Friday, October 15, 2004


No I am not talking about James Carville! But,hey, how do ya think he got that Kerry stench off his hand after James having it up Kerrys ass for 3 debates?? Thats some industrial strong de-odorizer, BABY!! I am a movie reveiwer as some of you may know, so todays entry is about the new movie TEAM AMERICA:WORLD POLICE! Brought to you by the crass sick insane,twisted,rude,crude and socialy unaccepted team that makes the South Park 'toon !Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Offending everyone is what this dynamic duo do best,and this is an example.They amped up this PATRIOTIC,yet slighty PORNOGRAPHIC and PERVERSE PUPPET movie to bring all you Republican and or red blooded americans who needed a bump! How many of you dredged thru Fahrenheit 911 thinking.... 'I would rather see puppets screwing,than watch this train wreck? Heres YER MOVIE! It may be just a lame puppet with strings showing flic,( I could have sworn I saw strings from Edwards in his debate..whatever)but MAN oh MAN did they pump it up with the patriotism and feelings of many of us.Do you long for a movie where SUSAN SARANDON gets gets heeved off a balcony only to be a big bloody splat on ground?(they used MANY fake blood filled condoms in puppet to maximize the effect!) Have you been itching to watch Janeane Garafallo's HEAD EXPLODE (no not listening to Al Frankens Factor!), but when they plug a bullet in it!? Lets not forget the French icon, the Eifell Tower get blown away,kidz,yup its all in this RATED R Republican wet dream!!!!! Yee-Haw!It was going to be NC-17 due to the puppt sex! (pppets need love too when fighting terrorism!) Kim Jong Mentaly-Ill(the accent alone will make ya laugh!) , Usama Bin Laden, Al Queda,terrorist galore and moron Hans Blix all get it GOOD,not good AWESOMELY AWESOME!! And finaly what ya REALY WANT! Marrionette Mike MOORE(damn,yup, only the puppet) finds a strap on big enuff(I know what yer thinkin'!) he straps on dynamite and 'suicide bombs' MOUNT RUSHMORE!Talk about blowing ham chunks! Wipe your drool,sweetie! Its just a movie,but maybe your twisted dreams reality as well ;)> All the pain,fear,anger and hate are all wrapped up in a sweet little movie for us to laugh our selves silly! Man are rolling your eyes thinking 'Theres NO WAY I will be seen going into an R rated PUPPET SHOW',you can wait for the DVD, but trust me, you will want to see this chaos,actionpacked and bloody mass destruction of all that you dispise.Did I mention Alec Baldwin and Tim Robbins?Now your almost calling for local show times,aint ya? Dont let the HOTT PUPPET SEXX turn ya away (unless thats your bag,baby!)LOL! They keep Bush and Kerry (DAMN) out of it to not 'be so political'.WHAT the?? Was there not enuff material for KERRYs horseface? If you are even a slightly bit twisted and freaky as I, or a South Park fan, you wanna go! The action is great, the sick,foul,dirrty humor is hysterical and your patriotic heart will swell with pride and maybe a tear (of joy) will well up in your eyes...just for the Mike Moore suicide itself! ;-)> While they,nor I advocate the deaths of these whiny liberal Hollywoodies or the deaths of UBL or Kim Jung-I put the DICK in DICTATOR-ILL (uh, THOSE I ADVOCATE!) you may very well think this eye candy is just what you needed to SEE and is whats been playing in your mind since 9/11! TEAM AMERICA:WORLD POLICE gets the job done,and just how we want it! God Bless the USA! This slice of anti-Hollyweird,Anti Terror is worth the ticket price to live out your fantasies!! Well...Its SATIRE people, so dont email me what a sicko I am... I ALREADY KNOW! ;-)> !!!! =^.^=


Nick said...

I was cracking up in Team America. To make matters worse, I was surrounded by a bunch of liberals who were clapping for F.A.G. and cheering to support them!

cards65 said...

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