Friday, October 29, 2004


I just wanted to give ya a quickie headz up and reminder.All I want is every voter to educate themselves,and SO we CAN'T read EVERY BOOK or watch and listen to every interview. (BUT YA BETTER LISTEN 3 HOURS A DAY 2 Sean!!LOL!) I mentioned it earlier this week, but wanted to let ya know this weekend on C-SPAN2,they are running a book/author weekend marathon viewing of ALL the recent Pro/Con Bush/Kerry books out there,and the info or lies they are about.I hope many of you on the fence take this opportunity to educate yourself.Make up your own minds I say ;-)> rock the vote kids! Many of you believe this election is just re-arranging seats on the Titanic,so learn yourself a thing or two! Some too, say 'If you are thinking of voting Kerry,flip flop and NOT vote for Kerry,in bonds you with the inconsistancy consistancy! ;-)> =^.^=

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A WEIRD WEEK in POP-pourri

One week to election time and though many of you think its just like re-arranging seats on the Titanic, this election is the most important of our time.I want you all to know that this weekend long on C-SPAN2 they are running all the books/autors who wrote all the most hyped boos for and against Bush and Kerry so, I say, watch as much as you can to help you become an informed voter.Alot of info falls thru cracks and I commend C-Span2 for doing this for Americans on the fence! Now for the rest of the news...How about hot foot Ann Coulter dodging those pie throwers!? Her in her Manolas dodged them rascals like Clinton dodged the draft! Girl Power,thats some fancy foot work Annie! And while we are on in..HOW DID PEOPLE BRINGS PIES INTO EVENT? Didnt one moron think, oohh, thats a WMD in a political event? DUH AWARD to that venues security team! Bronx Cheer to youse! Didnt President Bush look comfy around our Sean Hannity?President said something that blew my mind(SHUT UP A SNEEZE WOULDNT BLOW MY MIND,FREAK!) He said 'THE TERRORIST ARE HYJACKING THEIR RELIGION!'What a revelation,and great phrase! They hyjacked their religion to say the least,just as they hyjacked our planes in the name of Allah! Great insight President Bush, I hope that sound bite makes its way to mainstream! Did ya see the after show behind scenes when he grabbed Sean and hugged his shoulder. Sean must have been happy as a kid on Christmas morning! CONGRATULATIONS Sean, on a great,straight interview.And They both looked great with the beach backdrop! Kudos Hannity! I am proud and pleased, Sean is probably the loudest Bush drummer in the Republcan band! Anybody catch Larry King last night? This is rich... first half hour, religious people speaking on 'God and The Presidency', it was cool and decent.Very serious undertones.Then Granddaddy Larry goes, 'Next half to TOMMY LEE'. Uh, Larry...TOMMY LEE? Dot get me wrong, I realy like Tommy Lee.But who the frick booked that show,the agent that had Bill OReilly pugging his kids book on Regis the morning of sex LawSuit?Bill starts with the sordid details of the scandal, then next segment all smiles piping his Kids Factor book.OUCH! Back to Toomy and Larry!So The Badd Boy Rock and Roll Legend has an autobiography,'TOMMYLAND', telling of his SEX DRUGS AND More SEX and DRUGS & ROCK and ROLL life! Yeah, Baby! Jeeze, hope the first segment holy rollers turned off the tube when they got done, cause Tommy tells us,gives us a taste of it all.He tells us how sweet lovely Pam Anderson beat him so bad, (you might think he was Bill OReillys penis!OMG!) What a whiny bitch, he deserved a beating for all he put her thru,he had alot of issues.Hey 50 anger management sessions,for Long Dong Silver!Speaking of Long Dong,that honeymoon video showed Tommy and Pam as sweet in love and happy.How can it go so wrong.Whats the problem with celebs?One minute its hot love lust and spider monkey sex,then D-I-V-O-R-C-E?? I still think they will end up together. Tommy showed his latest ink work, had his 2 sons write with a sharpie marker thier names on each of his wrists and had them tattooed,also had his latest almost ex-wife,ex-fiance lips tat'ed on his neck, realy nice lips.Her name is Maitay, Princes(yes, the Purple Highness) ex wife! Tommy then goes on telling us he has a reality show coming out..No its NOT CSI:TOMMY LEE... He went to a Nebraska College (PEOPLE of NEBRASKA, HIDE YER DAUGHTERS!!!!) This horney,inked up wylde child will be slapping the skins alright..HOT YOUNG BLONDE,BRUNETTE,REDHEAD CO-ED SKINZ!!!he wins a spot in the Drum Line,just like back in the day litlle Tommy Lee Bass started in his schools drum line!They follow him around and blah,blah ,blah!BORING! Hey Tommy, we have seen your best acting in front of camera work, and we were wondering,since Paris Hilton is between porno movies, why not hook up w/ her for your own Night In Paris??? Think about it,Dude.Tommy Lee & school,BLAH! But the up side is prison made him a better man and father! Ah, I pray that for our beloved Martha Stewart doing hard time at Camp Cupcake!Maybe she can take something from his stoy and help her be better,and hopefuly spare her of 50 anger management sessions! But Lets hope she does dive into the whole banging the sweet blonde groupies!Prison can be so mundane,and a girl needs some action! Its a GOOD THING!!! YYYYEEEEAAAAAWWWWHHHH!!!! =^.^=

