Friday, August 26, 2005


Heres the link to the story I think would be a GREAT counter Sheehaan story from REAL Local peepsf,His name is Ted and married lost his boy,yet not bitter,so u know me,I pull out phone book. I called their home, Mrs. Nelson answered and was very open, of course,gave my sympothy,thanks and respectt and asked if they would go on air 2 talk to you about thier situation & pride and just an A- SHEEHAN CIRCUS! Its like freaking WOODSTOCK/ SURVIVOR with Uncle Al Sharpton showing upFREAK SHOW!!!!!!! ,THANK GOD! MIKE MOORE is in a fat farm rehaab or he would be there too! ;-)>.Time to roll out Cindy,my heart aches 4 your loss,and I dont want you to be a puppet.It was about Casey, now its about Cindy.... � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � heres the paper story that got me on it,

Friday, August 19, 2005


YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAWWWWHHHH, The Bitch is Back, BABY! Ok, some of you have been worried,some of you had a nice break,some of you heard rumors of me being mowing lawns for community service,even a few thinking Spokanes Gay Mayor had me in the pokey for telling the world of his sick life and lies! NOPE! The truth is...... my webtv internet system has been down since they cleared my 'cookies'! Hey, I heard that chuckle,and NO penicilin wasnt involved for the web slang challenged! My blog was screwed and I have been chomping at the bit with all the news and crazy stuff going on. Like yesterdays BTK Killers lame ass ramblings and false tears.Well maybe he was crying cause they took all his momentos of victims, his 'hobby' is OVER,his GAME IS OVER and I think he has cancer and wants to go down in flames next to 'The Great Killers of Our Time' (YUK!) The victims families are better than me. I would have jumped the table to get a shot at his crazy ass.Like I said life in prison,(what about 5 years til he dies?) is too good for this demonic creature, he aint even human,and e thinks hes brilliant. I say kill him,throw him in that deep dark hole,dig him up and dismember him.He aint worth the 3 hots and a cot,or oxygen.But thats just one thing thats got my fur up and claws out.A freaking bear in Jersey nips a guys thigh and they put the animal down. This should apply to serial killers & pedophiles.They are walking dead anyways.I wish our country would get some balls and change it so these maniac zombies are removed from our society.Said it B4, I will say it again,they cant be rehabed,we cant find most of them,they almost ALWAYS reoffend and it gets worse each time they re offend.So 'F' the ankle braclets,the only way to track these monsters is by the tombtone under which they lay! And one more thing, this whole Anti-War/Cindy Sheehan story is bittersweet.Yes she lost her boy as man families have, over 1800 right? But she wants to know 'Why her son died?' Though I love and respect and thank the families of the active and the lost troops, I have to say one reason her so died was so she a woman,an American and others around the world CAN SPEAK THEIR MINDS & QUESTION AUTHORITY without the threat of beheading.He died for many liberated and helped keep terrorism from hitting our home land. I pray Cindy finds peace and doesnt become a puppet for the anti war people in her deep state of grief.I hate war, but love and thank and respect our troops.And just think what our enemies are thinking watching the circus outside the Presidents Ranch.Very sad for everyone. Ok kidz, nuff said.I am back on it and missed ya'll and know you missed me ;-)> admit it,you missed my crazy ass! KISSES and Blessing and have a terrific weekend! =^.^=


Yes, how rich! As I wtched Curt Tv they showed a clip of OJ talking about Rader and the case! Hes a real Chatty Cathy,guess his golf time got changed,huh? Hes a nut and looks different. The original interview in full is for Is he gonna get his own show now or what? It takes one to know one!After all, he knows murder and how to get away with it! He is an avid viewer of Court Tv. Lord help us! =^.^=

Monday, August 01, 2005

SPOKANEs 30 yr. CHILD SEX RING EXPOSED!Scout Leaders,Priests,Sheriffs,City leaders & more...OMG!

~Spokanes Mayors Sex Scandal, including charges of pedophila are just the tip of the icebeg headed towards Spokane aka. The Titanic! This is a Major bizzarre and sick tale of the city leaders sexualy abusing boys, the men committing suicide and enuff names and drama that you will not believe its true. Click the link, look at the rest of the reports,and place a pillow under your mouth, your chins gonna hit the floor.And Spokanes going to implode....and it AINT MY FAULT ;-)> ~ =^.^=