Thursday, October 14, 2004

How Low Can They Go ?????

I dont know about ya'll....but I am just about had enuff.I am sick and tired of the daily mud slinging and scandal alerts. Just when you think there are no LOWER RUNGS on the Presidential Candidate ladder, someone takes a step down! Ok, I MEAN KERRYS side takes a lower slide.The other day,Monday, just one day after Christopher Reeve had passed away, there is JOHN KERRY,propped in front of a camera tellng us how Chris gleefully called him on Saturday to 'thank Kerry' 4 mentioning him in his 2nd debate,reguarding stem cell research.He mentions how excited and pleased Chris was to get Kerrys shout out.As I sat from this seat I am in right now watching Kerry says this, I felt ill.Not just 'cause I had been crying watching all the Reeves stories, but because Reeves body wasnt even COLD YET and here is the whore Kerry using Chris Reeves life and legacy as a tool to get votes!!! UUURRRGGGHHH! Even if it was true that Chris called, it would have been mre humane and less tacky to use this sad event to get a vote or two from a sick person or thier caregivers or a Superman fan,for Kerry to have kept that bit of info 'close to the vest'.BUT NO, he was out there they quickest he could to get his soundbite out there.Thewhole Kerry/stemcell issue has my hair up.To even say that 'people in wheelchairs while get up and walk' is at least stretching it,eh? We know some damage is just ir-reversable,while others have hope.To broad sweep brush all is insane and hurtfull to those who are effected and us with a family member realy ill and if not yet in a wheelchair, but soon to be. How in sensitive and icky to stand on a brave souls grave and stump,I thought.I know it seems like I bash Kerry alot,but he gives me the fuel for the fire.If I couldnt despise him enuff, now this crap!Its not that I am blindly pushing Bush, I just HATE KERRY! He probably would hate me, too.I just find it repulsive these low down soundbites in reguards to stem cell research,the countries poor and HEY...NEWS FLASH! CHENEY HAS A GAY DAUGHTER! Then there is the GAY CARD. Why do they keep saying how awesome Cheney is to have a gay daughter, and how great the family is to deal with it?OMG.With all Kerrys core lib base, surely the gay factor is closer to him than CHENEY!!! Hello, Hollywood calling! Hell, I am waitng for Kerry to admit his own man on man crush with his number 2 man, John John Edwards.Yuck!Get a room!But after seeing the wives, they would be doing better to gay themselves up! I mean, Terassa looks like a freaking bull dike herself!And I have known some great bull dikes,people!She has more money and more testosterone than the 2 Johns put together.Hey, I am a ballsy type of chick myself,but she frightens me like no other. And did you see Bush react to her after debate? He didnt want to touch her! Yet, Kerry surprised Laura with a kiss and touch!! I am sure Laura ran into a bio hazard area and de-Kerryied herself, in a jiffy! ICK! I say Bush wins!! YYYYEEEEAAAAWWWHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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