally "strong interest in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of testimony." But prosecutors argue the possible harm to Shasta outweighs reasons for keeping the courtroom open. Duane Swinton, a Spokane attorney representing The Spokesman-Review and others, said closing the courtroom will not protect Shasta because she would still have to testify in front of Duncan, the jury, attorneys, Lodge, and other court personnel. "The media has suggested a reasonable alternative to Shasta testifying in an open courtroom and that is having her testify by closed circuit television where she would be in another room," Swinton said. Swinton also said the brief filed by prosecutors revealed that documents were filed secretly, going back to July of last year, arguing for closing portions of the trial. "And yet this discussion has been going without any public notice or input until the recent briefing we filed," he said. Prosecutors and defense attorneys are forbidden to discuss the case outside of court under a gag order issued by Lodge. Jury selection for the sentencing hearing is currently delayed while Duncan undergoes a mental evaluation, after which Lodge will decide if Duncan is competent to represent himself. Lodge has indicated he's inclined to let Duncan serve as his own attorney. PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


~~GREAT NEWS, I KEPT THE FAITH, & OUR WARRIORS WILL GET THEIR THANK YOU GIFTS!! But the story has holes in it,like the head of the moron who stopped the tradition! =^.^= ~ They claim thewhole situation was just amisunderstanding COEUR d'ALENE -- The U.S. Navy says somebody got their signals crossed when it came to honoring veterans. The Navy claims it never blocked its personnel from accepting commemorative Buck Knives as a "thank you" for serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Unfortunately, it was a misunderstanding and the word got out wrong," Navy spokesman Adam Bashaw said in a phone interview from New Orleans. "We wanted to hold off until we made sure everything was above board. It's always great when people support the troops returning back home." Roughly 40 reservists are set to get the special knives at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Buck Knives manufacturing plant in Post Falls. Graham Crutchfield, a retired Marine, organized the commemorative knife program and said he was elated with the Navy's decision. "It's such a relief," Crutchfield said Tuesday. "I am glad they'll get the recognition they deserve." Lt. Troy Gilbert previously said an unidentified senior Naval officer told a member of the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion based out of Hayden, the knives exceeded a $20 value. That amount exceeds the U.S. Department of Defense's limit on gifts. Navy Capt. Michael Kidd sent Post Falls Mayor Clay Larkin an e-mail that outlines the Department of Defense's reasoning behind allowing the gift program to continue. "The current offer is a continuation of this practice and reflects an intent on the part of the donors to make these gifts available to a broad class of personnel returning from deployment," the military opinion states. "Gifts offered by non-prohibited sources to a group of personnel that do not distinguish on the basis of official responsibility or favor higher rank or pay may be accepted by those personnel. This exception applies when all members of a particular unit are offered gifts, which appears to be the case in this instance." Gilbert said Tuesday that he was pleased with the Navy's ruling on the knives. "We're getting the desired end result regardless of what it took to get here," Gilbert said. "The guys are going to get the recognition they deserve." Crutchfield helped raise money for the knives from individuals, service clubs and businesses. More than 500 Inland Northwest veterans, including those wounded and killed in combat, have received special knives since the program's inception in 2005. PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What I have been up to......

