Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Hi everyone! Thar she blows,again! A flurry of earthquakes,belching steam and ash,sizeable seismic readings,huffs and puffs and plumes.This mother has been rumbling alot lately and I think this is a re-awakening and she may blow her top AGAIN!Soundz like maybe a recent Teraasa Heinie Kerry momemt or an Old School Hillary!But hey, MAYBE THERE IS A COMPARISION between the 3 mysterious,scary,powerful 'ladies'...... I hear they all,just ONCE every 20 years or so BLOW!!!! Hey, Clinton told me that joke,dont blame me! ;-)> But no kids, its that damn Mt. St.Helens across the state thats captured the news,and its right here in Washington State,across the state from Spokane,(where I am doing time;-)> Thanks Federal Witness Protection Program!) , but in 1980 when She Blew Big Time, 57 people were killed and ash was spit all across the world! Again, sounds like Terassa on election night when She Loses!That will be one hella-good ERUPTION,BABY! So even though I am miles away, that dont mean nuthin' when Mother Nature is in charge! I am on alert! Speaking of being 'On Alert', I have another hairball to yak up!Why i Sam Hill does EVERY Greta show start with the ominious alert bell ringing and FOX NEWS ALERT flashes, and she SAYS IT!!!??? Its like the boy crying wolf, every old geezer doozing off in their recliner hears the bells and FOX NEWS ALERT! and probably has to change their depends! Heck, I HAVE BEEN THERE! Right after 9-11 it was important to update, but updates for Kobe, Peterson and the rest of the litterbox nuggets that have NOTHING TO DO WITH COUNTRIES SECURITY need not an ALERT every 2 minutes.A weather alert,terrorists,local dramas,yes.But PAH-LEEZE FOX NEWS (and I luv ya!) scale back a wee bit on the over use of FOX NEWS ALERT!If not for us pissy youngsters,but think of the oldsters and their hearts (and underpants!)!!! In the same NEWS ALERT vein, I mst share with you what happened yesterday here.You know how much I LOVE JOHN TRAVOLTA, and you BETTER have seen LADDER 49, if ya took kidz to SHARK TALES, go see this adult tribute to firefighters/heros! Ok, I LOVE Travolta(even more since I met him Aug 1, and kissed and hugged and was adored by him and his family!A dream come true since I was 7!) and he is making media rounds for LADDER 49 (SEE IT!).He was scheduled to be on Ellen Degeneres show (who I realy enjoy)yesterday,Monday! I was jacked cause hes so great on her show, relaxed and funny(as always),so since FRIDAY I am telling everyone to watch and my happy little self was waiting patiently thru Regis til Ellen came on.ALL oF SUDDEN! Channel 6 ALERT! Mt. St. Helens is burping steam! OMG!Its only been since FRIDAY this was happening.So they split the screen into 3 parts...3 PARTS! One shows the mountain lookin majestic, no big magma farts, no lava, a bit of steam,no earthquakes.Just like a pretty oil painting! The 2nd 3rd part of screen shows Ellen into John and he comes out dancing,like its not bad enuff to see it so teenie, then they go FLAT OUT LIVE to the MOUNTAIN! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of TRAVOLTAS DANCE!? Are these people CRAZY?How news hungry are they.A silly reporter standing miles away with mountain over shoulder doing NOTHING!(yet in my mind I am imagining Travolta gettin his groove on! UUURRRGGGHHH!) They come back to show 25 MINUTES LATER, screen in 3 parts still,Travolta and El were laughing it up while the bottom screen scroll is saying..well NOTHING! They go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK! FULL SCREEN FOR COMMERCIAL! OMG! I was losing it,and fast!This freaking mountain is taking precious Travolta time away from us and I couldnt take it! I grabbed my phone called up the Channels Program director and told him how insane this was,and Fox, CNN and everyone else had the prending news.He agreed,I gave it to him GOOD ;-)>,and he like it,cause after the break NO MORE 3 part screen crap! He pomised to re run the show and let me know when then appologized!Just in time to watch John and Ellen race to dress in firefighters uniforms during last 5 minutes of show! Dont mess with Mother Nature and 4 sure dont mess with The Karpet Kitten when Travolta is on,Baby! So blow Mt. St. Helens, blow! You have alot built up in you and its to the boiling point, its all come down to this,again and we the people are waitng for your newest explosion!Spew your molten overflow and release it mommy!Funny how the comparrison between Mt. St. Helens and Terassa Heinie Kerry is uncanny???? I can hear the rumbling deep in the volcano as it blows...SHOVE IT SCUMBAG!!! YYYYYEEEEAAAAWWWWHHHH!!! THAR SHE BLOWS!!!!!!!!! =^.^=

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