Thursday, October 07, 2004


No, the spelling error isnt my usual poor spelling/grammer/punctuation/structure problems!(For once!) Its my twist on what the do.They BAIT US! The troll along trying to lure with their bait any old dumb grouper willing to take the bait they cast out.Seems they were fishing for bottom feeders at some points. Quite a difference in the mens appearence.Edwards the Boy Wonder, and Cheney the Old GrumpyWise Man.(Wasn't he the one with the Frankensence??? LOL!) I had a moment watching when I said, this looks like Gilligan and the Skipper going at it (The Kerrys would be Mr.Thurston Howell the 3rd and Terassa..Lovey! yuk!) I wanted Cheney to rip a white hat out and beat Edwards in the head during the 'gay daughter' segment.Cheney would have said " Badd Little Buddy!!!' I think they may have had Cheneys legs chained to floor to keep him from harming the trial lawyer with a smile that says 'Im gonna screw ya 4 every dime ya got!'. VP Cheney seemed to be irked to even have to sit next to this wanna be! He looks like he could do some major damage to Edwards,age NOT a factor, its the anger that bubbles deep in Dick that makes him my choice in The DeBait.Edwards was trying to make Dick blow,trying to be cute and friendly to us groupers. After when the wives came out it was like wife swap happened. edwards lovely devoted wife looked more fit toDick than John.And Mrs. Cheney looked better than anyone.Shes a classy lady.Mrs. Edwards is a good woman,dont get me wrong, I am just being a catty little Bee-otch! ;-)> I was just happy they didnt have the same outfits on that aura and Terassa had on! Did ya see that? The dumpy,disheveled,schlocky Mrs. Kerry coped Laura style,right down to color and design! I kicked a girls ass at Prom for that,and this was THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE for Petes Sake! Laura shoulda 'accidentaly spilled some thing' on her. The First Lady didnt have too, she out shinned Queen Kerry,even in a canvas sack. So this was the tale of a cast away,batteling a storm of fury,in a rickety (swift) boat with a bumbling first mate.It wasnt a 3 hour tour, but it felt like it for Edwards!The waves beat him ,spanked him,maybe ;-)> Old Dick may have some rust, a bad ticker,a bit heavy,some questionable biz dealings...blah,blah,blah.....But I bet ya the terrorist would LAUGH their rags off thier empty sick heads thinking this junior pretty girle man was 1 heart beat away from The Top Dog Spot in the World! At least Cheney looks like a hard ass,Hell, he scares me! And I'm a 'good girl' hehehe! So all in all I say... 'The tribe has spoken, Gilligan...errr Mr. Edwards..your torch has been PUT OUT!' But dont fret, I hear theres a HUGE lawsuit against VIOXX makers,so run along and do what you know SUE SOMEBODY and stay outta politics,its corrupt enuff! YYYYEEEEAAAAWWWHHHHH!!!!! =^.^=

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