>Hey kidz! I have been having fun ,being on a cool cats radio show the past few weeks as a guest ;-)> .I think you would enjoy hearing him and also my parts.He is MIDNIGHT MARAUDER and has a Texas based show that is also on the internet! Its on Have been greatful and been on three shows so far.The one that is named SPOX TALK is a 15 minute run on a lib Vermont radio station.The first 2 are hour long w/ me at last 1/2 hour.I appreciate him offerring me this fun and believing in me! Its a little bit of this and alittle bit of that and alot of my crazy ass! Hope you get a laugh or 2! Have a great rest of the week and be well. And yes, I am still very loyal and loving calling in to Sean Hannitys and Dennis Millers shows! LOL! KISSESS!!!! YYYEEEEAAAAWWWWHHHHH!!!!!!!! =^.^= Tuesday's SpoxTalk bit: PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, March 28, 2008


~~~A LOCAL STORY HERE In IDAHO,NAVY BLOCKS KNIFE GIVEAWAYS!SOME DIRTBAGZ STOP US FROM GIVING TOKEN OF APPRECIATION!=^.^= ~~~~~~ RULE PLACES A $20 LIMIT ON GIFTS!!!! COEUR d'ALENE -- As far as the U.S. Navy is concerned, the Buck stops here. Veterans of the Iraq War are being told they can't receive a commemorative Buck knife as a "thank you" for their service and sacrifice. "Someone put up a red flag and said we can't do it," said Lt. Troy Gilbert, a member of the U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion based out of Hayden. "There's a $20 limit in value that a service member can accept as a gift. These knives are valued at $103." Gilbert said roughly 40 reservists were going to each receive a special knife made by Buck Knives during an April 5 ceremony. "I am trying to see what can be done," Gilbert said. "I know the Navy JAG is looking at the legality of it. We might be able to get around this rule." Graham Crutchfield, a retired Marine, organized the commemorative knife program by raising money for the knives and is incensed with the Navy's edict. "It makes no sense and it defies logic," Crutchfield said. "A private citizen can't give one of our troops a gift for putting their lives at risk because of some bureaucratic nonsense. It's an insult to the American people." The problem began when Gilbert was trying to get some positive publicity from the Navy on the program. His efforts backfired when a senior officer said the gifts violated Navy regulations. "A lot of people have the 'Can't do attitude,'" Gilbert said. More than 500 Inland Northwest veterans, including those wounded in combat, have received special knives since the program's inception in 2005. "We haven't had any problems with any of the services until now," Crutchfield said. "All of the funds are contributed from folks who live in the area. We've had individuals, businesses, and service clubs make donations so that we as a people can express our appreciation for what these youngsters are going through on behalf of our children and grandchildren." CJ Buck, president and CEO of Buck Knives, said he was amazed by the Navy's decision to forbid its personnel from receiving the special knives. "I had no idea it would be a problem," Buck said. "Here's an individual trying to honor soldiers. It seems to be a shame." PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Last Thursday night the U.S. House of Representatives held a "secret," or closed, session to discuss controversial electronic surveillance legislation, over some objections that withholding it from the public wasn't necessary. According to the Congressional Research Service, last week's was the sixth secret session since 1812 for the House. Before 1929 the Senate routinely conducted business in closed session; since 1929 there have been 53. Modern practice is to close proceedings to discuss confidential information, impeachment deliberations, sensitive information from the president, and national security/military issues. Meetings of the Constitutional Congress and Convention were held in secret. Closed sessions are authorized by Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution. Any member of Congress can call one, and those who attend are forbidden to publicly divulge what went on. However, on occasion the members vote to have some portion of the transcript published in the congressional record. Since 1812, the closed sessions of the House have been to consider relations with Indian tribes (1825), a bill regarding trade with Britain (1830), the Panama Canal Act (1979), Cuban involvement in Nicaragua (1980), U. S.