Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Readers, this poem was read into the Congressional Record during the second session of the 89th Congress. Read on: THE FLAG (By Stacy Frank, Grade 8) This flag of red and white and blue May not mean very much to you. But as for me this banner flies And with its mighty voice it cries Out to peoples far and near To proclaim our freedom here. A small beginning, I agree, But like the acorn to the tree. Thirteen states we had at first, But as our country grew, our thirst For land and freedom did not stop. That land did well; produced a crop For countries of the world to share And then they knew our flag was fair. And underneath this starry wing Foreign peoples help to sing The greatest story ever told, The story of our country bold. Of its birth into the world And of its wondrous flag unfurled. And over the world there ne'er will stand The flag of any other land That will mean as much to me As this flag of liberty. ~~~ =^.^= Just ANOTHER SHOUT OUT to you who want to reach out thru your computer and touch a troops heart! A few lines from you(pass it around!) can/does/will MAKE a TROOPS DAY AND JOB BRIGHTER in such dark times.PLEASE take a second and give them some love for me too!I would NEVER ask ya'll to doanything I wouldnt.Give these heros a pump up and pat on back,cyber hugs and kisses and love and info from home..and your respect,thanks and appreciation =^.^= ~~~~~~~~~

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