Friday, October 01, 2004


I think my love for firefighters/firemen started when I was about 10 years old and my father was slowly dying for liver disease(he was a drinker!) and during the nights he would have severe and violent seizures.Being it only my grandma,his 76 yr. old mom and me,we had only the 911 call to make before the big fire truck rolled down our street on the beach.They would save his lfe over and over during the last few years of his life.I remember thinking why are these strangers so good to us?Why do they leave their comfy bed at 3 am to save the lives of any one in dire need? What did God put in them that most dont have the ability/will/passion they do? I started to bring them baked goods and hang at firehouse after he died and let them know ALWAYS what they meant to me and grandma Rose for all they did to help w/ my dad. Then Sept 11,2001 realy showed what these,what I call, SUPERHEROS are all about.How many pics and video of hundreds of firefighters/cops/emergency people running INTO the building as THOUSANDS ran OUT of it?! We lost so many, too many that day and due to the actions of the murdering pigs.Still,thru all the chaos that day, they reamined focused and kicked butt and saved lives! They disreguard the body and legs saying RUN,RUN AWAY! and follow their hearts and minds and blaze into the building to save not only total strangers, but even the structures on fire.Even a kitten has been known to be saved on occasion ;-)> I believe these folks are Gods guardian angels to us.They deserve wayyyyyyy more pay for risking thier lives and the family they leave every day, not realy knowing if they will return,and in what condition.Think of your daily work stresses...Now, think what goes thru a firefighters mind.Blows your mind dont it!? They kiss their family goodbye and everyone PRAYS they make it home.Fire is one powerful MoFo!!! So it brings me great joy that today 2 of my great loves FIREFIGHTERS and JOHN TRAVOLTA have come together for A GREAT PROJECT! The movie opend today LADDER 49 ! Its all about a younger fireman(Joaquin Phoenix) at a great firehouse who during a mission get trapped and his life/loves runs thru his mind as his partners JOHN TRAVOLTA (the Chief) and Morris Chestnut (my Chocolate Thunder!) and a great cast franticaly try to save one of their own.Its an awesome movie, and not just cause John Travolta is in it! But Travolta in a firemens uniform, yummy... Sorry, I got dreamy there! ;-)> This movie isnt some schlocky hack of a hero story.It is a dedication to the awesome Ordinary Men and Women who do Extrordinary things EVERYDAY! Its a tribute to the sacrifices and work these exceptional people perform as service to the community. Please take a chance this weekend to catch LADDER 49.The movie is awesome, tears,laughs but mostly a peek inside what motivates and makes these SUPERHEROS tick.TRAVOLTA and cast were in Baltimore for 3 weeks with a fire company going thru all the rigors with them to make this action/thriller authentic.They got into the real firefighters heads and it comes across BIG TIME on the screen.This is a touching real look into what these Earth Angels struggle thru. So, yes, I LOVE FIREFIGHTERS,and YES I LOVE JOHN TRAVOLTA,(hunka,hunka BURNING LOVE!) but YES THIS movie is SMOKING HOTT!!!!! If ya run across a firefighter, thank them for what they do,how they risk their lives for strangers without batting an eye.Maybe take some baked goods and a smile and hugz to the firehouse ;-)> THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERSand your FAMILIES! I LOVE and APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO.GOD BLESS YA'LL! Now go on and run like your butt is on fire and watch and enjoy LADDER 49,seeing HOTT Travolta in the outfit and underwear IS WELL WORTH THE TICKET PRICE,and will leave the competiton in a heap of ashes! ;-)> =^.^=

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