-supported paramilitary ops in Nicaragua (1983), and electronic surveillance legislation (2008). Since 1929, the Senate has met secretly on many topics, including contempt and impeachment (judicial and presidential), investigations of government contracts, military policies and war reports, WMDs, intelligence operations, unnamed legislation, trade with China, vaguely identified national security issues, and aircraft/other sales to certain countries. Thursday night's came after several weeks of deadlock over the surveillance legislation, mainly retroactive immunity for telecom companies who aided the government in questionable wiretaps. Two versions of the bill amending current law (FISA) existed -- one passed by the Senate and supported by the president that included the immunity, and the other introduced in the House without it. Friday morning the House passed the version without the immunity. To monitor federal legislation, go to PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yes, you guessed it.The newest SEX SCANDAL, Politicaly, has blown up all over us.N.Y. Governer Spitzer has been BUSTED paying 4 SEX! From the looks of him, he would HAVE 2 pay 4 it!But his poor wife looked too good 4 him, even as she stood their w/ that same ole stunned look we have seen over the decades wayyyyyy to many times. 1st ,b4 I go off on the scandalishious part, I beg women from now on....PUH-LEEZE,PAH-LEEZE!,spare what ever nugget of self respect you have 4 yourself and family and dont allow these sleezy weasels to prop you up as a shield against harsh questions and a hope of making the cheater look more family oriented. Just as they screwed you and your families hearts and minds ALONE,let them STAND ALONE.My heart bleeds everytime,and there are so many I cant count over the decades, when these betrayed,lied 2,maybe even sexualy deasesed and emotional crapped on spouse is standing by her man.Maybe its my HOTT IITALIAN BLOOD, but that bastard would be bruised ,on a crutch or probably a stretcher doing his press confrence, and the infamous,forgive me I have sinned speech.The skeezers on Capital Swill and all high profile politicians and lewd servants of the Lord are out of control!! NO WONDER so much redickulous shit is going on (like the our military contract going 2 FRANCE!II HELLO!Who did France have to screw 2 get that sweet deal?Makes ya wonder..) These 2 headed monsters are scheaming and cheating and the lies 2 cover,Woah,that takes, time, money and alot of effort and TAX DOLLARS to cover up! Between the sex and campaigning we are being BLED DRY !!! Why do we have to wait 4 them to deside if AND when they RESEIGN?THEY WORK 4 US, Why cant,'We The People' COME TOGETHER and FIRE their sorry asses and demand our tax bucks back that has paid there sick fetishes and lifestyles of the sick and famous? Freakin TACO BELLS standards are higher than our governments and some religious sects!!!! And they worry if athletes are jacked up on Hulk juice?What a joke,yeah and its all on us. This latest blowup will probably end in rehab and divorce and maybe jail for Elliot Mess.Between the FREE gay random sex and high paid hot hooker sex ,page didddling, bribes and well ya'll know how they are screwing the tax payers,I have to believe a 'clean sweep' B done and kick their mealy asses out,send Trump down to tell em YOU'RE FIRED!!!!! if needed. We are going to Hell in a Handbasket and these morons are at the wheel of the SIN WAGON we are been driven there in! Hell, they are HIGH JACKING OUR COUNTRY!!With so many of us good hard working American paying for these jerks high end lifestyles on OUR DIME,we deserve to have a SAY in what they are accountable 4,what they do 4 us.Where did our balls go people??? This is thee greatest country in the world being ruined and cash strapped by the jackholes WE BELIEVED in at voting time.And its not just the sex my claws are out at,Its candidates who lay with terrorist,rasists and scammers and cheaters.And they get this GOD COMPLEX which in their sick twisted mindz dont think they will get caught! And Its insane that many of these men wrote and passed bills about exactly what they are doing.4 Petes sake, THEY KNOW they ARE BEING BADD! And note to these naughty,badd boys...STOP ASKING US TO PRAY 4 YOUR POOR FAMILY,or KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS,or WE NEED OUR PRIVACY.I wish a lightening bolt would come outta the heavens and strike them dead BANG! Like they were on their knees praying while they were,well....on their knees! Is it me kidz OR ARE THE INMATES RUNNING THE ASYLUM????????????? Its hypocritical,gross and the children,yours and theirs, dont deserve this news and details either 24/7. With all the murders,abductions and lead painted toys and filthy beef and high priced gas, IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR. we dont need to hear about the nasty dirty deedz and details of these OVERPAYED,OVERSEXED,BOOZED UP,PILL POPPING,scuriliss decievers! What or who,comes next I cant say,but I know there are sleezy weasels crappin their pants,but a few dayz will pass,and the games are back on 4 them.Letz get the brooms out PEOPLE and DEMAND some psych tests,drug tests and kick their crummy asses 2 the curb, not REHAB and keep paying them and give retirement funds too!!!! Give em a boot in the ass INSTEAD!!!There ARE plenty of great people who can serve us well, I just DONT THINK THEY ARE POLITICIANS! Too badd,soo sadd... =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, March 07, 2008

U.S. Awards 2nd LARGEST MILTARY CONTRACT EVER 2 FRANCE!!! what the F' ??

