Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Yes, its that time of the year we are able too,with the help of Sean Hannity, Oliver North and the FREEDOM ALLIANCE to provide tuition assistance to the dependants of TROOPS KILLED or PERMANENTLY DISABLED in the line of duty protecting our liberties and freedom and those in other lands.This 4th Annual Festival of Conseravitive Talking Heads,Marty! and HANK WILLIAMS JR., SARAH EVANS and LEE GREENWOOD! This year they have expanded it to 2 DAYS, with one over here on the WEST COAST!;-)> I want you all to have info whether you plan on going or just want to donate to this non profit extravaganza suportng those familes who gave THEE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE! So, Friday,July 21,2006 in Jackson,New Jersey at 6 Flags and Wednesday August 2,2006 in San Deigo, the COORS Ampatheatre, great Amercan shall gather to have food,fun and American Pride! I have included the real link to purchase or donate to this very WORTHY CAUSE!1-800-329-5454 Also check out for much more info! The troops and famlies and all involved thank you, and so do I! KISSES! KarpetKittensSeanHannityZone in

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