Saturday, October 23, 2004

WATCH anti-KERRY MOVIE 'STOLEN HONOR' here! ��������������������������� The�Full Story�42:09�Stolen Honor�Online Watch what Senator John Kerry wanted no one to see on� TV in key States! Please get this going. I'm not sure how long this link will work. You do not want this man as president. � Spread the word on the Internet! Post on Internet boards AND e-mails! Stolen Honor nails Kerry and the VVAW and how they lied at Winter Soldier. And how Kerry lied to the US Senate in 1971 And how Kerry and his pack of liars caused our POW's to suffer! Kerry and the DNC cannot stop EVERYONE on the Internet from seeing this!� ~~~~~~~ As a side note I want to give a heads up to another movie you might enjoy,and many have waited tosee so set your tivos and vcrs for some French bashing along with saddamm and Satan slamming and other anti Americans getting it! Yes kids, its SOUTH PARK THE MOVIE, BIGGER,BADDER and UNCUT! on Comedy Central at 1 am tonight. They throw the F bomb around every other sentence, but trust me, if you are a bit twisted yourself and might enjoy seeing Sadamm and the devll having 'relations',or French bashing or Cartman and Kenny(LOL) I urge you to watch this classic,uncut! So make it a movie night, first Kerry, then South Park ! ;-)> =^.^=