The second largest military contract ever handed out by our government (for more than $35 billion) to build new air tankers for the Air Force to replace its aging KC-135 tankers, was just awarded to an American firm -- but the tankers will be built in their subsidiary in France, a company which also builds the Airbus, Boeing's major competitor. The states of Washington and Kansas, the two largest manufacturers of Boeing planes, have risen up in wrath against the government's awarding all this work for perhaps the next decade to a company in France, when the economy in our own country is presently in a recession, and probably headed for a depression under the present administration. Awarding contracts to firms with European ties is not unusual. Large military contracts have been manufactured in Italy as well as in Germany over the past decade. Let us take a look at the background of this contract. It was only a few months ago that Boeing entered into a contract to lease 100 air tankers to the Air Force for a period of 20 years, after which time the planes would still be owned by Boeing. Sen. McCain was probably the only senator objecting to this leasing arrangement, since he felt that the Air Force should own the tankers, since the purpose of these new planes was to replace the Air Force's aging KC-135 tankers presently more than half a century old, with the oldest of them stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane. The Fairchild planes would be the first ones replaced if this new contract proceeds. However, the leasing contract was turned down by the government because all of a sudden, an investigation showed that the key chief Air Force Procurement officer was being paid to make sure that Boeing received that contract -- further, she was to be hired by Boeing at a six-figure salary upon her forthcoming retirement from the Air Force. Both she and Boeing's chief officer who had arranged this sweet deal are serving time in federal prison today. Naturally, due to this history, Boeing's bid on the replacement air tankers was rejected. A new contract with more stringent requirements was put out for bid. When the bids came in, the successful firm, with its French partner, met the higher requirements in four out of five major components of the bid and tied Boeing on the fifth. All hell is breaking loose at this moment. Labor leaders are saying we need the jobs in this country more than France needs the jobs. They are saying also that Boeing is one of the finest military aircraft builders in the U.S.; that France for years has heavily subsidized its industries, including Airbus. Because of the subsidies to French farmers, Great Britain for years refused to become a part of the European Union. It was only half a century ago when I was in the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Ships that the Navy gave out a bid for destroyers to a French shipbuilding firm. The arguments then were very similar to those of today except that the French government had known Communists as ministers in their government, and we at the time were still in the heyday of McCarthyism. The Navy was obliged to back down because of the uproar in this country. But should we back down on the present air tanker contract? Should we reward corporations who lie, cheat and commit criminal acts to win military contracts? I, for one, felt that Boeing should not have been allowed even to bid on this contract at all. Boeing, which once had a splendid record of quality products and quality work a number of years ago, sort of lost its way when old officers retired, new ones took over and moved the headquarters from Seattle to Chicago; when they expanded into all sorts of military fields. Prior to that time, military contracts had been a very small part of Boeing's business. Should we reward a company that presently holds three large military contracts, but has had cost overruns of many billions of dollars? Should we reward a company that has been responsible for shoddy workmanship on part of a fence being built for national security purposes between Mexico and the Arizona/Texas border? Should we reward a company which doesn't care about either its employees or their morale, or the quality of the work it puts out, but only the size of its bottom line? It has been only a very few years since, my very good friend visited a friend in Seattle who is retired from a very responsible job with Boeing. He toldthem that the company is no longer the same. He has two sons plus two sons-in-law presently working at Boeing, all of whom say they no longer have any pride in their company, nor have they any faith in the product they produce. The forthcoming presidential election of 2008 is all about change -- change in the way we do business; changing from corporate control of the federal government to a people-controlled federal government. How can we expect to change the corporations as long as we kowtow to them on the basis of more jobs temporarily, rather than the morality of a good job done, backed by a corporation's hard-earned good name? Yes, Mr. Bush; let's create your legacy and accept the fact that the government should be run by the people, for the people, and not by the corporations, for the purpose of fattening their own bottom lines. The good you are doing in Africa won't wipe out the harm you have done to this country by your corporate-controlled government. PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, February 29, 2008

YObama:The Audacity of his HopeFul Endorsers! GETTING SCREWY WIT IT!!

