Sunday, May 29, 2005


Memorial Day A time for picnics, time off work - Vacations and the "Indy" - A holiday, too often times We forget, what it should be. �A time to pay respect to those Who rallied to the battle cry - Who gave their lives for liberty - Those freedoms for you and I. �Such a waste of brave young souls - Some still struggling through their youth Who faced and fell willingly Before wartimes' awful truth. �So as we share this holiday With our friends or family - Take a moment to give thanks to Those who died so we'd stay free. �Let us strive for world peace - For the end of greed and hate - For next time, after "the war" It just may be too damned late. ~~~~~~~ May this Memorial Day be a deep and meaningful one for you.Please attend a cemetary memorium,if you are close and lucky enuff to visit Walter Reed, or any vet hospital..visit an elderly vet,place flowers on an abandoned soldiers grave.Offer thanks and respect to the living,they gave their all and we must honor and rspect them,their families and their belief in the liberties and freedom we so greatuly enjoy.Take a minute at 3 oclock local for a moment of silence and if your are driving please pt your lights on to show our unity in giving them the respect and remembrance they deserve.My love and prayers and KISSES to all you esp. you vets and emergancy workers and families.All of you be safe, have fun, but remember todays about what they gave and lost, not just another shimp on the barbee,baby! ;)> Stay safe,dont drink and drive, we got enuff problems !!! God Bless the souls of these kids in this war who most b4 the age of 25 have died.Over 1700 of far.Godspeed and hope they are on our soil,alive and kickin'! As for you my beloved ones,stay safe and KISS A VET !!!!!!!! =^.^=�~~~~~~~~~~ � � � A few websites I have ran across : (sendthankyou's) (wristbands) (helpthehurt)

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