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Now dont go calling your travel agent just yet! I am slammng on that poor old Dick-tator Fidel Castro.Have you seen the video of him falling down and go boom-boom after blowinghard an hour long speech ? I loved seeing it once, and then last night some shows ran it over about 4-5 times in a row, thats funny sh*t! Dont think I am an old person hater, I hate Fidel.Being born and raised on the beautiful beaches of Miami and surrounding beach area, I learned very early on what a weapon of mass destruction this pig was.Old Cubans would constantly remind everyone what a henious thing this pig in mlitary gear was all about.(Doesnt Fidel own ONE Hawiaan shirt?? Always the military look!).So when I was watching tv wih sound down and saw the 78 year old go down quicker than Monica Lewinski, I thought 'Ah, finaly someone popped a cap in his old dusty ass!Yeah!'.But alas, he had fallen off just one cement step,took a hard fall landing on his face.Kinda like a Friday nite for Courtney Love ;-)> His henchmen ran to his aid in a jiffy and he was ok.He HATES that his age is catching up to him and this broken knee and fractured arm make him look feeble,weak,old and losing his mind.So the 'Fall of Communism' is just my sarcastic way to make fun of an evil ugly dictator,so , communism is alive and well,just a bandaid THIS TIME. Here is another example of a lunatic.ALAN KEYES!OMG!OMG! Did you hear him say 'CHRIST WOULDNT VOTE FOR OBAMA!",he is running agaist the white hott Obama,and pulled that jewel outtta his ass. So Keyes has a Jesus hotline to his batcave that gives him this news? Did REVEREND Al pass the word? Is he smoking crack with Marion Berry? What the frick? Christ may NOT vote for OBAMA, but I am sure KEYES GOT SATANS VOTE!!! Lets stay on the one track mind of a possessed man.Final example John Kerry..yes,him again! The Mandingo HUNTER who with skill and accuracy MURDERED a sweet Canadian Goose.28 shots took out 4 innocent geese.Hey the man has to feed his family right?Will they put ketchup on it to cover the gamey taste?(I think he learned that trick on his honeymoon to Terassa!).So he bagged a goose,and didnt even carry t out in his camo,weapon on his arm.Note to John: Go pop some birdshot into YOUR GOLDEN GOOSE,not a 12 gauge shot, just slow her roll! Her mean mouth is running over time AGAIN. To slam Laura Bush about not having a REAL JOB was RICH wasnt it? Like she worked the Heinz Factory filing bottles or labeling or packing? Did she? Oh,she married into that one! So she is a professional pain in the ass.John Kerry is a professional gigalo.He has worked on the government dime for over 20 years (still getting Seanator pay check during his run for prez!) and all he has to show for it are tons of pics of him snow boarding,yachting,water skiing,hunting, playin guitars, biking,riding his Hawg (not Terassa his motor bike),skiing,running, and on and on.He is a pro on the fun and hobbies stuff,not Presidential material kids.He is more fitted as a sports commentator... on radio(its the face thing again). So when he hunts does he use a French Poodle or does he have a man-servant run out and retrieve his 'kill'???? 28 shots, 4 birds.HA! That poor goose probably commited suicide when it saw it was to be used as a pic op with Horseface.So all you stay at home moms and teachers,you women who put your careers on hold to help your family and husbands business, you are owed an appology from Her Royal Heinz-ness. You ladies are the BACKBONE of our lives,like your moms and grandmas,those keeping the home fires burning while maybe your husbands/sons are deployed in Iraq and other hot spots, you are OUR HEROS! Screw that rich bitty and her daily tirade to get to be First Lady.She is hungry like a wolf for that slot,and in these closing days,she will only get more bizzarre.So us working class slobs are beneath these wealthy out of touch power hungry wierdos!We are ALL owed an appology for her wasting our time and hurting people.Laura is a nice lady, but I expect the Kerry team to take one final personal family attack at the twins,then Mama Laura will retalliate. I would LOVE to take EITHER of the Kerrys or John-John,too,(I do it so YOU DONT HAVE TO!) to work with me FOR ONE DAY!Carpet Biz aint for girlie men,and their aint no crying!LOL! They would die from the all the hard work and the rest of my day after one attempt to do what I and so many others do!They would run back to their mansion faster than 'prunes thru a goose'! =^.^=

Friday, October 15, 2004


No I am not talking about James Carville! But,hey, how do ya think he got that Kerry stench off his hand after James having it up Kerrys ass for 3 debates?? Thats some industrial strong de-odorizer, BABY!! I am a movie reveiwer as some of you may know, so todays entry is about the new movie TEAM AMERICA:WORLD POLICE! Brought to you by the crass sick insane,twisted,rude,crude and socialy unaccepted team that makes the South Park 'toon !Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Offending everyone is what this dynamic duo do best,and this is an example.They amped up this PATRIOTIC,yet slighty PORNOGRAPHIC and PERVERSE PUPPET movie to bring all you Republican and or red blooded americans who needed a bump! How many of you dredged thru Fahrenheit 911 thinking.... 'I would rather see puppets screwing,than watch this train wreck? Heres YER MOVIE! It may be just a lame puppet with strings showing flic,( I could have sworn I saw strings from Edwards in his debate..whatever)but MAN oh MAN did they pump it up with the patriotism and feelings of many of us.Do you long for a movie where SUSAN SARANDON gets gets heeved off a balcony only to be a big bloody splat on ground?(they used MANY fake blood filled condoms in puppet to maximize the effect!) Have you been itching to watch Janeane Garafallo's HEAD EXPLODE (no not listening to Al Frankens Factor!), but when they plug a bullet in it!? Lets not forget the French icon, the Eifell Tower get blown away,kidz,yup its all in this RATED R Republican wet dream!!!!! Yee-Haw!It was going to be NC-17 due to the puppt sex! (pppets need love too when fighting terrorism!) Kim Jong Mentaly-Ill(the accent alone will make ya laugh!) , Usama Bin Laden, Al Queda,terrorist galore and moron Hans Blix all get it GOOD,not good AWESOMELY AWESOME!! And finaly what ya REALY WANT! Marrionette Mike MOORE(damn,yup, only the puppet) finds a strap on big enuff(I know what yer thinkin'!) he straps on dynamite and 'suicide bombs' MOUNT RUSHMORE!Talk about blowing ham chunks! Wipe your drool,sweetie! Its just a movie,but maybe your twisted dreams reality as well ;)> All the pain,fear,anger and hate are all wrapped up in a sweet little movie for us to laugh our selves silly! Man are rolling your eyes thinking 'Theres NO WAY I will be seen going into an R rated PUPPET SHOW',you can wait for the DVD, but trust me, you will want to see this chaos,actionpacked and bloody mass destruction of all that you dispise.Did I mention Alec Baldwin and Tim Robbins?Now your almost calling for local show times,aint ya? Dont let the HOTT PUPPET SEXX turn ya away (unless thats your bag,baby!)LOL! They keep Bush and Kerry (DAMN) out of it to not 'be so political'.WHAT the?? Was there not enuff material for KERRYs horseface? If you are even a slightly bit twisted and freaky as I, or a South Park fan, you wanna go! The action is great, the sick,foul,dirrty humor is hysterical and your patriotic heart will swell with pride and maybe a tear (of joy) will well up in your eyes...just for the Mike Moore suicide itself! ;-)> While they,nor I advocate the deaths of these whiny liberal Hollywoodies or the deaths of UBL or Kim Jung-I put the DICK in DICTATOR-ILL (uh, THOSE I ADVOCATE!) you may very well think this eye candy is just what you needed to SEE and is whats been playing in your mind since 9/11! TEAM AMERICA:WORLD POLICE gets the job done,and just how we want it! God Bless the USA! This slice of anti-Hollyweird,Anti Terror is worth the ticket price to live out your fantasies!! Well...Its SATIRE people, so dont email me what a sicko I am... I ALREADY KNOW! ;-)> !!!! =^.^=