Oh, Yobama.You are now a magnet for the strangest possee of backers yet!You know when Horseface Kerry trotted up with a hoof of support I yakked.then along came The Camelot Crew of the Kooky Kennedy Klan.And notice The voters in Mass and Cali DIDNT pick Barack!OH,SNAP! Now another big time hate monger ,racist nut job grabs a chance at the spotlight while endorsing Barack Hussien Obama......Screwy Louis Farrakahn drops down from the MotherShip and lends his support (along with all his scary Nation of Islam cronies) to the bi-racial Prez candidate,Now, let me just give it up to Farrakahn....he let it slip that YObama is HALF WHITE! Man did he get a pass with THAT CREW! We all know about the terrible wordz and actions of this 'gang',and frankly its scary.I mean Kennedy killed just ONE WOMAN, cant begin to asses the body bagz these hard liners stacked up over the years.And this crank job thinks Napolian blew the African looking nose of the Sphinks to hide that blacks were around way back then (Hey, did Micheal jackson summon up the Spirit of Napolian and thats where HIS NOSE WENT??hummm....) And then there is this whole name game with YObama.Whitey Bill Cunningham took a spanking for using his name is OBAMAS own damn MAMA GAVE HIM! It is what it is Barack Hussien Obama.And yes, yes know Obama soundz like Usama...Hussien rekindels that DICKtater Saddam....and Barack soundz like Iraq.Shitty political name dude,sorry.Even shittier is that the world.esp the ones who blow themselves up to KILL US might take a likin' to it and have no fear,thinking he MAY be one that sympathtizes w/ their messed up cause.And then that whole Muslim thing adds fuel to the fire.AND then that picture. FUN FACT:In school kidz called YObama ,Barry! Barry Barack,that rolls abit smoother dont it? But no hes stuck with that moniker ,wears it proudly,and if we point out what a scary name he has WE are BRANDED RACIST! For Shame.(Spank Yourself 4 me!) ;-)> Ok, so his name sucks, lets get to the meat and potatoes of his campaign.HOPE and CHANGE.I heard that in my 12 step meeting 4 Petes sake.Does he Hope he CAN CHANGE something?And what would that be (start with the name dude!) I dont know I like my candidates and men with a proven track record of greatness,and experience.(Like strippers or hookers, ya want someones who knows how to get the job done!LOL) Ok, now spank ME! Sure he is new and bright and different,but this America we are in RIGHT now needs a leader,known,feared and with alot of experience under their belt (or pantsuit).In his job as Senator marking PRESENT for votes dont cut it for me.At least this aint Billarys first rodeo.I know They are HOPEFUL for a CHANGE of Barack voters mindz! And while the list of shady characters in YObamas past and present are factual and scary.I am not saying he doesnt mean well or he not a cool cat, but not in this crazy time we are in.This guy wants to chat it up with North Korea and Irans crackpots! We need a President who evil people fear,not want to have a beer with and chat! And I dont want to forget his beloved wife,Oprah Jr., Michelle.She has the AUDACITY to say this is thee first time shes proud of our country,This highly educated,wealthy African American WOMAN who might be First lady.All the great things accomplished and she lets that one slip.Dumb broad.Hasnt she been watching all the great moments in Black history on tv during this Black History Month.2 words Michelle ROSA PARKS! No wonder they shut her down.Bill gets alot of crap for his blunders, but these 2 are far more dangerous to our future and safety. Ole 'Barry' needs to bump it up and stop wit the 2 word sayings if he wants 2 be our new American Idol and prove hes the man to beat War Hero McCain....... I cant wait to see who backs him next.YYYEEEAAAAAWWWHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! KISSES! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Presidential Trivia 4 You 2 Chew On

