Friday, May 02, 2008


Remember the drinking game' 6 degrees of Separation of Kevin Bacon'? Well this here is 6 degrees of SEGREGATION in terms of the company Barack Hussien Obama has been around.Talk about CHICKENS COME HOME 2 ROOST....But ALAS!!!Obamas birds have come home to roost!But they are more like looney and doe-doe birds,HELL,CUCKOOS too!,Finaly the groundhog Rev. Wright emerges on a ROCK STAR tour after Obama totaly dissed him ! I wonder if the Rev cried? ;-( The million dollar house must ease the pain.He is out talking about this mess he got Obama in.Saying he was 'DEVIOUSLY MISINTERPRETED'! DUDE WE HEARD YA,ALOT OF YOUR HATE SPEAK! This man is as full of CRAP as Ted Kennedy is full of Scotch! And that ALOT! Wright is at best a D-Class bottom feeding showman,the gold embroided robes and suits.Yeah, he served 6 yrs. in military,and thanks Rev, but did ya come home w/ shrapnel in that twisted head of yours? He may be so pissed at Yobama that he is posturing for a book deal coming out maybe Oct/Nov??? hmmm..... Yobamadinajad has so many OTHER big bombs ready to go off,and trust me this info WILL GET YOUR PANTIES in a wad! Wright has a bunch of GOOD BUDDIES...Lets start with 69 yr. old JAMES CONES,FOUNDER OF THE BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY MOVEMENT.(that even sounds angry)Ole James,in his own words says 'WHITE PEOPLE ARE POTENTIAL HUMANS,not YET EVOLVED!(At least we have potential...),Cones rambles on that 'BLACK THEOLOGY WILL ONLY EXCEPT the love of GOD,which participates in the DESTRUCTION OF THE ENEMY'! (Us!)Thats from his book,'BLACK THEOLOGY & BLACK POWER'.This man is a SO CALLED 'HIGHLY RESPECTED SCHOLAR & PROFESSOR'!OMG! At New Yorks UNION THEOLOGY SEMINARY,which seems to just SUCK UP Wrights twisted hateful rasict thoughts.Core goes on goes on...'WHAT WE NEED IS DIVINE LOVE' (thats RICH!) Expressed in 'BLACK THEOLOGY & BLACK POWER' is 'the power for BLACKS 2 DESTRY their OPPRESSORS HERE & NOW by ANY MEANS at their disposal' ! (Holy crap, thats scary!) Now, check this out...He goes on and decrys 'IF GOD ISNT 4 US, and AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE,the HE(GOD) is a MURDERER and we HAD BETTER KILL HIM!' Isnt this INSANE,kidz?? And Yobama knows nothing ,BULLSHIT!! This man is a freakin homegrown terrorist,he declared Jihad on our caucasian asses!! A Rasist in EVERY sense of the word,and a bag of CHIPS! Next up 2 bat... another Kooky Cronie! KHALID ABDUL-MUHAMAD (soundz Johnny El-Kaboom-ish?) He is w/ Nation of Islam and a Screwy Lewy Farrakan deciple,who as we know Wright calls Lewy a 'BROTHER who I LOVE and ADMIRE'(And over 20 yrs. w/ Obama around he hasnt smelled this?NO!!!) This nut job Khalid Abdul Mohamad loves,LOVES (Alot of man love here!) LOVES COLIN FERGUSON.Remember Colin?He murdered a bunch of white folks on a Long Island Train!Yeah, a white murdering machine WITH GROUPIES! LOL! But sadly TRUE! Some Possee,huh?And last but not least another member of this RAT PACK...nutty KAMAU KAMBON.KAMAU KAMBON is ANOTHER NUTTY PROFESSOR (poor indocturnated kidz and parents tutition bucks!) He uses the job as a lecture pulpit at NORTH CAROLINA State. UNIVERSITY.In 2005 KK was speaking/screaking at HOWARD UNIVERSITY and JUMPED ON THE GENOCIDAL BANDWAGON,proclaiming (Now hold on to something..) 'WE THE BLACKS NEED 2 EXTERMINATE WHITE PEOPLE OFF THE FACE OF THIS PLANET' and 'BLAIMS THE WORLDS SUFFERING ON WHITE ARROGANCE' !! (What a bombshell!Are ya paying attention to these insane 'LEADERS"?) Obamadinajad, who ,in his wacked out head thinks he can have a chat fest w/ IRANS MONSTER DICK-TATOR! Sure Obama...and bring Jimmy Carter w/ ya, he can strum Kumbaya on the guitar as the peace talks flow.....JEEZE! He has NO IDEA what hes diong.Even started w/ the lies and distortion B4 being Prez, thats fresh!Hes been at the hip of Wright 4 over 20 yrs. him being his spiritual leader and all and NOT KNOW Wright and his pack HATE US,WANNA KILL US? They dont just think it THEY SCREAM IT OUT and put in BOOKS! These dudes are RACIST KILLERS ON THE LOOSE!! Hell, even if Obama came out now saying he was a gay,hooker loving,cokehead that wears womans panties we cant forget this what I have given you here! He is in it up to his neck and got LOTZ OF 'SPLAININ 2 DO! Just denouncing Wright now, MONTHS AFTER this tip of the iceberg that sinks S.S. BARACK,why the wait, its been too long to turn is back on him.Even after he said he wouldnt diss his grandma,or Wright.(Anyone seen Granny?) Wright is using this momentum 4 something.He freaks me out,not just his wordz, his eyes...Their DEAD.As these other idiots are.You know all these MUSLIM ties and names scares me,what do we REALY KNOW ABOUT OBAMA, 'cept his bowling game SUX!Even his wife dissed America! They scare my fur up and it should SCARE U 2!! This is EXTREME,UNEXPLAINABLE REDORIC! Plain and simple.Being Black they get a pass? Black Pride?Great I say embrace who you are.I am a proud white American Italian princess!But why may some call me a racist to declair my WHITE PRIDE? Why dont they take this crew to task?We need 2 kick these bozos OUTTA THE COUNTRY that they HATE and THEY HATE,Dispise US!?They are totaly degrading the hard working great black Americans that love and fight 4 this country.I want some to speak up and let their voices be heard.Obama is a joke.He hates our military,we are bitter,God loving shooters 2 him.Our warriors DESERVE a GREAT LEADER not some snot nosed elitist man-child w/ his head up some Pastors ass.These threats are real people.Directly from Obamas book 'The Audacity of Hope' (which he took that title from one of Wrights speeches) Yobama says 'I WILL STAND WITH THEM,THE MUSLIMS,SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS SHIFT IN AN UGLY DIRECTION' !! (Holy smokes,its almost as fugly as this can get,AND HE STANDS w/ MUSLIMS?) Like the ones who hi-jacked planes and murdered innocents on our soil and got us into this kitty litter box piled w/ crap? How can you POSSIBLY consider this man after this info I give u 2 chew on?How can he run a country when he has so many skeletons in his huge walk in closet? We know the Clintons..Hll Hillary is a fighter.She will go postal and need a straight jacket to get her to let go of her death grip.This woman is in it till the deathmatch,look at the patience and time she put into Bill.Shes no quitter.;-)> JUST SAY NO-BAMA! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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