Saturday, October 23, 2004

WATCH anti-KERRY MOVIE 'STOLEN HONOR' here! ��������������������������� The�Full Story�42:09�Stolen Honor�Online Watch what Senator John Kerry wanted no one to see on� TV in key States! Please get this going. I'm not sure how long this link will work. You do not want this man as president. � Spread the word on the Internet! Post on Internet boards AND e-mails! Stolen Honor nails Kerry and the VVAW and how they lied at Winter Soldier. And how Kerry lied to the US Senate in 1971 And how Kerry and his pack of liars caused our POW's to suffer! Kerry and the DNC cannot stop EVERYONE on the Internet from seeing this!� ~~~~~~~ As a side note I want to give a heads up to another movie you might enjoy,and many have waited tosee so set your tivos and vcrs for some French bashing along with saddamm and Satan slamming and other anti Americans getting it! Yes kids, its SOUTH PARK THE MOVIE, BIGGER,BADDER and UNCUT! on Comedy Central at 1 am tonight. They throw the F bomb around every other sentence, but trust me, if you are a bit twisted yourself and might enjoy seeing Sadamm and the devll having 'relations',or French bashing or Cartman and Kenny(LOL) I urge you to watch this classic,uncut! So make it a movie night, first Kerry, then South Park ! ;-)> =^.^=

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