Executive trivia ~~Here are some interesting presidential facts 4 you~~~ R• Vice presidents were the presidential candidates receiving the second-largest number of electoral votes until the Twelfth Amendment was passed in 1804, changing the system so the electoral college voted separately for president and vice president. Gradually the presidential candidate was allowed at least informally to choose his own running mate at the nominating convention. • For two years the nation was led by a president and vice president who were not elected by the people. When Vice President Spiro T. Agnew resigned in 1973, President Nixon appointed Gerald Ford as vice president. Nixon resigned the following year, which left Ford as president. Ford appointed Nelson Rockefeller as VP. • Nine presidents never attended college: Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, A. Johnson, Cleveland and Truman. • Harvard boasts the most alumni as presidents (six, but with varying grade point averages): J. Adams, J.Q. Adams, T. Roosevelt, F. Roosevelt, Kennedy and G.W. Bush. Wilson was the only president with a Ph.D. • The ancestry of all presidents so far is limited to the following seven European heritages: Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Swiss or German -- out of balance with a cross-section of the people they represent. • The height of presidents has ranged between 5'4" (Madison) and 6'4" (Lincoln) • Fourteen -- about a third -- served as vice presidents: J. Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, Tyler, Fillmore, A. Johnson, Arthur, T. Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Nixon, L. Johnson, Ford and George Bush. • Adams, Jefferson and Monroe all died on the Fourth of July; Coolidge was born on that day. Adams and Jefferson also died the same year: the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. • Harrison delivered the longest inaugural address at 1 hour, 45 minutes. He also had the shortest presidency: one month. • While in the primaries and caucuses much emphasis is placed on larger states such as California, Florida and New York, others can also be important. No Republican has ever won a presidential election without carrying Ohio. S PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Its been so long and Natalie is off shore of Aruba.Murdered by a little Dutch bastard.And heres something you may not remember. In this new tape of Joran (Urine) Van DerSloot ADMITTING what happened, he disrespectfully re-enacts Nats final minutes (according 2 hm) that she was shaking B4 he DESIDED she was dead.WHERES Your Doctor Degree URINE? Well, in the early days of this tragedy Nats mom and step dad went to the Van Der Sloot house (remember?),and as they questioned Urine and family all of a sudden Urine asks Beth 'Did Natalie ever have seisures?" What the F? He is toast now.I cant be the only one w/ this info and it shows a connection.This little idiot is running around in rapper 50 Cent clothing and other top know American labels with pride.Is that his magnet 4 American girls? How many has he slipped a mickey to?I think he did that to Nat and thats how she went out.And the nerve he had to get busted by bragging about this and trying to beef up his street cred! What a piece of crap.I pray the evil jerks involved get death and Urines Dad, the JUDGE gets his.And lets not mention how screwed the corrupt Aruban police are.Its awesome a Dutch crew took this snot nose out!The Aruba PoPo need to be held accountable also.They were and still are worried about their precious money making tourist industry.All our love and prayers 2 Natalie and her family.May this sad situation end quickly and may Natalie rest in peace............. =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Monday, February 04, 2008


YeeHaw! New York Giants are our NEW CHAMPS! Even though my beloved Miami Dolphins were NOT in the Game (or season for Petes sake!), like every year I have a Super Bowl party! My heart is for all things New York ( I was concieved in NY by NYers!) so I was 4 The Giants.The Pats are awesome but realy kidz, my poor lil heart COULD NOT,NOT stand 2 see The Pats stand next to my 1972 Dolphins PERFECT SEASON ;-( . The first 3 quarters were like any regular season game.Well Terrific Tom Brady did GO DOWN more times than MONICA LEWINSKY that was cool.Man that Mike Strahand is a BEAST! Rock on Mike! And the (yawn) low score was a drag,and everyone I heard had the scores up in the 20's-30's..But I held out hope for Eli and crew to take charge (move OVER PAYTON!thems some great genes!) The commercials were mediocre, I like Naomi Cambell doing the Thriller dance with reptiles and a few others kept me awake LOL! I watched the whole 4 freaking hour PRE PRE game show.Can someone PAH-LEEZE tell me what the Hell RYAN SEACREAST and a RED CARPET were doing there? PEOPLE! At least his metrosexual ass got John Travolta up there! But all we needed was Terry,Howie and Hurricane Jimmy! And Frank Calliento was cool.Everyone was dissin on Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers (a fave of my youth) and the