Tuesday, May 31, 2005

REFER MADNESS! Weed can kill ya....if ya take it 2 BALI!!!

~~As many of youknow for months I have been crazed over this case which instaed of the usualy DEATH PENALTY Bali would have given for drugs, Schapelle got 20 YEARS! I am outraged at this and the fact that the Bali Bomber who killed abut 200 innocent people got only a FEW YEARS!!!!=^.^= ~~ Marijuana Sentence Enrages Australians �Email this Story May 27, 3:47 PM (ET) BY CHRIS BRUMMITT (AP) Australian beauty therapist Schapelle Corby hugs a member of her legal team after she was found... Full Image BALI, Indonesia (AP) - An Australian woman was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison Friday for smuggling nine pounds of marijuana onto Bali island, provoking shouts of "Liar!" from her mother. Schapelle Corby, 27, wept as the verdict was announced in a case that attracted enormous media interest in Australia, where many people believe her claims that the drugs were planted in her luggage. She could have faced the death penalty, but prosecutors requested a life sentence. Corby's mother, Rosleigh Rose, yelled out, "Liar! Liar!" and had to be restrained in the courtroom gallery. Other relatives shouted, "We are going to get you home! We love you!" Corby turned to her tearful parents and mouthed, "Just relax. It's OK." Australia had pressed Jakarta to avoid a death penalty and allow the beauty school student to serve any prison sentence back home. After the verdict was announced, the Australian government offered to send two senior lawyers to help Corby's appeal and said it would begin negotiating with Jakarta on a prisoner transfer. "Guilty or innocent, I feel for this young woman," Prime Minister John Howard said. "I ask that we all pause and understand the situation and recognize and respect that when we visit other countries we are subject to the laws and rules of those countries." Corby was arrested in October after airport authorities found marijuana in her surfboard bag as she arrived on Bali for a family holiday. Her lawyers alleged the drugs were planted by airport baggage handlers in Australia as part of a drug-smuggling operation and that they ended up in Bali by mistake. But judges at the Denpasar District Court said the defense produced no convincing evidence to support that claim. Judge Wayan Suastrawan noted that customs officers testified that Corby looked "nervous" and "tried not to open the bag" when asked to by customs officials, adding: "Judges are of the opinion that the accused imported marijuana. She was arrested red-handed at the airport." Before the hearing, Corby's lawyers said she was "terrified." "She's probably the worst I've ever seen her," lawyer Robin Tampoe told Australian television's Nine Network. "She tries to put on a brave face but there was a lot of crying." After the judges issued the sentence, Corby was allowed to hug her weeping parents before being led away to jail by about 20 police officers. Outside the courtroom, Corby's sister, Mercedes, said the family would appeal. "This is not fair," she yelled. "We will get Schapelle home." Indonesia's tough anti-drug laws do not distinguish between marijuana and harder drugs like heroin or cocaine. Corby drew little sympathy or media attention in Indonesia, where the government is under pressure to crack down on rampant illegal drug use that kills scores of young, mostly poor people each year. Indonesia, which like Australia, imprisons scores of foreigners for drug smuggling each year, says it sees no need to grant Corby any special exemptions. ~~~~~~ Here are some more links and pics of this Aussie Beauty and her sad story.Set up or Stupid Plan? Dont know for sure, but this stinks like Mexican ragweed to me! =^.^= http://www.saveschapellecorby.org/ssc/home.html www.schapellecorby.com/au www.gabriellereilly.co/gabrielle-reilly/austrailian_commuity_service/schapelle_corby_home_page.htm

