Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Yes, its that time of the year we are able too,with the help of Sean Hannity, Oliver North and the FREEDOM ALLIANCE to provide tuition assistance to the dependants of TROOPS KILLED or PERMANENTLY DISABLED in the line of duty protecting our liberties and freedom and those in other lands.This 4th Annual Festival of Conseravitive Talking Heads,Marty! and HANK WILLIAMS JR., SARAH EVANS and LEE GREENWOOD! This year they have expanded it to 2 DAYS, with one over here on the WEST COAST!;-)> I want you all to have info whether you plan on going or just want to donate to this non profit extravaganza suportng those familes who gave THEE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE! So, Friday,July 21,2006 in Jackson,New Jersey at 6 Flags and Wednesday August 2,2006 in San Deigo, the COORS Ampatheatre, great Amercan shall gather to have food,fun and American Pride! I have included the real link to purchase or donate to this very WORTHY CAUSE!1-800-329-5454 Also check out for much more info! The troops and famlies and all involved thank you, and so do I! KISSES! KarpetKittensSeanHannityZone in

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I posted some pictures ;-)>

This Armed Forces Day, in my area there was a Parade honoring of fresh from Iraq hometown guys and girls! Though it was a very rainy early North Idaho morning, I and a pitiful hanfull ,mostly family,(those wimps were afraid to get wet,girrly men!LOL!) I stood tall and proud,and wett and wylde! waving my flags,wearing my 'I LOVE ARMY BOYS' teeshirt and soooooo proud to WELCOME THEM HOME! Every one of them rsponded to my 'God Bless You,youre awesome,THANK YOU'...was a 'NO,THANK YOU',and you know me... I got the last NO THANK YOU! in there. hehe... so I was honered to take some pitures with this 116th Engineering Battalion of North Idaho.The picture made the paer and I will post it at a later time! These pics are in my yahoogroups,and if you are NOT already a member(its casual) please except this invitation... go to in box asking 'which group' do you want to join type (CC&P,now) KarpetKittensSeanHannityZone Thanks to all you vets,troops and responders and families.Jesus luvs you and so does The Karpet Kitten!

Friday, May 19, 2006


I have been grinding to try to get this message out,nows a great time sice nextweek many local elections will be held.I ,as many of you are absolutley DISGUSTED with many of our great countries LAWMAKERS. I feel, and I hope youre on board, its time we open their closets,sweep out old dusty skeletons and take that broom and sweep them off THE FLOOR! Many, too many of these good ole boys have been Livin' The Vida Loca on our dime (which is worth about 4 cents,eh?) for too damn LONG! The old sayin' 'If it aint broke Dont Fix it.' Hell, we are in Brokeback BROKE MODE! Many of these sliy,glad handeling, corrupt,con artist Bullsh*tts have been in your towns jaw boning what you want and NEED to hear.Then they pop on their private jets ,cocktails in hand and mistress on lap)to their waiting lios to their mansions,then to their cushy jobs where everything they told you falls by the wayside for special interests,pet projects,industry and fatt catts.Leavng us with empty promises and no change for the better. People, this is more aggrevating to me than sand in my bikini bottom! WHY OH WHY, do these dusty ass clowns, who some are riding their GOLDEN TICKET for 4 or 5 DECADES??? Are we RETARDED? UNINFORMED?BULLSH*TTED? Whatever,the time is NOW to take back,or try too, take back our country from these jerks so willing to sell our freedoms,liberties,quality of life and safety. Their heads are buried so far up the lobbiest asses that Hoffa's gotta be closer! They need a glass mirror installed in their fat guts to see. We NEED to take a step back and research these people BEGGING,KISSING BABIES and making all and every promise to ou frYOUR VOTE! Please look into their voting records.Did they fullfill their jaw boning? Did they do anything illegal? Immoral? Let me answer...OH HELL YEAH THEY DID! Ok, chill, not ALL, but WE KNOW who the soul and money suckers are. We must not allow this to continue. Almost EVERY horrible situation we are dealing with right now is reaction to them NOT doing their jobs, planning for self dependence,great plans for all types of disasters,terrorists,illegal invasions,crazy ass dictators with their fingers on 'the button',the implosion of Social (in)Security,the debt......(damn I am depressing MYSELF ;-)> ) blah, goes on and on. They get in front of the cameras and ruffle their tail feathers and shout and scream and blame and demean the OTHER side. What the? We ARE ALL AMERICANS, they need to play the game FOR US. They are ust fattening their bank accounts,and propping family members up for other beneficial jobs. We need to check them from stem to stern as they would us if we wanted money from them. Do you think if e worked for them and only produced about 25% of the time we would get full pay?If we lied?Got popped doing drugs and driving, driving drunk and killing a passenger?Playing on puter wth kiddie porn? Cheated with their partner? HELL NO! So why do we put up with their CRAP? They go on and on (like this post!) about what they will do, and yet we are i some of the bleakest days.Our great military is being stretched tighter than Joan Rivers face.Our borders are as un healthy as Tedward Kennedys LIVER and its goes on and on how un safe we are.And now we shall share what little we have to give ILLEGALS are jobs,welfare,homes. This is soooooo BROKEN. I urge you, I BEG you...Please check out these lawmakers personal and voting records. There are PLENTY of new blood out there wanting your vote to REALY PRODUCE FOR US & OUR COUNTRY. Sometimes angels hide their wings, and The Devils dressed like a lamb. Get the brooms outPatriots! We CANT GO ON LIKE THIS ANY LONGER.Your kidz and their kidz are counting on US to comb thru this crap and find the real diamonds. I would love to see these lawmakers WORK LONGER,HARDER and FOR LESS. I would LOVE TO HAVE THE DO FREEBEES,VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME. Take RANDOM DRUG TESTS and have a yearly accountabilty meeting as to check and balance what they said they would do and what they ACTUALY DID! We cant wait for bird flu to take some of these brain dead dusty dinosaurs out! We must audit thier job performance.It should be a priviledge not a given. I am madd as hell and I cant take it ANYMORE!! AND I VOTE!! JOIN ME! We are running outtta time and money.The enemy sees our weekness and will again pounce on it. GOD BE WITH US. =^.^= VOTE SMART


