Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Hey Kidz!!!!! Wondered where I ran off to? Did you imagine me on a Greyhound bus,towel on head rolling into Vegas? Where ya thinking...AHA! They finaly got her crazy ass!? Is our Kitten in line for the Star Wars movie!!??? No, no and HELL NO !!!!!! Many of you know I am caring for a famly member who is sick and that and a finacial setback had my internet down and me going nutz.(HEY I heard that!) There is soooooo much I want to speak on, the run away bride, Spokanes Mayor and his gay sex in city hall parking lot and 20 year old pedifile accusations,his cruisin' gay sites from work puter! Oh, it goes on! Even sat next to him last time Sean was here! The mayor was staring at my boobs more than looking at Sean! OMG! I believe I possess the Gay Mans Kryptonite!(o)(o) LOL! Anywho! I am back,ready to take everyone on.Got ots stored up and I appreciate all your support,prayers and great thoughts! I do luv ya'll! HEY NEWS FLASH!!!!!! COUNTDOWN TO MY BIRTHDAY ON MAY !5th! THIS SUNDAY! Still wanting to go to Football Hall of Fame Induction of Dan Marino in August! (hint) But B4 that is Freedom concert in Ohio w/ my Sean and Jerry Springer! Them and it being called a Political Pornograpic FreakShow just REEK KARPET KITTEN doesnt it?? Just throwing that out for the fatcat high rollers out ther ;-)> Just a shout out and prayer would be awesome.But shout loud, I am old now, the big 3-0! Oh, Lord! Kisses and Spanks and have a Happy HellaGood Hump Day baby!!!! YYYEEAAAAWWWHHHH!!! !!! =^.^=


CS said...

Hey Kitten, just wishing you a Happy Birthday and prayers for the family.

Museum Curator left everyone a reminder over at Mark Levin Fan blog so he gets all the blame.

Debbie said...

Hey Karpet Kitten, this is Debbie from the Marklevinfan Blog!! Museum came by, and announced your birthday to us!! So I dropped by to wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday!!

You should call Mark more often!! We love hearing you on the radio...
Stop by the Marklevinfan blog sometime, and say hello to CS, and all the other great folks over there....

You have to see the little black Kitty that our administrator Mr. MLF made in your honor!! Its soooo Purrrfect!!

Wishing you a Healthy Happy Birthday, and Well Wishes to your family Kitten!!

jon said...

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