Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A WEIRD WEEK in POP-pourri

One week to election time and though many of you think its just like re-arranging seats on the Titanic, this election is the most important of our time.I want you all to know that this weekend long on C-SPAN2 they are running all the books/autors who wrote all the most hyped boos for and against Bush and Kerry so, I say, watch as much as you can to help you become an informed voter.Alot of info falls thru cracks and I commend C-Span2 for doing this for Americans on the fence! Now for the rest of the news...How about hot foot Ann Coulter dodging those pie throwers!? Her in her Manolas dodged them rascals like Clinton dodged the draft! Girl Power,thats some fancy foot work Annie! And while we are on in..HOW DID PEOPLE BRINGS PIES INTO EVENT? Didnt one moron think, oohh, thats a WMD in a political event? DUH AWARD to that venues security team! Bronx Cheer to youse! Didnt President Bush look comfy around our Sean Hannity?President said something that blew my mind(SHUT UP A SNEEZE WOULDNT BLOW MY MIND,FREAK!) He said 'THE TERRORIST ARE HYJACKING THEIR RELIGION!'What a revelation,and great phrase! They hyjacked their religion to say the least,just as they hyjacked our planes in the name of Allah! Great insight President Bush, I hope that sound bite makes its way to mainstream! Did ya see the after show behind scenes when he grabbed Sean and hugged his shoulder. Sean must have been happy as a kid on Christmas morning! CONGRATULATIONS Sean, on a great,straight interview.And They both looked great with the beach backdrop! Kudos Hannity! I am proud and pleased, Sean is probably the loudest Bush drummer in the Republcan band! Anybody catch Larry King last night? This is rich... first half hour, religious people speaking on 'God and The Presidency', it was cool and decent.Very serious undertones.Then Granddaddy Larry goes, 'Next half to TOMMY LEE'. Uh, Larry...TOMMY LEE? Dot get me wrong, I realy like Tommy Lee.But who the frick booked that show,the agent that had Bill OReilly pugging his kids book on Regis the morning of sex LawSuit?Bill starts with the sordid details of the scandal, then next segment all smiles piping his Kids Factor book.OUCH! Back to Toomy and Larry!So The Badd Boy Rock and Roll Legend has an autobiography,'TOMMYLAND', telling of his SEX DRUGS AND More SEX and DRUGS & ROCK and ROLL life! Yeah, Baby! Jeeze, hope the first segment holy rollers turned off the tube when they got done, cause Tommy tells us,gives us a taste of it all.He tells us how sweet lovely Pam Anderson beat him so bad, (you might think he was Bill OReillys penis!OMG!) What a whiny bitch, he deserved a beating for all he put her thru,he had alot of issues.Hey 50 anger management sessions,for Long Dong Silver!Speaking of Long Dong,that honeymoon video showed Tommy and Pam as sweet in love and happy.How can it go so wrong.Whats the problem with celebs?One minute its hot love lust and spider monkey sex,then D-I-V-O-R-C-E?? I still think they will end up together. Tommy showed his latest ink work, had his 2 sons write with a sharpie marker thier names on each of his wrists and had them tattooed,also had his latest almost ex-wife,ex-fiance lips tat'ed on his neck, realy nice lips.Her name is Maitay, Princes(yes, the Purple Highness) ex wife! Tommy then goes on telling us he has a reality show coming out..No its NOT CSI:TOMMY LEE... He went to a Nebraska College (PEOPLE of NEBRASKA, HIDE YER DAUGHTERS!!!!) This horney,inked up wylde child will be slapping the skins alright..HOT YOUNG BLONDE,BRUNETTE,REDHEAD CO-ED SKINZ!!!he wins a spot in the Drum Line,just like back in the day litlle Tommy Lee Bass started in his schools drum line!They follow him around and blah,blah ,blah!BORING! Hey Tommy, we have seen your best acting in front of camera work, and we were wondering,since Paris Hilton is between porno movies, why not hook up w/ her for your own Night In Paris??? Think about it,Dude.Tommy Lee & school,BLAH! But the up side is prison made him a better man and father! Ah, I pray that for our beloved Martha Stewart doing hard time at Camp Cupcake!Maybe she can take something from his stoy and help her be better,and hopefuly spare her of 50 anger management sessions! But Lets hope she does dive into the whole banging the sweet blonde groupies!Prison can be so mundane,and a girl needs some action! Its a GOOD THING!!! YYYYEEEEAAAAAWWWWHHHH!!!! =^.^=

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