show was GREAT!! All my fave TP songs! And at Tom Pettys age we werent worried about a NIP SLIP more than a HIP SLIP! ;-)>(Tom Petty and the HipBreakers!) So congrats Giants fans! My 72 Perfect season in tack and a fourth quarter surprise was a wonderful ending for me! To the Pat fans, sorry, Tom wasnt at his best,maybe his footor could it be maybe Guiselle Bunchenen (?) was too much a distraction! (DUH! We need not cry 4 Tommy Boy, he went home and cried on his Victorias Secret Super models supple shoulder...thats a winner!) The music acts were fun Willie Nelson and sara Evans,even paula Abdul did great.But TRACE ADKINS was the BOMB! So another Bowl in the bag and what seems like an eternity for us fans till the seasons starts up again! And Congrats to the Dolphins for STILL BEING THEE PERFECT TEAM! again.... RYAN SEACREST???? We may need rehab for that blunder! Any Given Sunday, right kidz!!! YYYEEAAAWWHHH!!! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey kidz! Last post about an endorsement was our fugly John Kerry backing Obama.And I think ya'll KNOW how I felt about that hot mess! Well SHAZAM!!!! My claws are out and man did I just yak up a furball!! Now, I am feelin badd for little Barack this day.Its the politics of politics I am sure. Hot off the hooves of Kerry, The First family of Politics rears its ugly heads! Obamas Camelot! Wow! NOW as i watch the circus of Tedward pissing off Bill and Hill and throwing himself and his son and niece into the spotlight, I CRINGE!!! ickky! !! I watched Baracks face, and for a moment he realized he wasnt in Kansas (or Hawaii, or Chitown or wherever the Hell else he lived) any damn more! Well sure the Scarecrow with no brain (Patrick) and the Lion with NO courage(Ted) may have had him surrounded!LOL! But Baracks face said alot. Here is his Camelot: Prince Ambien Blackout and Lord Gin Soaked Liver are his possee! Oh SHIT!!! A pill popping blackout do nuthin and the drunken killer of girls of Chappaquidick! SWEET! Good Luck Barack...... This endorsement brought to you by the Pharmacutical and Alcohol Industries!!!! YYYYEEEAAAAWWWWHHHH!!!! Now the question isnt ARE YOU BLACK ENUFF...but now ARE YOU CRAZY ENUFF!!!??? DUDE!!! =^.^= ;-)> PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

UPDATE:USS NY WARSHIP!! World Trade Iron machine

9/11 ship nearly ready If everything is on schedule, the nearly finished USS New York, built with salvage from the World Trade Center, will be commissioned soon. She will sail as a permanent memorial to all who lost their lives as a result of 9/11. The 684-foot warship has been under construction by Northrop Grumman since 2004, after being awarded the contract late in 2003. Twenty-four tons of steel from the World Trade Center wreckage was melted to cast the bow stem. The bow stem is the foremost part of a ship; it cuts first through the water and provides hull integrity. While she's not the first ship named for the state of New York, her naming did not originate in the normal fashion. Shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, Gov. George Pataki asked the secretary of the U.S. Navy to bestow the name USS New York on a surface warship involved in the war on terror, to honor the victims. The request was approved the following year. The ship is scheduled for a commission ceremony on March 1 in Avondale, La., with official delivery to the Navy in 2009. The namesake and steel of this San Antonio-class amphibious ship are not its only milestones. Sea vessels are built space-efficient, and civilians who've toured retired military ships know how tight it feels to move around. The USS New York's design has been modified, so sailors can navigate throughout her more easily and more quickly. "Electronically, we took the average Marine in full battle gear and ran them through the passageways of a three-dimensional model," said Woody Oge, site director of New Orleans Operations, NGSS, in a military press release. "(W)hat we found in the initial design was we had to do some slight tweaking of piping system and power distribution or move certain systems, so we have a Marine move through the passageways unencumbered. This was done throughout the ship." San Antonio-class ships embark, transport, and land elements of an assault landing force by helicopters, vertical take-off and landing aircraft, air cushion landing craft, and amphibious vehicles. The USS New York is designed to deliver a fully equipped battalion of 700 Marines. The ship is certainly formidable, with four 40,000-horsepower engines, two missile launchers, and surface threat weapons. Built in the New Orleans area, she already survived hurricane Katrina. Her motto is "Never forget." PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Friday, January 11, 2008


