Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'll keep it pithy.Bill went to Gitmo on Friday.He wanted to see whats up with the mongrels.I dont know what went down kidz, but come by the end of the weekend 3 terrorist ha COMMITTED SUICIDE!!! Now, thats not funny someone killing themselves,but one of these monsters I kind glee! So is The Big O a lean mean killing machine? Maybe he was 'Looking out for us'! Maybe his calls of poppinjays and other wordz I dont understand drove them to spin their linens into a means to hang themselves! What a waste of sheets(they get sheets,too!?) The KKK deserves them sheets 4 these terrorists do! So Bill,what ever you did to drive these pigs to their overdue deaths,I say Boo-Yah! Sometimes myself while waiting for Hannity and Colmes 2 come on,and having to watch Falaffel Man,I wanna yak up myself!LOL! Just kidding ! They need to run The O'Reilly Factor 24/7 @ Gitmo for a while,we may just thin the herd!The Spin Realy Stopped There!What Say You??Coinsceindence? I THINK NOT!! Rock on Bill,you are deadlier than Ted Kennedys BREATH! YYYYEEEAAAAWWWHHH!! ���

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JackBauer32960 said...

Hey KK,
Heard you on Seans show.
Was just out to start a conservative Blog and hear you are!
Great posts you have! Any woman who listens to consevative radio is top dog in my book! er... sorry..Top Kat in my book!