Sunday, October 14, 2007


As you, I too am in shock!This guy 'getz robbed of the presidency' ;-)> and has an award winning year!The academy,The Grammy,now Nobel Peace Prize! Wow, like I said...'he lied 2 us, he played on our fears'.OMG! Thats just what he DID! He must bend over and kiss his ass everyday that he ISN'T PRESIDENT during this terrible situation and having to go to war to protect and defend us.Gore wold have them over here on our soul.that spineless wooden weirdo.And that CONCERT FOR THE PLANET!.... wheres all THAT MONEY. Did they go to the ozone and repair all the THOUSANDS of years of damage?I think it was a campaign! And Tipper taking pics on side.A book and tons of $$$. Funny thing a LaARGE percentage had been labeled for parents too warn of racy or crude lyrics.And they all came together in their planes and tour buses to come to Tipper and Als coming out party.That CARBON FOOTPRINT was like SASQUATCH's!! Wheres the money? And the Nobel $, I am sure he will donate to his cause. His whole family,wayyyyy back have been enviroabusers for decades,and their senate votes to pass the kinda crap that allowed us to get to this point ( in Als mind). That piece of gold that its first name is NOBEL has such tarnished in the pest decade or so,we all know what I mean....... In a time of war our Troops who are preserving peace are my heros and winners.This aint rock shows,red carpet posin',in our face.He has the Hollywierd possee,the hardware(meaingless ass kissing symbols).Are they in his 'LOCKBOX"? He is gonna run for Prez I think.....He thinks hes King of The World!But the Clintons will tear his country ass up! So go on Al, whats next?Winning AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL? WIN SURVIVOR?TURN OUT ROSIE O DONNELL? PROVE he ISNT A ROBOT??????? We will see kidz!!! HE LIED TO US AND PLAYED ON OUR FEARS.................... nuff said =^.^= yahoogroups: KarpetKittensSeanHannityZone PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)