Friday, October 13, 2006


This is Friday the 13th.Only the weekend is standing between the date for Duncan trial.In previous posts I have asked you to join me on Courthouse steps to stand up and let the world know how much we detest and loathe this type of action.Well kidz... I have been 'talked to,and asked NOT TO!' It IS in the best interest of the trial,and Shasta as to NOT be seen and heard.The case is being held at the Jail and NOT the courthouse.Thanks to all you who expressed interest,nd I ask you to pray for Shasta and the family, as she is t testify.Pray for the system,the jury and lawyers and judge.In thee most heinous of crimes,this little 10 year old will show us the meaning of brave. Read the articles and if you have time, go to the 'editorial section' and red locals thoughts on this. Have a terrific weekend,and keep Shasta in your thoughts.... =^.^=

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