Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Boy Howdee, them AMBIEN is a powerful drug! I just woke up in Tiquana!!!

HI KIDZ!! Just a quickie to 'splain my absence! Alot of family troubles and when it rains it pours! LOL! Just so ya know, you areALL in my heart and prayers and am greatful to have you as my cyber family. Like I said on Seans.... JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DOES THE KARPET KITTEN! Dont worry I havent lost my insane ways and views, just my family is in a crisis and thats my priority. I am ready to get back in the saddle and spank the wrong doers! Did someone mention TedWard Kennedy and his chip of the ole block head Son??? I found out Kenny in Spanish means 'CRAZYASS DRUNK AT THE WHEEL'!!!!! Oh,sht, thats that AMBIEN talking again......KISSES,HUGZ and I SO MISS YA'LL! GOD BLESS YOU ALL and YOUR FAMILIES and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Weare thee best. And all our support and love an prayers to our brave troops and heir loved ones.And our living legend Vets!!LOVE YA!!!! YYYYEEEEAAAWWWHHHHH!! p.s. I still owe ya my Mammagram pics, Al Franken story w/ pics and I had a chance to mount a tank! more to come...stay tuned. And talk about the gas prices... Ya'll heard of a Miami credit card? A gas syfin and a 20 gallon gas tank! ;-)> Anyone got a tip on how to get this gas taste outta my mouth..and dont say kiss Tedward,that hallatousis is more flammable than high octain!!! DAMN THAT AMBIEN! KISSES! YIPPEEE! My birthday is next Monday May 15th! Thats a good thang! =^.^=


glenalive said...

Happy Birthday to you Karpet Kitten!

Karpet Kitten =^.^= said...

Oh, THANK YOU! Thats very sweet to take the time to send sweet wishes! KISSES!