Friday, February 29, 2008

YObama:The Audacity of his HopeFul Endorsers! GETTING SCREWY WIT IT!!

Oh, Yobama.You are now a magnet for the strangest possee of backers yet!You know when Horseface Kerry trotted up with a hoof of support I yakked.then along came The Camelot Crew of the Kooky Kennedy Klan.And notice The voters in Mass and Cali DIDNT pick Barack!OH,SNAP! Now another big time hate monger ,racist nut job grabs a chance at the spotlight while endorsing Barack Hussien Obama......Screwy Louis Farrakahn drops down from the MotherShip and lends his support (along with all his scary Nation of Islam cronies) to the bi-racial Prez candidate,Now, let me just give it up to Farrakahn....he let it slip that YObama is HALF WHITE! Man did he get a pass with THAT CREW! We all know about the terrible wordz and actions of this 'gang',and frankly its scary.I mean Kennedy killed just ONE WOMAN, cant begin to asses the body bagz these hard liners stacked up over the years.And this crank job thinks Napolian blew the African looking nose of the Sphinks to hide that blacks were around way back then (Hey, did Micheal jackson summon up the Spirit of Napolian and thats where HIS NOSE WENT??hummm....) And then there is this whole name game with YObama.Whitey Bill Cunningham took a spanking for using his name is OBAMAS own damn MAMA GAVE HIM! It is what it is Barack Hussien Obama.And yes, yes know Obama soundz like Usama...Hussien rekindels that DICKtater Saddam....and Barack soundz like Iraq.Shitty political name dude,sorry.Even shittier is that the world.esp the ones who blow themselves up to KILL US might take a likin' to it and have no fear,thinking he MAY be one that sympathtizes w/ their messed up cause.And then that whole Muslim thing adds fuel to the fire.AND then that picture. FUN FACT:In school kidz called YObama ,Barry! Barry Barack,that rolls abit smoother dont it? But no hes stuck with that moniker ,wears it proudly,and if we point out what a scary name he has WE are BRANDED RACIST! For Shame.(Spank Yourself 4 me!) ;-)> Ok, so his name sucks, lets get to the meat and potatoes of his campaign.HOPE and CHANGE.I heard that in my 12 step meeting 4 Petes sake.Does he Hope he CAN CHANGE something?And what would that be (start with the name dude!) I dont know I like my candidates and men with a proven track record of greatness,and experience.(Like strippers or hookers, ya want someones who knows how to get the job done!LOL) Ok, now spank ME! Sure he is new and bright and different,but this America we are in RIGHT now needs a leader,known,feared and with alot of experience under their belt (or pantsuit).In his job as Senator marking PRESENT for votes dont cut it for me.At least this aint Billarys first rodeo.I know They are HOPEFUL for a CHANGE of Barack voters mindz! And while the list of shady characters in YObamas past and present are factual and scary.I am not saying he doesnt mean well or he not a cool cat, but not in this crazy time we are in.This guy wants to chat it up with North Korea and Irans crackpots! We need a President who evil people fear,not want to have a beer with and chat! And I dont want to forget his beloved wife,Oprah Jr., Michelle.She has the AUDACITY to say this is thee first time shes proud of our country,This highly educated,wealthy African American WOMAN who might be First lady.All the great things accomplished and she lets that one slip.Dumb broad.Hasnt she been watching all the great moments in Black history on tv during this Black History Month.2 words Michelle ROSA PARKS! No wonder they shut her down.Bill gets alot of crap for his blunders, but these 2 are far more dangerous to our future and safety. Ole 'Barry' needs to bump it up and stop wit the 2 word sayings if he wants 2 be our new American Idol and prove hes the man to beat War Hero McCain....... I cant wait to see who backs him next.YYYEEEAAAAAWWWHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! KISSES! =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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