Tuesday, October 31, 2006


HAPPY HALLOWEEN to my ghouls and sexy witches! What a bunch of tricks we have been dealt this month! I mean can anything be any scarier than the puke we have been force fed this election season? If it not the negative ads,its the creepy sex scandals!And the players in these sex scandals are far from, well SEXY! Dont we need at least one hott sex bomb in all this flesh crawling sexcapades?But NOOOOOOOO,all we got so far are creepy old texting pedophiles,weirdo gay govs,kinky ghoulish guys writting gross fiction and on and on.And lets not forget the windbag pumpkin headed talker who doesnt know what the fuck he is talking about.Lets just say OXYMORON! I mean how many boogeymen can we take B4 Halloween even arrived? The foul smelling nasty air isnt from the garbage truck,its from the elections! The people dont care who or what they smash,as long as the win.The would eat thier own, as long as they finish in the win column.And the wind is a blowin' from both sides of the aisle.It aint no Red or Blue thang, its stank all across the board.I dont know how we can get anything accomplished with all this undercover sex scandals and personal attacks.I aint kidding when I say most of this stuff is scarier and creepier than Bill O'Rielly getting out of the YMCA showers!(Loofah in hand!) And notice how church mouse quiet TedWard Kennedy is.That bag of crap will probably hold Mass. hostage for more years on the government dime! Whats in the water over there?Are ya'll brainwashed or do they threaten your life?I dont get it?Maybe its the Ambien in the water?What about Mary Jo Kapeckni in the freakin' water? The more I smash this out, the clearer it becomes.These dastardly snake oil salesmen are wannabe dictators.Some have already mastered the DICK part quite well ;-)> And has anybody checked on the DIS-ORIENTIAL? Thats Kim Jong mentaly ILL! I say lets send him a treat of a nuclear suppository and be done of the lollipop headed menace! But getting back to our own monsters,I hope one week from now,all you voters remember all the spin,coverups,personal attacks and campaigns filled with more mudslinging than solid solutions,plans,goals and ways to get America back on track. And how about some LAWS that lawmakers have to get BACKGROUND CHECKS, LIE DECTECTORS,DRUG TESTED & MENTAL CHECKS.We deserve more than alcoholic drugged out freaky deaky pervert liars and those that help them. Now, go out there and steal your kids candy!Am I the only bonehead that thinks its no longer cool to let your kidz think its still mighty mighty fine to walk up to total strangers homes,and beg and except candy from STRANGERS?? And if you REALY wanna freak the kids out, just turn on the news and watch them turn ghostly white with the reality of the elections! Now thats CREEPY!!! KISSES from my 2 BLACK CATZ!!! Now, get on your broom and ride! ;-)> http://www.wtv-zone.com/softlywhispers/sigs/index/html

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Parents of fallen soldier find peace Posted: Tuesday, Oct 24, 2006 - 11:00:15 pm PDT By BRIAN WALKER Staff writer Courtesy Photo President George W. Bush signs legislation that ensures the remains of fallen soldiers will be handled with respect when being transported home. New law ensures remains of soldiers will be handled with respect on trip home POST FALLS -- John and Stacey Holley can finally move on and grieve the loss of their son, Matthew, who was killed in Iraq. The Post Falls parents' 10-month battle for a federal law that ensures the remains of fallen soldiers are handled with respect while being transported home has become reality. "I am relieved that this mission is complete," John said Tuesday. "This has been a big responsibility to see this through to the end. "It was like riding the biggest roller coaster of your life. At first, you are apprehensive about your decision to get on, but once on, you are committed to the end. When it's all over, you are glad you did it." Matthew, who was born in Post Falls, was a 21-year-old Army specialist assigned to the 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Ky. He was killed by a roadside bomb on Nov. 15. The Holleys said they were horrified when they found out their fallen soldier son's remains were going to be handled by baggage carriers at the San Diego airport. If it hadn't been for last-minute string pulling by their military casualty assistance officer with U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., they said their son, Matthew, would have been brought to them from the airplane as "freight" rather than by an Honor Guard. Matthew was rendered honors in Dover, Del., but the Holleys also expected to see that when his remains were transported from there. Under the law, the remains will be transported to the closest military base to the family's home. The fallen soldier will be rendered honors by an Honor Guard unless otherwise directed by the next of kin. "It should have been standard operating procedure," John said. "It shouldn't have been something we had to worry about." The Holleys, both veterans, don't want what happened to them to happen to other families of fallen soldiers. "We do not want parents or loved ones to ever have to receive their service member in the cargo area of a commercial airport again without honors," John said. ~~~~PLEASE HONOR,RESPECT,THANK and SUPPORT OUR BRAVE MILITARY,THEIR FAMILIES AND THE VETS ,past and present,WHO GIVE THEIR ALL FOR US ALL~~

