Thursday, May 12, 2005

SPOKANE's MAYOR:Sex w/ BOYS,Internet Cruisin',Parkinglot NOOKIE,LIES & MORE,MORE,MORE!

As many of you have heard Spokane is in the mist of yet ANOTHER sex scandal (NO not ME!) hot off the heels of a Catholic sex scandal Spokanes Mayor Jim West is in deep sh*t.He thinks he can take a year out of the publc eye AND keep his job.He used ciy computers during work to go to and seduce young men for sex and promises of obs.He offered to pay a young guy $300 to skinny dip.He has admitted to 'mutual masterbation' at work 'puter.I believe he is a pedifile not a gay man.In emails he voiced his 'disgust for outed gays, their femmy ways and in your face political ways,and understands why straight people hate gays.' I am posting links to the story so you get all the info.This guy was a BOY SCOUT LEADER even! Its all 'alledged' and we will watch this play out.He is playing victim and guys are coming forward claiming he molested them over 20 years ago and with another known and proven pedifile,who commited suicide when story came out! Click the link and read and I wil post more links in next email YYYYYYEEEEAAAAAAWWWWHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! =^.^= KARPETKITTEN 4 MAYOR! =^.^=

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