Friday, August 26, 2005


Heres the link to the story I think would be a GREAT counter Sheehaan story from REAL Local peepsf,His name is Ted and married lost his boy,yet not bitter,so u know me,I pull out phone book. I called their home, Mrs. Nelson answered and was very open, of course,gave my sympothy,thanks and respectt and asked if they would go on air 2 talk to you about thier situation & pride and just an A- SHEEHAN CIRCUS! Its like freaking WOODSTOCK/ SURVIVOR with Uncle Al Sharpton showing upFREAK SHOW!!!!!!! ,THANK GOD! MIKE MOORE is in a fat farm rehaab or he would be there too! ;-)>.Time to roll out Cindy,my heart aches 4 your loss,and I dont want you to be a puppet.It was about Casey, now its about Cindy.... � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � heres the paper story that got me on it,


J.R. said...

Hi KK,

What a great story. Mr. Benson is a true american hero along with his son who paid the ultimate sacrafice. I posted the story on my blog and put a link to your blog with a hat tip on the story.

Thanks for posting it on the Talk Show America group site.


Karpet Kitten =^.^= said...

THANKS J.R.! I am in your group ;-)>