Like the kiss of death from Tony Soprano,John Kerry emerges from his stable and gives his Blessings to Barack! Boy, what did Barack do 2 deserve this! He aint no Britney Spears trainwreck! LOL! Kerry is like Dr. Phil! Doesnt Kerry know we hate him?How many vets do i walk up on 2 thank and they tear up a girl like me cares, then goes into the same 'That John Kerry had people hate at spit at us!' rant.So my heart goes out to Obama.He had Oprah openeing doors and now this freaky white zombie gives the kiss of death! And is it to just piss Pretty Boy John Edwards off?(YES!) or does Seabiscuit Blieve Barack rocks!? Like it wasnt enuff having Bill and hill chewing on your ass, now this! This is a Howard Scream Dean moment! Barack must have slammed his head on his desk! YYYEEEAAAAHHWWW!!!! Lurch was laying low (THANK YOU!) and now I ponder WHO, OH,Who will Tedward Kennedy drag his gin soaked liver out to campaign 4? So Barack,watch out bro, this is terrrible news 4 you and your pony show! On a side note: IS ANYTHING GETTING DONE ON THE HILL? All this caucisalooza goings on, its an extention of the hliday break for petes sake! I hope at least my state Senator LARRY CRAIG is getting something done! In fact Boise got a new state house re do! LESS BATHROOMS!Yeah, 19 for the hook up or real potty time! DOWN FROM 44! Ole Larry is thinnin his 'herd'! ....6 for women, 9 for men and 4 NON DESIGNATED!!! NON DESIGNATED?YIKES! Stinks of Craig! ;-)> True Story! So have a great morning! Lets hope Mike Vick doesnt come out this weekend at a OBAMA stop! (He is in jail, to badd it wasnt doggy year sentence!) And theres always O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson!!! Oh, Boy! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008:Ways 2 make yourself better,happier and sane!

START THE NEW YEAR BY TAKING SMALL STEPS TO BIG CHANGES JUST FOR TODAY: I will live through this day only. I will not brood about yesterday or obsess about tomorrow. I will not set far-reaching goals or try to overcome all of my problems at once. I know that I can do something for 24 hours that would overwhelm me if I had to keep it up for a lifetime. JUST FOR TODAY: I will be happy. I will not dwell on thoughts that depress me. If my mind fills with clouds, I will chase them away and fill it with sunshine. JUST FOR TODAY: I will accept what is. I will face reality. I will correct those things I can correct and accept those I cannot. JUST FOR TODAY: I will improve my mind. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration. I will not be a mental loafer. JUST FOR TODAY: I will make a conscious effort to be agreeable. I will be kind and courteous to those who cross my path, and I'll not speak ill of others. I will improve my appearance, speak softly, and not interrupt when someone else is talking. Just for today, I will refrain from improving anybody but myself. JUST FOR TODAY: I will do something positive to improve my health. If I'm a smoker, I'll quit. If I am overweight, I will eat healthfully -- if only just for today. And not only that, I will get off the couch and take a brisk walk, even if it's only around the block. JUST FOR TODAY: I will gather the courage to do what is right and take responsibility for my own actions. And now, Dear Readers, I would like to share an item that was sent to me by I.J. Bhatia, a reader who lives in New Delhi, India: DEAR ABBY: This year, no resolutions, only some guidelines. The Holy Vedas say: "Man has subjected himself to thousands of self-inflicted bondages. Wisdom comes to a man who lives according to the true eternal laws of nature." The following prayer of Saint Francis contains a powerful message: "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; "Where there is hatred, let me sow love; "Where there is injury, pardon; "Where there is doubt, faith; "Where there is despair, hope; "Where there is darkness, light; "Where there is sadness, joy; "O Divine Master, grant that I may not as much seek to be consoled as to console; "To be loved as to love. "For it is in giving that we are pardoned; "It is in dying that we are born to eternal life." And so, Dear Readers, may this New Year bring with it peace and joy. -- LOVE, ABBY PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)