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


~~ Yesterday..the sky was bluer,the air fresher,the town calmer.Maybe its cause that guilty murdering pedophile PIG was taken to Boise till the Fed case comes up!He made it outta our safe lil jail system, but I do pray a sharp shiv finds its way into his rotten kidney,or neck.Justice will NEVER be served.But hopefuly this monster will serve as a reminder of what evil lurkes out there, then a slow,horrible death 100 times over =^.^= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Duncan transported to state prison Posted: Monday, Oct 23, 2006 - 11:24:06 pm PDT By DAVE TURNER Staff writer Began sentence Monday at maximum security pen in Boise COEUR d'ALENE -- After 478 days, Kootenai County said goodbye to Joseph Edward Duncan III At least, perhaps, for now. Sometime Sunday or early Monday transport officers whisked the convicted triple kidnap-murderer to the Idaho State prison in Boise. "Duncan, offender No. 83655, arrived today at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution located south of Boise, at approximately 10:30 a.m. (MDT)," said state corrections officials. "It's good to have him out of here and be rid of a high-profile inmate," said sheriff's Capt. Ben Wolfinger. State officials said the move went off without incident. Duncan, a 43-year-old level III registered sex offender, pleaded guilty last Monday and was sentenced to three consecutive life terms without parole for kidnapping. Prosecutors who sought the death penalty said that the capital penalty phase for the murder convition might be held if federal officials fail to get a conviction or death sentence for kidnapping two siblings after the Wolf Lodge killings on May 16, 2005. Officials said Duncan will be held in isolation, at least for the time being. On Friday, authorities said Duncan fulfilled part of his plea deal by meeting with investigators about the Wolf Lodge kidnap and bludgeoning deaths of Brenda Mathhews Groene, 40 and her son, Slade Groene, 13, and Mark McKenzie, 37, with a claw hammer . "Duncan gave investigators detailed information that was consistent with the physical evidence that had been collected at the scene of the murders," Wolfinger said. "Duncan's statements confirm the conclusion of investigators that he acted alone during those crimes." Wolfinger said specifics of the interview will not be able to be released until the federal case is concluded. "Every question they asked he answered to their satisfaction," said Duncan's federal defender Roger Peven, who, along with his state lawyer, Public Defender John Adams, stayed with their client during the hours-long interview. "My impression was he satisfied that condition to the letter." Adams declined to comment about Duncan's move. One condition of the plea bargain was he would talk about the Wolf Lodge killings, but not the kidnapping of youngsters Shasta and Dylan Groene, any criminal activity during their captivity or Dylan's shotgun death. Steve Groene, whose daughter, Shasta, was the lone survivor of the killings and kidnappings, said he really hadn't thought about his feelings on Duncan's move. "Is it easier with him out of the area?" Groene said. "I never thought about it one way or the other.' "Just so long as he's locked up," he said. In an earlier plea deal, Duncan had offered to admit to Dylan's killing as well and speak to any law officers designated by the state. Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas rejected that offer, instead, holding out for a death component. Peven said Duncan will likely remain in prison until he's indicted on the federal charges. The, he thinks he will be transferred to the Ada County Jail in Boise, where it's expected his trial will take place. ~~~Hey,Hey,Hey...GOODBYE...FOR NOW!~~~~ PLEASE RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