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Memorial Day A time for picnics, time off work - Vacations and the "Indy" - A holiday, too often times We forget, what it should be. �A time to pay respect to those Who rallied to the battle cry - Who gave their lives for liberty - Those freedoms for you and I. �Such a waste of brave young souls - Some still struggling through their youth Who faced and fell willingly Before wartimes' awful truth. �So as we share this holiday With our friends or family - Take a moment to give thanks to Those who died so we'd stay free. �Let us strive for world peace - For the end of greed and hate - For next time, after "the war" It just may be too damned late. ~~~~~~~ May this Memorial Day be a deep and meaningful one for you.Please attend a cemetary memorium,if you are close and lucky enuff to visit Walter Reed, or any vet hospital..visit an elderly vet,place flowers on an abandoned soldiers grave.Offer thanks and respect to the living,they gave their all and we must honor and rspect them,their families and their belief in the liberties and freedom we so greatuly enjoy.Take a minute at 3 oclock local for a moment of silence and if your are driving please pt your lights on to show our unity in giving them the respect and remembrance they deserve.My love and prayers and KISSES to all you esp. you vets and emergancy workers and families.All of you be safe, have fun, but remember todays about what they gave and lost, not just another shimp on the barbee,baby! ;)> Stay safe,dont drink and drive, we got enuff problems !!! God Bless the souls of these kids in this war who most b4 the age of 25 have died.Over 1700 of them...so far.Godspeed and hope they are on our soil,alive and kickin'! As for you my beloved ones,stay safe and KISS A VET !!!!!!!! =^.^=�~~~~~~~~~~ � � � A few websites I have ran across : www.amllionthanks.org (sendthankyou's) www.bandsforfreedom.org (wristbands) www.woundedwarriors.org (helpthehurt)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Man FREED after 35 YEARS for stealing a B & W TV! Would a color set been DEATH???

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. - After 35 years in prison for stealing a black-and-white television set, Junior Allen is a free man. Allen, 65, walked out of prison Friday, ending a case that attracted widespread attention because he remained in jail while other inmates convicted of murder, rape or child molestation were released. "I'm glad to be out," Allen told supporters outside Orange Correctional Center. "I've done too much time for what I did. I won't be truly happy until I see a sign that says I'm outside of North Carolina." Allen was a 30-year-old migrant farm worker from Georgia with a criminal history when he sneaked into an unlocked house and stole a 19-inch black-and-white television worth $140. Some state records say Allen roughed up the 87-year-old woman who lived there, but he was not convicted of assault. Instead, he was sentenced in 1970 to life in prison for second-degree burglary. The penalty for the offense has since been changed to a maximum of three years in prison. The state Parole Commission decided last year to release Allen if he behaved and completed a transitional work-release program. He did so well he was released several months early - on his 26th try at parole. Enoch Hasberry, the programs director at Carteret Correctional Center in Newport where Allen went through work-release, said he worries Allen might not adjust well to life on the outside. "For a black-and-white TV, how much do you have to pay?" Hasberry said. "We've got an in-house joke here: How much time would he have gotten if he had stolen a color TV?"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

NY Man in wheelchair beaten/set fire! Breast Milk Saves his life!

Teens Playing Hookey Set Fire To Disabled Man's Backpack POSTED: 8:34 am EDT May 18, 2005 UPDATED: 11:56 am EDT May 18, 2005 NEW YORK -- Three teenagers playing hookey on Staten Island are being charged with setting fire to a disabled man's backpack on a city bus. Police said a quick-thinking passenger was able to douse the flames with milk from her baby's bottle. Police said the three teens lit the backpack with a cigarette lighter and then exited the bus, just as the flames began to grow on he disabled man's bag.Police said the disabled man, 57-year-old Francis Abrams, suffered minor burns. Police were able to catch the three teens as they walked along Arthur Kill Road Tuesday

