Friday, June 02, 2006

Mr. Bush..PUT UP THAT WALL !!!

Times are a changing,and to honest with ya'll,I am extremely CONCERNED! HELL, I AM MORE SCARED THAN THE SHEEP ON "BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN"!!!!!!!Thats SCARED kidz! ;-)> My fur is up and I am pissed about the situtation at our borders,(yup even up here on Canadas border).This is been soooooo long in need of attention that Larry King wasnt even BORN! ;-)> Whats the surge in urgency all of a SUDDEN while MILLIONS,MILLION,I'll say it again MILLIONS of ILLEGALS have been INVADING our country thru its borders as pourus & uhealthy as Tedward Kennedys Liver for Petes Sake!We have all seen the videos and locals seen crossings and signs,for DECADES,but no severe action to those ILLEGALLY,I'll say it again ILLEGALLY sneeking into our homeland!Some come for day jobs,bring back to their families the money theymade TAX FREE! Friggin AL CAPONE tookout for that,so why do we allow these illegal,criminal,lawless tax evaders slide? You and I would never,NEVER be given SUCH LEINENCY! Not to say there are awesome non Americans who worked HARD,PAID and went thru PROPER CHANNELS to be here LEGALY.Like my grandparents sailing all the way from Italy to Ellis Island,and PROUD to work hard and become citizens of this 'GREAT LAND'.They hard lived stories they told me would make one of these border jumpers crap (or LAUGH,probably laugh).Yes,we ALLOW this,AT WAR and AT RISK and as open as Paris Hiltons legs! It was a melting pot, now its to a boil.And my MAIN CONCERN IS TERRORISTS COMING thru Canada and Mexico,not to mention the major Mexican RagWeed, Herion and that sweet Canadas 'B.C.Bud' (so I hear LOL!) Criminals andother foreigners.WE MUST CONSTUCT A WALL,FENCE WHATEVER! Our lives,liberties and FREEDOM are sooooo at risk (the gov dont tell us everything) that God BLESS THE MINUTEMEN for starting this party.Now all the blowhard politicians can jump on bandwagon & use it as an 'atta boy' backslap.(For them I say bee-otch slap from me,MUCH BETTER ;)> ) Speaking of these LawMakers/LawBreakers all those speaking,screaming,whining about the fence/wall being too expensive , (all those UNPAID TAXES!) blah,blah,blah.. TELL ME FRIENDS.. HOW MANY OF THESE ASS CLOWNS HAVE THEIR OWN HOMES FENCED or at least live in GATED COMMUNITIES???? OMG! Did I just say something that I need to repeat and question on Sean or what! YYYEEAAAAWWWWHHHH! And you Bill GATES "He hates he has sooo much $$$$',(Did u hear him say that)build a fence and freaking advertise on it for crying out loud 'NO-Window06'.LOL.Seen The Kennedy Compounds,fenced and gated,what a surprise.All to keep ua/them no good nicks out!HELLO! Same story, just a LARGE SCALE and MAJOR IMPORTANCE!!!!!They are doing NOTHING more than putting a bandaide on a BULLETOLE with only a few miles of fence, and thats a 12 GAUGE BULLET HOLE! STAY safe and ALERT =^.^=

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