Tuesday, October 31, 2006


HAPPY HALLOWEEN to my ghouls and sexy witches! What a bunch of tricks we have been dealt this month! I mean can anything be any scarier than the puke we have been force fed this election season? If it not the negative ads,its the creepy sex scandals!And the players in these sex scandals are far from, well SEXY! Dont we need at least one hott sex bomb in all this flesh crawling sexcapades?But NOOOOOOOO,all we got so far are creepy old texting pedophiles,weirdo gay govs,kinky ghoulish guys writting gross fiction and on and on.And lets not forget the windbag pumpkin headed talker who doesnt know what the fuck he is talking about.Lets just say OXYMORON! I mean how many boogeymen can we take B4 Halloween even arrived? The foul smelling nasty air isnt from the garbage truck,its from the elections! The people dont care who or what they smash,as long as the win.The would eat thier own, as long as they finish in the win column.And the wind is a blowin' from both sides of the aisle.It aint no Red or Blue thang, its stank all across the board.I dont know how we can get anything accomplished with all this undercover sex scandals and personal attacks.I aint kidding when I say most of this stuff is scarier and creepier than Bill O'Rielly getting out of the YMCA showers!(Loofah in hand!) And notice how church mouse quiet TedWard Kennedy is.That bag of crap will probably hold Mass. hostage for more years on the government dime! Whats in the water over there?Are ya'll brainwashed or do they threaten your life?I dont get it?Maybe its the Ambien in the water?What about Mary Jo Kapeckni in the freakin' water? The more I smash this out, the clearer it becomes.These dastardly snake oil salesmen are wannabe dictators.Some have already mastered the DICK part quite well ;-)> And has anybody checked on the DIS-ORIENTIAL? Thats Kim Jong mentaly ILL! I say lets send him a treat of a nuclear suppository and be done of the lollipop headed menace! But getting back to our own monsters,I hope one week from now,all you voters remember all the spin,coverups,personal attacks and campaigns filled with more mudslinging than solid solutions,plans,goals and ways to get America back on track. And how about some LAWS that lawmakers have to get BACKGROUND CHECKS, LIE DECTECTORS,DRUG TESTED & MENTAL CHECKS.We deserve more than alcoholic drugged out freaky deaky pervert liars and those that help them. Now, go out there and steal your kids candy!Am I the only bonehead that thinks its no longer cool to let your kidz think its still mighty mighty fine to walk up to total strangers homes,and beg and except candy from STRANGERS?? And if you REALY wanna freak the kids out, just turn on the news and watch them turn ghostly white with the reality of the elections! Now thats CREEPY!!! KISSES from my 2 BLACK CATZ!!! Now, get on your broom and ride! ;-)> http://www.wtv-zone.com/softlywhispers/sigs/index/html

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