Friday, May 19, 2006


I have been grinding to try to get this message out,nows a great time sice nextweek many local elections will be held.I ,as many of you are absolutley DISGUSTED with many of our great countries LAWMAKERS. I feel, and I hope youre on board, its time we open their closets,sweep out old dusty skeletons and take that broom and sweep them off THE FLOOR! Many, too many of these good ole boys have been Livin' The Vida Loca on our dime (which is worth about 4 cents,eh?) for too damn LONG! The old sayin' 'If it aint broke Dont Fix it.' Hell, we are in Brokeback BROKE MODE! Many of these sliy,glad handeling, corrupt,con artist Bullsh*tts have been in your towns jaw boning what you want and NEED to hear.Then they pop on their private jets ,cocktails in hand and mistress on lap)to their waiting lios to their mansions,then to their cushy jobs where everything they told you falls by the wayside for special interests,pet projects,industry and fatt catts.Leavng us with empty promises and no change for the better. People, this is more aggrevating to me than sand in my bikini bottom! WHY OH WHY, do these dusty ass clowns, who some are riding their GOLDEN TICKET for 4 or 5 DECADES??? Are we RETARDED? UNINFORMED?BULLSH*TTED? Whatever,the time is NOW to take back,or try too, take back our country from these jerks so willing to sell our freedoms,liberties,quality of life and safety. Their heads are buried so far up the lobbiest asses that Hoffa's gotta be closer! They need a glass mirror installed in their fat guts to see. We NEED to take a step back and research these people BEGGING,KISSING BABIES and making all and every promise to ou frYOUR VOTE! Please look into their voting records.Did they fullfill their jaw boning? Did they do anything illegal? Immoral? Let me answer...OH HELL YEAH THEY DID! Ok, chill, not ALL, but WE KNOW who the soul and money suckers are. We must not allow this to continue. Almost EVERY horrible situation we are dealing with right now is reaction to them NOT doing their jobs, planning for self dependence,great plans for all types of disasters,terrorists,illegal invasions,crazy ass dictators with their fingers on 'the button',the implosion of Social (in)Security,the debt......(damn I am depressing MYSELF ;-)> ) blah, goes on and on. They get in front of the cameras and ruffle their tail feathers and shout and scream and blame and demean the OTHER side. What the? We ARE ALL AMERICANS, they need to play the game FOR US. They are ust fattening their bank accounts,and propping family members up for other beneficial jobs. We need to check them from stem to stern as they would us if we wanted money from them. Do you think if e worked for them and only produced about 25% of the time we would get full pay?If we lied?Got popped doing drugs and driving, driving drunk and killing a passenger?Playing on puter wth kiddie porn? Cheated with their partner? HELL NO! So why do we put up with their CRAP? They go on and on (like this post!) about what they will do, and yet we are i some of the bleakest days.Our great military is being stretched tighter than Joan Rivers face.Our borders are as un healthy as Tedward Kennedys LIVER and its goes on and on how un safe we are.And now we shall share what little we have to give ILLEGALS are jobs,welfare,homes. This is soooooo BROKEN. I urge you, I BEG you...Please check out these lawmakers personal and voting records. There are PLENTY of new blood out there wanting your vote to REALY PRODUCE FOR US & OUR COUNTRY. Sometimes angels hide their wings, and The Devils dressed like a lamb. Get the brooms outPatriots! We CANT GO ON LIKE THIS ANY LONGER.Your kidz and their kidz are counting on US to comb thru this crap and find the real diamonds. I would love to see these lawmakers WORK LONGER,HARDER and FOR LESS. I would LOVE TO HAVE THE DO FREEBEES,VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME. Take RANDOM DRUG TESTS and have a yearly accountabilty meeting as to check and balance what they said they would do and what they ACTUALY DID! We cant wait for bird flu to take some of these brain dead dusty dinosaurs out! We must audit thier job performance.It should be a priviledge not a given. I am madd as hell and I cant take it ANYMORE!! AND I VOTE!! JOIN ME! We are running outtta time and money.The enemy sees our weekness and will again pounce on it. GOD BE WITH US. =^.^= VOTE SMART

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