Happy Friday Ya'll !! As we 'Great Americans' damn skippy know,that this weekends Armed Forces Day is here! YEAH! A time we can assemble in the streets and march! Not for no another 'Day without Illegals' but 'A DAY TO HONOR OUR MEN & WOMAN IN THE SERVICES!!'. As we all know, my sweet spot in my heart, next to Hannity of COURSE!, is our wonderful Armed Forces of these United States!And there loved ones OF COURSE! These days I consider the MinuteMen and Women guarding our southern borders in this elite group that deserves and demands or praise,respect and THANKS! Yeah, THANKS FOR PROTECTING OUR BUTTS! Thanks for protecting our country from more attacs from sicko Johnny El-Kabooms wanting to destry the very lives these people are fighting to protect.And Thanks for the folks on our borders, which areas healthy as Tedward Kennedys friggin LIVER,from terrorists and those Non American scamps crossing rivers(We REFUSE to let them turn Cali or Arizon into Wetback Mountain!) while trying to invade our land and suck up all the jobs,welfare,tax bucks and benefits we hard working American citizens are due. I pray that many of you have made plans or will no make plans to join i a Heros Parade or help a vet or invite a militar family 4 a BBQ or call an elderly relative who is a vet or a widow of a vet.Just think of me Saturday morning,knowing I am slipping on my new 'I HEART (LOVE) ARMY BOYS tshirt gettin ready to jump into my Chevy Blazer,flags in my back pockets of my Levis as I head down to one of the MANY local parades honoring our locals men and women,many who just returned in past 6 weeks,to scream and cheer and kiss as many as I can ! LOL! ;-)> and let THEM KNOW who greatful I am for THEIR SACRIFICE and for their families and loved ones sacrifices! Many families here and all across the country will have pain in their hearts as their loved ones didnt make it out alive.And for them and the wounded we owe an EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU and prayers. Our outpouring of love and appreciation are just what is needed in these tense times.Please join me in some sort of SHOW of SUPPORT to these ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Remember, its not how a HERO DIES that makes them a HERO, Its how THE LIVED!!!!!! All MY LOVE,Stay Safe,Alert and Respectful! GOD BLESS OUR ARMED FORCES PAST AND PRESENT AND FAMILIES! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! Go on with your fine selves and have a hella-good weekend,throw a steak on the grill 4 me! JESUS LOVES You and so does THE KARPET KITTEN =^.^=

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Boy Howdee, them AMBIEN is a powerful drug! I just woke up in Tiquana!!!

HI KIDZ!! Just a quickie to 'splain my absence! Alot of family troubles and when it rains it pours! LOL! Just so ya know, you areALL in my heart and prayers and am greatful to have you as my cyber family. Like I said on Seans.... JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DOES THE KARPET KITTEN! Dont worry I havent lost my insane ways and views, just my family is in a crisis and thats my priority. I am ready to get back in the saddle and spank the wrong doers! Did someone mention TedWard Kennedy and his chip of the ole block head Son??? I found out Kenny in Spanish means 'CRAZYASS DRUNK AT THE WHEEL'!!!!! Oh,sht, thats that AMBIEN talking again......KISSES,HUGZ and I SO MISS YA'LL! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and YOUR FAMILIES and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Weare thee best. And all our support and love an prayers to our brave troops and heir loved ones.And our living legend Vets!!LOVE YA!!!! YYYYEEEEAAAWWWHHHHH!! p.s. I still owe ya my Mammagram pics, Al Franken story w/ pics and I had a chance to mount a tank! more to come...stay tuned. And talk about the gas prices... Ya'll heard of a Miami credit card? A gas syfin and a 20 gallon gas tank! ;-)> Anyone got a tip on how to get this gas taste outta my mouth..and dont say kiss Tedward,that hallatousis is more flammable than high octain!!! DAMN THAT AMBIEN! KISSES! YIPPEEE! My birthday is next Monday May 15th! Thats a good thang! =^.^=