Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I dont know whether to laugh or cry.Can you believe our esteemed SUPREME COURT has allowed these bastards that have been getting fat at Club Castro? I know,not only SHOULD we HAVE NEVER brought their killing machine asses off the sand,but noooooooooo we did and let them have their religious rights and korans and feed them so well that many are overweight,most are extrememly well fed and cared 4 even.They would never have had it so cushy if left to be on battlefield.Most would have blown themselves up and slaughtered our troops!Do you think if any of these dirtdogs would have given the troops,maybe your loved one,one of the first of the best we ever had came across the same chance we have given THEM,even a second thought?? HELL NO ?Remember our guys hanging brutaly from the bridges?Remember their sick,twisted cheers?Remember Dan Pearl? They are, and back when the scumbagz at Gitmo were there, on a RAMPAGE OF DEATH. So in case ya havent heard, another problem , the other day 400 TALIBAN that were JAILED BUSTED OUT! Yup 400 TALIBAN, 400 of those pyschos gettin the Band Back Together!!!!! And guess whos is top on their HITT PARADE? US! AMERICAN,AMERICANS and ISREAL! And 4 the evil bomb loving maddmen to hear we are ALLOWING,VOTED ON & GIVING their fellow El-KaBoomers a FAIR TRIAL is INSANE!!! This is like a badd LSD tripp! (so I hear ;-) ) Many smart wonderful friends of mine are of the mind that they deserve....DESERVE a fair trial.(OK,KK,Breath....) In a different world peeps...Hell a different country for Petes Sake.i would luv to think if we sent them back 2 Iraq for the gov ,that we STILL, we are helping get some balls..BUT NO! They suck and I think there are more criminal,tainted people in charge anyways.Thats why we are still babysitting them and kickin terror ass! Good Bless our Troops and Vets,and i am sorry you probably havent gotten the same treatment if it were you.And I hate that some vets are homeless,mentaly damaged and no help at all.Even kill themselves.And this is how big of a fruitloop country we are? We want to look good in the worlds eyes, instead of wacking these animals,and showing balls,NOW! PC KISS THIS!! All the money and SECURITY forTERRORIST!!! .LOL!This aint Daddys America kidz.I am so proud that our great military is all VOLUNTEER.What a great thing.They deserve so much more in every way them we can ever give them.If we cut the pork,(and through it on terrorists and fronts of airplanes!) ,ridiculous hearings and spending and take Americans and troops/vets into account first and fore most.But I am greatful 4 ya'll and pray these murdering life destroying pigs DIE!!! These scumbagz were the first line of battle.Hardcore MoFos,who are probably softer (HA!) with the Oceanside vacation.(Oh,shut up, its harsh, but what would saddam do 2 them? This IS a vacation compaired!).Time's UP!The parties over.Give them a bacon dripping shower and drop em off back to theKITTY LITTER BOX from which they kill to protect.As a Floridian I beg there is no Gitmo Invasion(Ala Haitian/Cuban invasion '80) to the beaches! If none of the above check box :DIE,TERRORIST,DIE! GOD SAVE US ALL and give the judges a morcel of WISDOM! JEEZE!! YYYYYEEEEAAAAAWWWWHHHH!!!!! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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