Friday, May 19, 2006


Happy Friday Ya'll !! As we 'Great Americans' damn skippy know,that this weekends Armed Forces Day is here! YEAH! A time we can assemble in the streets and march! Not for no another 'Day without Illegals' but 'A DAY TO HONOR OUR MEN & WOMAN IN THE SERVICES!!'. As we all know, my sweet spot in my heart, next to Hannity of COURSE!, is our wonderful Armed Forces of these United States!And there loved ones OF COURSE! These days I consider the MinuteMen and Women guarding our southern borders in this elite group that deserves and demands or praise,respect and THANKS! Yeah, THANKS FOR PROTECTING OUR BUTTS! Thanks for protecting our country from more attacs from sicko Johnny El-Kabooms wanting to destry the very lives these people are fighting to protect.And Thanks for the folks on our borders, which areas healthy as Tedward Kennedys friggin LIVER,from terrorists and those Non American scamps crossing rivers(We REFUSE to let them turn Cali or Arizon into Wetback Mountain!) while trying to invade our land and suck up all the jobs,welfare,tax bucks and benefits we hard working American citizens are due. I pray that many of you have made plans or will no make plans to join i a Heros Parade or help a vet or invite a militar family 4 a BBQ or call an elderly relative who is a vet or a widow of a vet.Just think of me Saturday morning,knowing I am slipping on my new 'I HEART (LOVE) ARMY BOYS tshirt gettin ready to jump into my Chevy Blazer,flags in my back pockets of my Levis as I head down to one of the MANY local parades honoring our locals men and women,many who just returned in past 6 weeks,to scream and cheer and kiss as many as I can ! LOL! ;-)> and let THEM KNOW who greatful I am for THEIR SACRIFICE and for their families and loved ones sacrifices! Many families here and all across the country will have pain in their hearts as their loved ones didnt make it out alive.And for them and the wounded we owe an EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU and prayers. Our outpouring of love and appreciation are just what is needed in these tense times.Please join me in some sort of SHOW of SUPPORT to these ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Remember, its not how a HERO DIES that makes them a HERO, Its how THE LIVED!!!!!! All MY LOVE,Stay Safe,Alert and Respectful! GOD BLESS OUR ARMED FORCES PAST AND PRESENT AND FAMILIES! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! Go on with your fine selves and have a hella-good weekend,throw a steak on the grill 4 me! JESUS LOVES You and so does THE KARPET KITTEN =^.^=

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