Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Finaly,we are getting some troops and support for our borders.The states along the Mexican border will be watched by the National Guard (and the MinuteMen) and I want to say THANKS.You now how I feel about the chances of a terrorist who wants to die to bring on the pain on our land.With our trained troops watching OUR BORDERS we canALL FEEL a wee bit safer.SO WHY THE HELL are the 5 states on the border just expected to 'pony up' all their troops to watch over OUR COUNTRIES unprotected borders? Its our WHOLE COUNTRIES problem! Why must AH-NOLD and the other 4 governors be left holding the bag for ALL OF US? Last time I looked,it was for the safety of every American,Boise to Beverly Hills..Sanibel to Seattle...you get the idea.The border should be and MUST BE a collection from every state to protect and defend us down there.We cant drain the Guard outta Cali.Hell,You never know when quakes or wildfires maight hit California (or if Wacko Jackson moves back to Neverland) !! We must be a United Quilt of Support and Force for our borders.I have not heard anybody else mention this little tidbit of info.We must strike while the iron is hott and station thousands of troops along the states to no longer allow anyone thats wants a piece of our pie to jump the imaginary line to the front of the line.I ask you to help me get this message out. UNITED WE STAND...DIVIDED WE FAIL.. TheKarpetKitten.com

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