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Medical errors still claiming many lives By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY Wed May 18, 6:31 AM ET As many as 98,000 Americans still die each year because of medical errors despite an unprecedented focus on patient safety over the last five years, according to a study released today. Significant improvements have been made in some hospitals since the Institute of Medicine released a landmark report in 2000 that revealed many thousands of Americans die each year because of medical mistakes. But nationwide, the pace of change is painstakingly slow, and the death rate has not changed much, according to the study in The Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers blame the complexity of health care systems, a lack of leadership, the reluctance of doctors to admit errors and an insurance reimbursement system that rewards errors - hospitals can bill for additional services needed when patients are injured by mistakes - but often will not pay for practices that reduce those errors. "The medical community now knows what it needs to do to deal with the problem. It just has to overcome the barriers to doing it," says study co-author Lucian Leape of Harvard's School of Public Health. The institute, a public policy organization, pushed key health care organizations to focus on patient safety, the new report says. As a result, reductions as much as 93% have been made in certain kinds of error-related illnesses and deaths. Computerized prescriptions, adding a pharmacist to medical teams and team training in the delivery of babies are among the improvements medical centers are making, the study finds. But "we have to turn the heat up on the hospitals," Leape says. For example, 5% to 8% of intensive-care patients on ventilators develop pneumonia, the study says. But by strictly following a simple protocol of bed elevation, drugs and periodic breathing breaks, those outbreaks can be reduced to almost zero. "A little hospital in DeSoto, Miss., called Baptist Memorial did it, so it doesn't take a big academic medical center," Leape says. Hospitals that eliminate infections should receive bonuses, Leape says. "If insurance companies paid 20% more for patients in (intensive-care units) where there were no infections, they'd cut costs substantially. "We really need to rethink how we pay for health care. What we do now is pay for services, but what we should do is pay for care and outcomes." ~~~~Stay Healthy and safe Kisses =^.^= ~~~~~~

Thursday, May 12, 2005

SPOKANE's MAYOR:Sex w/ BOYS,Internet Cruisin',Parkinglot NOOKIE,LIES & MORE,MORE,MORE!

As many of you have heard Spokane is in the mist of yet ANOTHER sex scandal (NO not ME!) hot off the heels of a Catholic sex scandal Spokanes Mayor Jim West is in deep sh*t.He thinks he can take a year out of the publc eye AND keep his job.He used ciy computers during work to go to www.gay.com and seduce young men for sex and promises of obs.He offered to pay a young guy $300 to skinny dip.He has admitted to 'mutual masterbation' at work 'puter.I believe he is a pedifile not a gay man.In emails he voiced his 'disgust for outed gays, their femmy ways and in your face political ways,and understands why straight people hate gays.' I am posting links to the story so you get all the info.This guy was a BOY SCOUT LEADER even! Its all 'alledged' and we will watch this play out.He is playing victim and guys are coming forward claiming he molested them over 20 years ago and with another known and proven pedifile,who commited suicide when story came out! Click the link and read and I wil post more links in next email http://www.spokesmanreview.com/jimwest/ YYYYYYEEEEAAAAAAWWWWHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! =^.^= KARPETKITTEN 4 MAYOR! =^.^=

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hey Kidz!!!!! Wondered where I ran off to? Did you imagine me on a Greyhound bus,towel on head rolling into Vegas? Where ya thinking...AHA! They finaly got her crazy ass!? Is our Kitten in line for the Star Wars movie!!??? No, no and HELL NO !!!!!! Many of you know I am caring for a famly member who is sick and that and a finacial setback had my internet down and me going nutz.(HEY I heard that!) There is soooooo much I want to speak on, the run away bride, Spokanes Mayor and his gay sex in city hall parking lot and 20 year old pedifile accusations,his cruisin' gay sites from work puter! Oh, it goes on! Even sat next to him last time Sean was here! The mayor was staring at my boobs more than looking at Sean! OMG! I believe I possess the Gay Mans Kryptonite!(o)(o) LOL! Anywho! I am back,ready to take everyone on.Got ots stored up and I appreciate all your support,prayers and great thoughts! I do luv ya'll! HEY NEWS FLASH!!!!!! COUNTDOWN TO MY BIRTHDAY ON MAY !5th! THIS SUNDAY! Still wanting to go to Football Hall of Fame Induction of Dan Marino in August! (hint) But B4 that is Freedom concert in Ohio w/ my Sean and Jerry Springer! Them and it being called a Political Pornograpic FreakShow just REEK KARPET KITTEN doesnt it?? Just throwing that out for the fatcat high rollers out ther ;-)> Just a shout out and prayer would be awesome.But shout loud, I am old now, the big 3-0! Oh, Lord! Kisses and Spanks and have a Happy HellaGood Hump Day baby!!!! YYYEEAAAAWWWHHHH!!! !!! =^.^=