Friday, July 04, 2008


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !!!! Independence Day -- Fourth of July. What is it we celebrate? It was the day in 1776 that our Declaration of Independence was signed. It was the day our Founding Fathers put their names on the document that declared to England that we would no longer submit to English rule. The Founding Fathers "mutually pledged to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor." Many of these men did lose their lives and fortunes during the war. None, however, lost their honor. By signing the Declaration of Independence they were considered traitors in the eyes of the king and subject to hanging should they be captured. Our country's independence was secured only after 11 years of bloody combat. Independence Day is celebrated to honor our Founding Fathers and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought Britain to secure our freedom which we enjoy today. Britain at that time had the worlds largest and foremost army. It is also a time to say thank you to all the men and women who have served our nation in the past and those that serve today in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. As you celebrate Independence Day be sure and remind your children the meaning of this day and the reason for the celebration. An important symbol of our nation is our flag. Out of respect for our flag and for those who have fought to protect it and are fighting today to keep us free, it is common courtesy and proper flag etiquette to stand at attention, remove your hat and place your right hand over your heart when the flag passes by in a parade. Please set a good example for your children and for those near you by standing and by placing your right hand over your heart. It is the very least we can do to honor our nation and those who have fought for our freedom. This is the greatest free nation the world has ever known. Take time to send prayers and love to those fighting for us.Those who have lost life and limb and the families.We should all be thankful 4 their great sacrifices in our name As always show your thanks and respect to our vets and let 'em know how greatful you are! .My love to all of ya and have a safe weekend kidz! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Hello fellow talk-radio fan,

It's been too long since we've chatted, and even longer since we've trashed the lines.

Hoping you are well, and that your Independence Day weekend goes off even better.