Thursday, October 21, 2004


Now dont go calling your travel agent just yet! I am slammng on that poor old Dick-tator Fidel Castro.Have you seen the video of him falling down and go boom-boom after blowinghard an hour long speech ? I loved seeing it once, and then last night some shows ran it over about 4-5 times in a row, thats funny sh*t! Dont think I am an old person hater, I hate Fidel.Being born and raised on the beautiful beaches of Miami and surrounding beach area, I learned very early on what a weapon of mass destruction this pig was.Old Cubans would constantly remind everyone what a henious thing this pig in mlitary gear was all about.(Doesnt Fidel own ONE Hawiaan shirt?? Always the military look!).So when I was watching tv wih sound down and saw the 78 year old go down quicker than Monica Lewinski, I thought 'Ah, finaly someone popped a cap in his old dusty ass!Yeah!'.But alas, he had fallen off just one cement step,took a hard fall landing on his face.Kinda like a Friday nite for Courtney Love ;-)> His henchmen ran to his aid in a jiffy and he was ok.He HATES that his age is catching up to him and this broken knee and fractured arm make him look feeble,weak,old and losing his mind.So the 'Fall of Communism' is just my sarcastic way to make fun of an evil ugly dictator,so , communism is alive and well,just a bandaid THIS TIME. Here is another example of a lunatic.ALAN KEYES!OMG!OMG! Did you hear him say 'CHRIST WOULDNT VOTE FOR OBAMA!",he is running agaist the white hott Obama,and pulled that jewel outtta his ass. So Keyes has a Jesus hotline to his batcave that gives him this news? Did REVEREND Al pass the word? Is he smoking crack with Marion Berry? What the frick? Christ may NOT vote for OBAMA, but I am sure KEYES GOT SATANS VOTE!!! Lets stay on the one track mind of a possessed man.Final example John Kerry..yes,him again! The Mandingo HUNTER who with skill and accuracy MURDERED a sweet Canadian Goose.28 shots took out 4 innocent geese.Hey the man has to feed his family right?Will they put ketchup on it to cover the gamey taste?(I think he learned that trick on his honeymoon to Terassa!).So he bagged a goose,and didnt even carry t out in his camo,weapon on his arm.Note to John: Go pop some birdshot into YOUR GOLDEN GOOSE,not a 12 gauge shot, just slow her roll! Her mean mouth is running over time AGAIN. To slam Laura Bush about not having a REAL JOB was RICH wasnt it? Like she worked the Heinz Factory filing bottles or labeling or packing? Did she? Oh,she married into that one! So she is a professional pain in the ass.John Kerry is a professional gigalo.He has worked on the government dime for over 20 years (still getting Seanator pay check during his run for prez!) and all he has to show for it are tons of pics of him snow boarding,yachting,water skiing,hunting, playin guitars, biking,riding his Hawg (not Terassa his motor bike),skiing,running, and on and on.He is a pro on the fun and hobbies stuff,not Presidential material kids.He is more fitted as a sports commentator... on radio(its the face thing again). So when he hunts does he use a French Poodle or does he have a man-servant run out and retrieve his 'kill'???? 28 shots, 4 birds.HA! That poor goose probably commited suicide when it saw it was to be used as a pic op with Horseface.So all you stay at home moms and teachers,you women who put your careers on hold to help your family and husbands business, you are owed an appology from Her Royal Heinz-ness. You ladies are the BACKBONE of our lives,like your moms and grandmas,those keeping the home fires burning while maybe your husbands/sons are deployed in Iraq and other hot spots, you are OUR HEROS! Screw that rich bitty and her daily tirade to get to be First Lady.She is hungry like a wolf for that slot,and in these closing days,she will only get more bizzarre.So us working class slobs are beneath these wealthy out of touch power hungry wierdos!We are ALL owed an appology for her wasting our time and hurting people.Laura is a nice lady, but I expect the Kerry team to take one final personal family attack at the twins,then Mama Laura will retalliate. I would LOVE to take EITHER of the Kerrys or John-John,too,(I do it so YOU DONT HAVE TO!) to work with me FOR ONE DAY!Carpet Biz aint for girlie men,and their aint no crying!LOL! They would die from the all the hard work and the rest of my day after one attempt to do what I and so many others do!They would run back to their mansion faster than 'prunes thru a goose'! =^.^=


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