Thursday, October 14, 2004

How Low Can They Go ?????

I dont know about ya'll....but I am just about had enuff.I am sick and tired of the daily mud slinging and scandal alerts. Just when you think there are no LOWER RUNGS on the Presidential Candidate ladder, someone takes a step down! Ok, I MEAN KERRYS side takes a lower slide.The other day,Monday, just one day after Christopher Reeve had passed away, there is JOHN KERRY,propped in front of a camera tellng us how Chris gleefully called him on Saturday to 'thank Kerry' 4 mentioning him in his 2nd debate,reguarding stem cell research.He mentions how excited and pleased Chris was to get Kerrys shout out.As I sat from this seat I am in right now watching Kerry says this, I felt ill.Not just 'cause I had been crying watching all the Reeves stories, but because Reeves body wasnt even COLD YET and here is the whore Kerry using Chris Reeves life and legacy as a tool to get votes!!! UUURRRGGGHHH! Even if it was true that Chris called, it would have been mre humane and less tacky to use this sad event to get a vote or two from a sick person or thier caregivers or a Superman fan,for Kerry to have kept that bit of info 'close to the vest'.BUT NO, he was out there they quickest he could to get his soundbite out there.Thewhole Kerry/stemcell issue has my hair up.To even say that 'people in wheelchairs while get up and walk' is at least stretching it,eh? We know some damage is just ir-reversable,while others have hope.To broad sweep brush all is insane and hurtfull to those who are effected and us with a family member realy ill and if not yet in a wheelchair, but soon to be. How in sensitive and icky to stand on a brave souls grave and stump,I thought.I know it seems like I bash Kerry alot,but he gives me the fuel for the fire.If I couldnt despise him enuff, now this crap!Its not that I am blindly pushing Bush, I just HATE KERRY! He probably would hate me, too.I just find it repulsive these low down soundbites in reguards to stem cell research,the countries poor and HEY...NEWS FLASH! CHENEY HAS A GAY DAUGHTER! Then there is the GAY CARD. Why do they keep saying how awesome Cheney is to have a gay daughter, and how great the family is to deal with it?OMG.With all Kerrys core lib base, surely the gay factor is closer to him than CHENEY!!! Hello, Hollywood calling! Hell, I am waitng for Kerry to admit his own man on man crush with his number 2 man, John John Edwards.Yuck!Get a room!But after seeing the wives, they would be doing better to gay themselves up! I mean, Terassa looks like a freaking bull dike herself!And I have known some great bull dikes,people!She has more money and more testosterone than the 2 Johns put together.Hey, I am a ballsy type of chick myself,but she frightens me like no other. And did you see Bush react to her after debate? He didnt want to touch her! Yet, Kerry surprised Laura with a kiss and touch!! I am sure Laura ran into a bio hazard area and de-Kerryied herself, in a jiffy! ICK! I say Bush wins!! YYYYEEEEAAAAWWWHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004


