Monday, February 04, 2008


YeeHaw! New York Giants are our NEW CHAMPS! Even though my beloved Miami Dolphins were NOT in the Game (or season for Petes sake!), like every year I have a Super Bowl party! My heart is for all things New York ( I was concieved in NY by NYers!) so I was 4 The Giants.The Pats are awesome but realy kidz, my poor lil heart COULD NOT,NOT stand 2 see The Pats stand next to my 1972 Dolphins PERFECT SEASON ;-( . The first 3 quarters were like any regular season game.Well Terrific Tom Brady did GO DOWN more times than MONICA LEWINSKY that was cool.Man that Mike Strahand is a BEAST! Rock on Mike! And the (yawn) low score was a drag,and everyone I heard had the scores up in the 20's-30's..But I held out hope for Eli and crew to take charge (move OVER PAYTON!thems some great genes!) The commercials were mediocre, I like Naomi Cambell doing the Thriller dance with reptiles and a few others kept me awake LOL! I watched the whole 4 freaking hour PRE PRE game show.Can someone PAH-LEEZE tell me what the Hell RYAN SEACREAST and a RED CARPET were doing there? PEOPLE! At least his metrosexual ass got John Travolta up there! But all we needed was Terry,Howie and Hurricane Jimmy! And Frank Calliento was cool.Everyone was dissin on Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers (a fave of my youth) and the show was GREAT!! All my fave TP songs! And at Tom Pettys age we werent worried about a NIP SLIP more than a HIP SLIP! ;-)>(Tom Petty and the HipBreakers!) So congrats Giants fans! My 72 Perfect season in tack and a fourth quarter surprise was a wonderful ending for me! To the Pat fans, sorry, Tom wasnt at his best,maybe his footor could it be maybe Guiselle Bunchenen (?) was too much a distraction! (DUH! We need not cry 4 Tommy Boy, he went home and cried on his Victorias Secret Super models supple shoulder...thats a winner!) The music acts were fun Willie Nelson and sara Evans,even paula Abdul did great.But TRACE ADKINS was the BOMB! So another Bowl in the bag and what seems like an eternity for us fans till the seasons starts up again! And Congrats to the Dolphins for STILL BEING THEE PERFECT TEAM! again.... RYAN SEACREST???? We may need rehab for that blunder! Any Given Sunday, right kidz!!! YYYEEAAAWWHHH!!! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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