Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Reguards to SEPT.11....

My computer has been down 4 about 2 weeks now! DAMN U AL GORE!!!!! So many of you must have been svratching your noggin's wondering why I had nothing 2 say about Sept.11th or Patriots Day! You probably thought Michelle Oh-Blah-Blah-Blah-Ma had me kitnapped!! LOL! Hell NO! I am so madd that during these times I was unable 2 express my deep sorrow to those who suffered on that day 7 (yeah 7 years) ago that rocked our world.Not a day goes by that the victims of those terrorists do not cross my mind.I pray,thank and honor them and shed tears.The brave 1st responders who rushed into that mess,many to die.Many have medical problems and mental problems to this day.These men and women are true blue Heros.Thank God for their sacrifice and strength and their families who live with the knowledge they died or are permently damaged all this time to save their fellow neighbors.Not a day goes by that I dont think or pray,thank,honor and shed tears for thr passengers on the planes used as weapons to do those murders deeds,and a piece of my soul dies thinking of their last horrific moments,and their long suffering families who I send my love and prayers too. Not a day has passed that I dont thank GOD for our BRAVE VOLUNTEER TROOPS and VETS who kicked ass and gave life and limb in that kitty litter box to take down these hard line radicals and free those long suffering people.All while leaving their beloved families home.My heart cries for you families and YOUR great sacrife of your Hero, our HEROS.You families are what keep them going and I am so sorry you are or were without them.Hopefuly some are coming home soon.And for those who never will I personaly give you my deepest sympathy and earnest thanks.I send ya'll cyber hugz and kisses for your loss.I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN AND NEVER WILL.You and yours are always on my mind and drive me daily.I am also greatful there has not been another tragedy like that for 7 years.I think we have Pres. Bush to thank 4 that.So all you who have a PERSONAL STAKE in this I say Know you are respected,loved and prayed 4 as your loved ones by MILLIONS of us and we are here for you.You know how much I care ;-)> I am worried though,that the terrorist swore that they would cripple our society and financial base,and the way the market,banks and home situation is going,I fear they may have us on that one.But we know the best and bravest of all military are kicking ass and doing thee absolutely best job given the circumstances they can do.ALL MY LOVE AND Hopes for a brighter future for all of us, even those who are Americans that care,worry and also thank God for our Troops, Vets and First Responders and their families.WE CARE!!!!!! ALL MY LOVE =^.^= ******************* Here is a prayer I found for those lost that I hope brings some piece of mind: ~~~~~~~~~~ETERNAL REST GRANT UNTO THEM,OH LORD: Lord Jesus,lovingly welcome into your presence my deseased family,relatives and friends who have completed their journey on this Earth,and have gone to their rest in the hope of rejoicing with You forever in Heaven. Source of all life and love,in Your infinate mercy,look favorably upon their goodness,and forgive any sins they may have commited,so they may enjoy for ALL ETERNITY the GREAT REWARDS You HAVE PROMISED TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN YOU.AMEN! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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