No, the spelling error isnt my usual poor spelling/grammer/punctuation/structure problems!(For once!) Its my twist on what the do.They BAIT US! The troll along trying to lure with their bait any old dumb grouper willing to take the bait they cast out.Seems they were fishing for bottom feeders at some points. Quite a difference in the mens appearence.Edwards the Boy Wonder, and Cheney the Old GrumpyWise Man.(Wasn't he the one with the Frankensence??? LOL!) I had a moment watching when I said, this looks like Gilligan and the Skipper going at it (The Kerrys would be Mr.Thurston Howell the 3rd and Terassa..Lovey! yuk!) I wanted Cheney to rip a white hat out and beat Edwards in the head during the 'gay daughter' segment.Cheney would have said " Badd Little Buddy!!!' I think they may have had Cheneys legs chained to floor to keep him from harming the trial lawyer with a smile that says 'Im gonna screw ya 4 every dime ya got!'. VP Cheney seemed to be irked to even have to sit next to this wanna be! He looks like he could do some major damage to Edwards,age NOT a factor, its the anger that bubbles deep in Dick that makes him my choice in The DeBait.Edwards was trying to make Dick blow,trying to be cute and friendly to us groupers. After when the wives came out it was like wife swap happened. edwards lovely devoted wife looked more fit toDick than John.And Mrs. Cheney looked better than anyone.Shes a classy lady.Mrs. Edwards is a good woman,dont get me wrong, I am just being a catty little Bee-otch! ;-)> I was just happy they didnt have the same outfits on that aura and Terassa had on! Did ya see that? The dumpy,disheveled,schlocky Mrs. Kerry coped Laura style,right down to color and design! I kicked a girls ass at Prom for that,and this was THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE for Petes Sake! Laura shoulda 'accidentaly spilled some thing' on her. The First Lady didnt have too, she out shinned Queen Kerry,even in a canvas sack. So this was the tale of a cast away,batteling a storm of fury,in a rickety (swift) boat with a bumbling first mate.It wasnt a 3 hour tour, but it felt like it for Edwards!The waves beat him ,spanked him,maybe ;-)> Old Dick may have some rust, a bad ticker,a bit heavy,some questionable biz dealings...blah,blah,blah.....But I bet ya the terrorist would LAUGH their rags off thier empty sick heads thinking this junior pretty girle man was 1 heart beat away from The Top Dog Spot in the World! At least Cheney looks like a hard ass,Hell, he scares me! And I'm a 'good girl' hehehe! So all in all I say... 'The tribe has spoken, Gilligan...errr Mr. Edwards..your torch has been PUT OUT!' But dont fret, I hear theres a HUGE lawsuit against VIOXX makers,so run along and do what you know SUE SOMEBODY and stay outta politics,its corrupt enuff! YYYYEEEEAAAAWWWHHHHH!!!!! =^.^=