Monday, October 16, 2006


Duncan pleads guilty to murder, kidnapping Oct 16, 2006 10:33 AM PDT Video Now Brenda Groene's mother: 'It's like sitting in the same room with the devil'Jesse Groene: 'He'll never see the streets again, and that's what should happen to all sex offenders'Mark McKenzie's mother: 'This is much easier for everybody all around'UNEDITED: Prosecutor Bill Douglas news conferenceCommunity reaction to Duncan plea dealCheck All | Clear All Joseph E. Duncan III Groene agrees to open encrypted computer files COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -�Joseph E. Duncan pleaded guilty to 3 counts of kidnapping and 3 counts of murder on Monday morning.� A judge immediately sentenced him to three terms of life in prison without parole on the kidnapping charges.� Sentencing on the murder charges were delayed pending the outcome of Duncan's federal trial. Captain Ben Wolfinger with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department said the 14-section plea agreement is different from the proposal floated last week by the defense.� By delaying sentencing on the murder charges, it Duncan is not sentenced to death by the federal government, the State of Idaho can retain him and possibly sentence him to death on the state charges. Family members of the victims said the plea agreement and life sentences are a relief after months of heartache. "I feel we can move on, now that we're one step closer to finding closure," said Jesse Groene, brother of Dylan, Slade and Shasta Groene. After the sentencing, reporters asked Groene what he would like to say to Duncan, but Groene replied, "I can't say that on live TV.� Sorry about that." The tears flowed freely in the post-sentencing news conference outside the Public Safety Building.� Steve Groene, Shasta's father, held a white dry erase board and wrote that he would like to thank all those who supported him.� He could not speak after having undergone throat surgery for cancer. Brenda Groene's mother, Darlene Torres, was also pleased with the outcome of the agreement.� "I'm glad we're getting this first step over, and hopefully the rest of it goes quick," said Darlene Torres.� "There's nothing that's going to bring my family back, but I know justice will be served." But while many, including�Darlene Torres, believe Monday's outcome was a victory for Shasta, the family was clearly uncomfortable sitting in the same room with the man who killed their loved ones. "What was it like sitting in the same room with Duncan," asked a reporter.��Darlene�Torres paused, then said, "It was like sitting in the same room with the devil." Background: Joseph Edward Duncan is a Tacoma native who spent most of his adult life in prison for molesting children.� Prosecutors say the registered sex offender was on the run from a child molestation charge in Minnesota in May of 2005, driving on I-90 near Coeur d'Alene, when he saw Shasta and Dylan Groene�playing in their swimsuits at their home. Prosecutors say he stalked and killed family members to take the children. Duncan is charged with killing Shasta's 13-year-old brother Slade, her mother Brenda Groene and Brenda's boyfriend Mark McKenzie.� Duncan also is likely to face federal charges of� kidnapping the two children and killing Dylan at a Montana campground. Federal prosecutors have already said they would seek the death penalty.~~~~THANK GOD SHASTA DOESNT HAVE TO TAKE STAND AND RELIVE TRAMA & SEE THE BASTARD! ALL OUR PRAYERS 2 SHASTA & her family, esp. father SYEVE!) =^.^= DUNCAN WILL GET HIS!

Friday, October 13, 2006


This is Friday the 13th.Only the weekend is standing between the date for Duncan trial.In previous posts I have asked you to join me on Courthouse steps to stand up and let the world know how much we detest and loathe this type of action.Well kidz... I have been 'talked to,and asked NOT TO!' It IS in the best interest of the trial,and Shasta as to NOT be seen and heard.The case is being held at the Jail and NOT the courthouse.Thanks to all you who expressed interest,nd I ask you to pray for Shasta and the family, as she is t testify.Pray for the system,the jury and lawyers and judge.In thee most heinous of crimes,this little 10 year old will show us the meaning of brave. Read the articles and if you have time, go to the 'editorial section' and red locals thoughts on this. Have a terrific weekend,and keep Shasta in your thoughts.... =^.^= http://www.cdapress.com/articles/2006/10/13/news/news01.txt

