Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's HARD out here for a PIMP!!

I hate our LAWMAKERS! So, sue me, I do! What the hell are they doing for the real hard working Americans they pretend to BE and REPRESENT? I want a refund on the whole lot of Congress.I wake u this morning with the news that America, our beautiful United States is THEE MOST PATRIOTIC COUNTRY IN THEE WORLD! (and we LOVE our country,dont we kids!?!) Our nation symbol is our flag,men and women have DIED protecting our national symbol, our way of life and our liberties and freedoms all tied together in an awesome red, white and blue.Thats my way of thinking anyways!So whats up with our ELECTED OFFICIALS and them NOT banging out a way to protect and defend our NATIONAL SYMBOL from anyone wanting to burn them in our country?You woud think, bieng the patriotic flag wavers we ARE,it would be a give? BUT NOOOOOOOOO! They have to fight OVER THAT! They cant/wont/dont understand what our flag means to us and what a SYMOL of our lives and our counries history. I wonder how much pushing from our own government are we going to except from these inept, blowhards? Burn the flag, take GOD outta everything,treat terrorists we have in custody DURING WAR, like they are in a Hollywierd rehab? And with all the illegals making money,screwing taxpayers outta $$$$$,you might think the ILLEGALS UNPAID TAXES may be a way to pay for BORDER PATROL costs,emergancy medical costs are just 2 ideas for the tax money.But NOOOOOOOO,thats too EASY, even though we define,detain & deport MILLIONS A YEAR,the ILLEGALS continue to invade and overtake our country.Maybe the lawmakers realize that at the rate we are going,with the invasion stats and all,our flag needs a 'tweeking' a sort of more PC makeover,perhaps? Maybe our flag and our national anthem are part of thee grade plan to make the country and the people less white bread, more flava? What are they THINKING? Oh, THEY ARENT!! One moron opened his mouth,and out falls, "PIMPS need to pay up all those unpaid BACK TAXES!" (insert your OWN dirrty joke here) yes, some lawmaker woke up thinking Americas Plan to get back on track "Has to have PIMPS PAY UP!!".(I cant Believe it either!) Make the money off some poor ho working her money maker 24/7 !! Have they heard PIMPS dont have a 'union' or clubhouse or a yellow page of Pimps to collect addresses to 'shake down' the pimps for some money, bitch!??! Like a freakin' PIMP is gonna have his 'accountant' fill out the forms for his stable of street walkers? Beam me up Scottie.I cant believe someone would put thier name on that bright idea, but of course he did,proudly. I will wait for the FOX network to do a 'When Pimps Attack', as the first line of IRS agents hit the streets to get a piece of that pie.(ok, your right, another dirrty joke insert). So all you PIMPS are on alert that the government is coming on steadfast and strong for your illegal earnings. And as far as our national symbol is concerned,you lame ,sneeky ,over paid LAWMAKERS........... This aint NO RAG, its A FLAG! Protect it as if it were,say,a spotted porcupine carabou.... YOU FREAKING IDIOTS!!! YYYYYEEEAAAAAAAWWWWHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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