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


~~~~ This is more of a news report than commentary.I live a few hndred miles from the mostly unprotected Canadian border.I have tons of Canadian friends made up here and down in Florida where they would come for winters.I just cant believe this story and had to pass it along to ya !!! The Great White North..Take off,eh! *****Draft-dodger memorial to be built in B.C. Last Updated Wed, 08 Sep 2004 11:27:18 EDT NELSON, B.C. - B.C. activists plan to erect a bronze sculpture honouring draft dodgers, four decades after Americans opposed to the Vietnam War sought refuge in Canada. The memorial, created by artists in Nelson, B.C., ties into a two-day celebration planned for July 2006 that pays tribute to as many as 125,000 Americans who fled to Canada between 1964 and 1977. LINKS: Seeking Sanctuary: Draft Dodgers "This will mark the courageous legacy of Vietnam War resisters and the Canadians who helped them resettle in this country during that tumultuous era," Isaac Romano, the director of the Our Way Home festival told a news conference in Nelson Tuesday. The event will honour people who came to Canada and resisted war efforts, from burning their draft cards during the Vietnam War to leaving the army to protest the war in Iraq, Romano said. Musicians � many of who participated in the anti-war movement � will play at the festival, scheduled for July 8-9, 2006. Historians and critics of U.S. foreign policy will speak and a documentary about American war resisters by director Michelle Mason will be screened. Estimates of the number of Americans who came to Canada because they opposed the Vietnam War range from 50,000 to 125,000. They sought refuge in Canada between 1964 and 1977 in one of the biggest political exoduses in U.S. history. The first wave of Vietnam era immigrants, called "draft dodgers," was largely middle class and educated. Deserters from the army came later, mostly with little education or money. Many of the war resisters settled in British Columbia, especially in the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast and the West Kootenay, the B.C. Interior region where Nelson is located. Thousands returned south after President Jimmy Carter granted them amnesty in 1977, but the 1986 census indicated that half stayed in Canada. **** =^.^=

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Hi everyone! Thar she blows,again! A flurry of earthquakes,belching steam and ash,sizeable seismic readings,huffs and puffs and plumes.This mother has been rumbling alot lately and I think this is a re-awakening and she may blow her top AGAIN!Soundz like maybe a recent Teraasa Heinie Kerry momemt or an Old School Hillary!But hey, MAYBE THERE IS A COMPARISION between the 3 mysterious,scary,powerful 'ladies'...... I hear they all,just ONCE every 20 years or so BLOW!!!! Hey, Clinton told me that joke,dont blame me! ;-)> But no kids, its that damn Mt. St.Helens across the state thats captured the news,and its right here in Washington State,across the state from Spokane,(where I am doing time;-)> Thanks Federal Witness Protection Program!) , but in 1980 when She Blew Big Time, 57 people were killed and ash was spit all across the world! Again, sounds like Terassa on election night when She Loses!That will be one hella-good ERUPTION,BABY! So even though I am miles away, that dont mean nuthin' when Mother Nature is in charge! I am on alert! Speaking of being 'On Alert', I have another hairball to yak up!Why i Sam Hill does EVERY Greta show start with the ominious alert bell ringing and FOX NEWS ALERT flashes, and she SAYS IT!!!??? Its like the boy crying wolf, every old geezer doozing off in their recliner hears the bells and FOX NEWS ALERT! and probably has to change their depends! Heck, I HAVE BEEN THERE! Right after 9-11 it was important to update, but updates for Kobe, Peterson and the rest of the litterbox nuggets that have NOTHING TO DO WITH COUNTRIES SECURITY need not an ALERT every 2 minutes.A weather alert,terrorists,local dramas,yes.But PAH-LEEZE FOX NEWS (and I luv ya!) scale back a wee bit on the over use of FOX NEWS ALERT!If not for us pissy youngsters,but think of the oldsters and their hearts (and underpants!)!!! In the same NEWS ALERT vein, I mst share with you what happened yesterday here.You know how much I LOVE JOHN TRAVOLTA, and you BETTER have seen LADDER 49, if ya took kidz to SHARK TALES, go see this adult tribute to firefighters/heros! Ok, I LOVE Travolta(even more since I met him Aug 1, and kissed and hugged and was adored by him and his family!A dream come true since I was 7!) and he is making media rounds for LADDER 49 (SEE IT!).He was scheduled to be on Ellen Degeneres show (who I realy enjoy)yesterday,Monday! I was jacked cause hes so great on her show, relaxed and funny(as always),so since FRIDAY I am telling everyone to watch and my happy little self was waiting patiently thru Regis til Ellen came on.ALL oF SUDDEN! Channel 6 ALERT! Mt. St. Helens is burping steam! OMG!Its only been since FRIDAY this was happening.So they split the screen into 3 parts...3 PARTS! One shows the mountain lookin majestic, no big magma farts, no lava, a bit of steam,no earthquakes.Just like a pretty oil painting! The 2nd 3rd part of screen shows Ellen into John and he comes out dancing,like its not bad enuff to see it so teenie, then they go FLAT OUT LIVE to the MOUNTAIN! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of TRAVOLTAS DANCE!? Are these people CRAZY?How news hungry are they.A silly reporter standing miles away with mountain over shoulder doing NOTHING!(yet in my mind I am imagining Travolta gettin his groove on! UUURRRGGGHHH!) They come back to show 25 MINUTES LATER, screen in 3 parts still,Travolta and El were laughing it up while the bottom screen scroll is saying..well NOTHING! They go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK! FULL SCREEN FOR COMMERCIAL! OMG! I was losing it,and fast!This freaking mountain is taking precious Travolta time away from us and I couldnt take it! I grabbed my phone called up the Channels Program director and told him how insane this was,and Fox, CNN and everyone else had the prending news.He agreed,I gave it to him GOOD ;-)>,and he like it,cause after the break NO MORE 3 part screen crap! He pomised to re run the show and let me know when then appologized!Just in time to watch John and Ellen race to dress in firefighters uniforms during last 5 minutes of show! Dont mess with Mother Nature and 4 sure dont mess with The Karpet Kitten when Travolta is on,Baby! So blow Mt. St. Helens, blow! You have alot built up in you and its to the boiling point, its all come down to this,again and we the people are waitng for your newest explosion!Spew your molten overflow and release it mommy!Funny how the comparrison between Mt. St. Helens and Terassa Heinie Kerry is uncanny???? I can hear the rumbling deep in the volcano as it blows...SHOVE IT SCUMBAG!!! YYYYYEEEEAAAAWWWWHHHH!!! THAR SHE BLOWS!!!!!!!!! =^.^=

Friday, October 01, 2004


I think my love for firefighters/firemen started when I was about 10 years old and my father was slowly dying for liver disease(he was a drinker!) and during the nights he would have severe and violent seizures.Being it only my grandma,his 76 yr. old mom and me,we had only the 911 call to make before the big fire truck rolled down our street on the beach.They would save his lfe over and over during the last few years of his life.I remember thinking why are these strangers so good to us?Why do they leave their comfy bed at 3 am to save the lives of any one in dire need? What did God put in them that most dont have the ability/will/passion they do? I started to bring them baked goods and hang at firehouse after he died and let them know ALWAYS what they meant to me and grandma Rose for all they did to help w/ my dad. Then Sept 11,2001 realy showed what these,what I call, SUPERHEROS are all about.How many pics and video of hundreds of firefighters/cops/emergency people running INTO the building as THOUSANDS ran OUT of it?! We lost so many, too many that day and due to the actions of the murdering pigs.Still,thru all the chaos that day, they reamined focused and kicked butt and saved lives! They disreguard the body and legs saying RUN,RUN AWAY! and follow their hearts and minds and blaze into the building to save not only total strangers, but even the structures on fire.Even a kitten has been known to be saved on occasion ;-)> I believe these folks are Gods guardian angels to us.They deserve wayyyyyyy more pay for risking thier lives and the family they leave every day, not realy knowing if they will return,and in what condition.Think of your daily work stresses...Now, think what goes thru a firefighters mind.Blows your mind dont it!? They kiss their family goodbye and everyone PRAYS they make it home.Fire is one powerful MoFo!!! So it brings me great joy that today 2 of my great loves FIREFIGHTERS and JOHN TRAVOLTA have come together for A GREAT PROJECT! The movie opend today LADDER 49 ! Its all about a younger fireman(Joaquin Phoenix) at a great firehouse who during a mission get trapped and his life/loves runs thru his mind as his partners JOHN TRAVOLTA (the Chief) and Morris Chestnut (my Chocolate Thunder!) and a great cast franticaly try to save one of their own.Its an awesome movie, and not just cause John Travolta is in it! But Travolta in a firemens uniform, yummy... Sorry, I got dreamy there! ;-)> This movie isnt some schlocky hack of a hero story.It is a dedication to the awesome Ordinary Men and Women who do Extrordinary things EVERYDAY! Its a tribute to the sacrifices and work these exceptional people perform as service to the community. Please take a chance this weekend to catch LADDER 49.The movie is awesome, tears,laughs but mostly a peek inside what motivates and makes these SUPERHEROS tick.TRAVOLTA and cast were in Baltimore for 3 weeks with a fire company going thru all the rigors with them to make this action/thriller authentic.They got into the real firefighters heads and it comes across BIG TIME on the screen.This is a touching real look into what these Earth Angels struggle thru. So, yes, I LOVE FIREFIGHTERS,and YES I LOVE JOHN TRAVOLTA,(hunka,hunka BURNING LOVE!) but YES THIS movie is SMOKING HOTT!!!!! If ya run across a firefighter, thank them for what they do,how they risk their lives for strangers without batting an eye.Maybe take some baked goods and a smile and hugz to the firehouse ;-)> THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERSand your FAMILIES! I LOVE and APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO.GOD BLESS YA'LL! Now go on and run like your butt is on fire and watch and enjoy LADDER 49,seeing HOTT Travolta in the outfit and underwear IS WELL WORTH THE TICKET PRICE,and will leave the competiton in a heap of ashes! ;-)> =^.^=