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Feds to seek death for Duncan Posted: Tuesday, Oct 03, 2006 - 11:09:02 pm PDT By DAVE TURNER Staff writer Shasta's lawyer says death case in Idaho not needed now COEUR d'ALENE -- The lawyer representing Shasta Groene said there's no reason for the 9-year-old to testify in a state court now that federal prosecutors have been given the go-ahead to seek the death penalty against Joseph Edward Duncan III. John Sahlin, a Coeur d'Alene lawyer appointed by the federal courts, said Tuesday the state's case against Duncan could end short of a death sentence. "With the U.S. Attorney General's announcement, it is now my hope that there need be only one trial of Joseph Duncan," said Sahlin.Earlier, Idaho U.S. Attorney Tom Moss announced his office had been given permission by the Justice Department to seek the death penalty against Duncan. Duncan's federal defender, Roger Pevin, could not be reached for comment. Jury selection for the month-long state trial for Duncan is scheduled to begin Oct. 16 in 1st District Court. Duncan's lawyer, Kootenai County Public Defender John Adams, would not comment about whether the latest move would change the complexion of the state case. Adams previously said his client was willing to plead guilty, so long as he could avoid a death sentence. Kootenai County Prosecutor Bill Douglas said the fact the U.S. Attorney's Office can now seek death in the event of a federal court conviction changes nothing. "We're still going ahead," Douglas said Monday night. Douglas has continually stressed that the two cases -- state and federal -- involve two distinct and different elements. Douglas is seeking the death penalty if Duncan is convicted of the bludgeoning death of Brenda Kay Matthews Groene, 40, her 13-year-old son, Slade Groene, and boyfriend Mark Edward McKenzie, 37, at their Frontage Road home near Wolf Lodge Bay on May 16, 2005. Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson said he was also in favor of the trial going ahead. "The citizens of Kootenai County were also Duncan's victims," he said. "The trial should be here." He said if convicted, Duncan deserves to die. "This way, you will have two shots at death because Duncan is evil," Watson said Tuesday. Meanwhile, the federal case begins where the Wolf Lodge killings end. Authorities said Shasta Groene, then 8, and her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, were taken by Duncan from their Wolf Lodge home to a remote campsites in the Lolo National Forest in Montana. The federal charges will likely stem from the kidnapping of the children, their transportation across state lines and the gunshot killing of Dylan, whose remains were found days after Shasta was rescued from Duncan at a Coeur d'Alene restaurant on July 2, 2005. Moss said Duncan would also likely face child pornography charges, as well as sexual abuse charges in the case. And after the federal case, Duncan still could face first-degree murder charges in the death of a California boy a decade ago. Ingrid Wyatt, a spokeswoman for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, said prosecutors are waiting until Duncan's cases in Idaho are finished before filing charges in the death of 10-year-old Anthony Michael Martinez. Duncan has confessed to bashing the boy's head in with a rock in April 1997, then leaving his nude, sexually abused body in the rural Indio desert. "We're still planning on reviewing the case when our turn comes up," Wyatt said. Shasta's father, Steve Groene, who is recuperating from a larynectomy in a Seattle hospital, has supported the plea deal to save his daughter from having to testify. His support of that deal has met with opposition from other family members. McKenzie's mother, Lee Wood, said after meeting with Douglas on Monday, family members still support Douglas' decision to go ahead with the first trial. "We thought about it and talked to Bill Douglas yesterday," Wood said Tuesday. "I don't care if (Duncan) is given the death penalty in the state or the federal court, but I still want the state's trial to go ahead. "What if he gets a life sentence in federal court," she said. "This way we have a double chance of a death penalty." Brenda Groene's mother, Darlene Torres, agreed. "There is nothing that's going to bring the family back," Torres said. "It's between the state and federal government at this point." But County Commissioner Rick Currie said aside from the cost, holding two trials is superfluous and could put many people through unnecessary pain. "I am disappointed in the decision to go ahead" with the state trial, Currie said. "It's going to cost a lot of money and it's going to be redundant." He said the trial will cost about $1 million. Currie won't say what reasons Douglas might have for continuing with the state's case. "I have my opinion why (Douglas wants to go ahead) and as much as I want to say it, I can't." Currie said it's doubtful that Idaho's death row for Duncan would be much different than if he were sentenced to life without parole. "The state of Idaho cannot kill him," Currie said. "The case will go through 20 years of appeals." He noted the case of Donald Paradis, who was freed after 20 years on death row when an appeals court determined the state erred during the prosecution. Once released, the county settled a lawsuit short of trial for $900,000. "Do I want to see this guy die? Yes," Currie said. "I think everybody does. And the feds will do a good job." In the past, Adams had sought an arrangement for his client to plead guilty to the Idaho charges, so long as Duncan received life without parole. Coeur d'Alene defense lawyer Mike Palmer, who is not connected to the Duncan case, said he didn't know how Duncan would benefit from any plea deal which would still allow other jurisdictions to charge him. Palmer said generally with plea bargains, that means settling for a lesser sentence in one jurisdiction, no matter what happens elsewhere. "It's the client's decision," Palmer said. "In this case, if there is any offer to accept, ultimately it's up to Duncan." The next step is for federal prosecutors to take their evidence to a grand jury and seek an indictment. No time frame for that empanelment was immediately released.