Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I posted some pictures ;-)>

This Armed Forces Day, in my area there was a Parade honoring of fresh from Iraq hometown guys and girls! Though it was a very rainy early North Idaho morning, I and a pitiful hanfull ,mostly family,(those wimps were afraid to get wet,girrly men!LOL!) I stood tall and proud,and wett and wylde! waving my flags,wearing my 'I LOVE ARMY BOYS' teeshirt and soooooo proud to WELCOME THEM HOME! Every one of them rsponded to my 'God Bless You,youre awesome,THANK YOU'...was a 'NO,THANK YOU',and you know me... I got the last NO THANK YOU! in there. hehe... so I was honered to take some pitures with this 116th Engineering Battalion of North Idaho.The picture made the paer and I will post it at a later time! These pics are in my yahoogroups,and if you are NOT already a member(its casual) please except this invitation... go to www.yahoogroups.com in box asking 'which group' do you want to join type (CC&P,now) KarpetKittensSeanHannityZone Thanks to all you vets,troops and responders and families.Jesus luvs you and so does The Karpet Kitten!

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