Tuesday, May 01, 2007


AL SHARPTONGUE....PRESIDENT OF THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA. ALL HAIL THE CHUMP!! Ah, one of my faves!Al Sharptongue!The President of his DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA! SHARPTONGUE is a SOCIAL TERRORIST! A FESTERING PUSS MASS ready to explode.He and Jesse Jackson are slappin us w/ their own brand of Jihad! They are up to there eyes w/ LIAR-REAH thats coming from 'them'.These 2 self proclaimed Superman for the Blacks,(while they havent been civil 2 EACH OTHER for DECADES),are SHAKEDOWN ARTISTS and racists.They are blackmailing so called men of GOD!OMG! Al was 9 years old when his pastor took a liken to him.Jacksons son not that long ago had his father ordained(?) thanks to his plum job.The sleezerz have accused,said and diss any and every non-black person they claim 2 represent.These 2 nappy headed media 'ho;s are race ambulance chasers.Using obvious liars,cheats,thugs,criminals,MICHAEL JACKSON(HELLO!) ,and eledged rape victims...and 4 the most part all WHITE SUSPECTS. They are so TOXIC to our society.THEY HAVE DECLAIRED JIHAD ON ANY NON BLACK..AL SHARPTONGUE AND JESSE JACKSON HAVE MADE it their lives work to exploite,shakedown and then theres always fear!They feed off the unemployed,uneducated,uninformed,angry poverty stricken bitter souls to fuel their HATE MACHINE! All while they are basking in madd wealth and fame. We all know of their scandals.HeimyTown,Tawana,JESSE GOES TO OVAL OFFICE to minister Bill thru the Blewinski gate with HIS GIRLFRIEND/BABYSMAMA/MISTRESS! we can go on, but thats enuff.They are constanly hating,negative and NO SOLUTIONS.Jackson is such a shake down artist,companies,organizations,etc..just pay him off rather than media attention.Go on.... They are using their own people, much like Muslims are violent in name of religion,they are doing in name of race.Being from South Florida I am lucky to have kept many friends and school mates that are black.I was bussed in to school smack dab in the hardcore area of a ghetto.Fights every lunch, one lunch break Principle stabbed to death! I understand they hated we invaded their turf. But these friends ranging from stockbrokers,nurses,cops,moms, HELL even Crackheadz say 'These jerks dont represent US!' They use Nation of Islam and Black Panters as security/bodyguards and mouthpieces.They also have more nutz like Louis Faracant and THAT CRAZY~~Get HIM A FRESH HOTT CUP OF SHUT THE FUCK UP!~~~~ yes,hyper Leo Terrell (O.J. IS INNOCENT!!) , that hate white people,and are looking 4 the next whitey to throw under the bus! Those baller women excepted Imus appology,nuff said! And dont forget Tom Joyner,who on Armed Forces Radio 4 years being racial. This is a GREAT TIME IN HISTORY for the black culture.They got it goin on in Sports,Politics,Music,Fashion,Production and MAYBE PRESIDENT! ;-) These rappers that they claim 2 want to take on next is crap.These rappers are mogals,entrepenuers,producers,fashion designers.No WAY! Yup, some were drug dealers, gang bangers,gun smugglers,criminals,etc.But with the tools of their hard lives they rapped about it,the raw real world thats out their for many.They rap what they know.Those video chicks audition,work hard,exploit THEMSELVES and get paid. They are all legit and off the streets at least!LOL! All their hate spewing,all for thier agendas, separate but equal egos. I would LOVE to see Jackson take on 50 Cent (Oh, pahleeze 50, pop a cap in his lying ass!) These rappers have mega million dollar careers.Do you or they think JJ is gonna pull rug from under their wealthy lifestyle? HELL NO! This is about separating and brain washing being propelled by Al and Jess and possee.These are very sly,wealthy men using racism as thier job.And are a stain on the awesome black culture which I love and support(thanks to my surroundings in Florida) They are as racist as the KKK,but AGAIN they will NEVER APPOLOGIZE.They must be holding in too many farts cause they got plenty of shitty ideas! They totaly hate whites,yet except 'white' $$$,media attention and more.I am sickened by these ass clowns and the tearing apart of our selves esp.WHEN ITS A BOLD FACE LIE! These social terrorists Al Bin Laden and Jesee Hussein are a danger to us all.I am crazed by all the rediculous situations that pounce on and wish they would stop.Hey, I wish we could all get along and do not hope I upset ANY of YOU! But for them, if they dont life it...THEY CAN KISS MY NARROW WHITE ASS! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-) IF YOU DONT STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS,THEN BY ALL MEANS,FEEL FREE TO PUT YOUR FATT ASS IN FRONT OF THEM! ITS WAR,YOU GONNA DO THE JOB? POLITICIANS START WARS,SOLDIERS END THEM! =^.^=