Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hey TURKEY! ;-)> � As you all prepare to feed and be fed I had to drag myself to the keyboard to tell you all how grateful I am that you are part of my life. Though we are a cyber family, I call ya'll and yours family (LIKE IT OR NOT! LOL) I want to express how much I appreciat,love,and care about each and every one of you. I just put a special spot for military families who are GIVING us the precious family member who while not be at their table tonite.I ALWAYS set a plate out with a small flag napkin on it for those who are away from the loving arms of their family and friends.We owe the troops and families our deepest love,respect and thanks.For those of you who are vets and made it home,we give our sincere gratitute for your service and leaving our beautiful shores to serve s well.Thank you and may God Bless you vets! It has been a long hard year for me, yet I NEVER loose site of my blessings,and I pray the same for you.No matter how rough it gets, my motto 'If the Good Lord brings ya to it, The Good Lord will bring ya thru it'! Thats where I hang my hat,in The Lords hands. So before this turns to cyber triptaphan I must reach out to each of you,your families,friends and even that grumpy old neighbor ;-)> and say 'YOU ARE ALL REASONS WHY I HAVE SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR TODAY AND EVERYDAY!' Call an old friend or relatve,be grateful our brave troops have keep our soil free of terrorisism,and remember I LOVE YOU! � HAPPY THANKSGIVING KIDZ! KISSES! and many,many thanks and hugs!!! Thank God for everyone of you!YOU GUYS ROCK! YYYYEEEAAAAAWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hi EveryBody! ;-(

As many of you know have been going thru a terrible serie of personal events that have sucked my soul.So much I couldnt even turn on 'puter.I thank you for your prayers and thoughts and calls.Good thing cats have 9 lives, I think I just burned thru 3 of 'em! Just a quickie to tell ya'll I luv ya and will in detail tell ya what I have been thru while I have been away from ya'll,but I am crying just as I write this.My only sisters daughter died 10 days into her 17th year in Tennessee in a horrific auto accident.Drivig too fast, no seat belt, text messaging on a dark country road.She would email me every morning to say 'HI', and until now could I pull myself up by the boots and get on line.I will post her pics and I beg you if you are telling our kids 'Wear your seatbelts,slow down and no cell phone!', while YOU are doing those same insane acts you arent doing your job to protect them.They do what you do, not what you say.And oh yeah, I met Al Franken,no I didnt kick his ass! Got a pic,made him laugh and will tell more.So, thats whats been up, its been realy sadd in my big heart.There is a HUGE hole (like Ted Kennedy head size) in my heart that Natalie took wth her.I am trying day by day to be your lovable snarky kitten, bt the darkness has kept me down,the tears I have cried would flood any major city and Natalie would want me to go on.She was/is part of our groups and loved my posts and Hannity spots. Say a prayer for Natalie,her mom Mattie and dad Greg.And me,I realy need ya! Kisses and appologies,and my promise to get back in the kick ass mode A.S.A.P. LOVE YA'LL =^.^=