Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yes, you guessed it.The newest SEX SCANDAL, Politicaly, has blown up all over us.N.Y. Governer Spitzer has been BUSTED paying 4 SEX! From the looks of him, he would HAVE 2 pay 4 it!But his poor wife looked too good 4 him, even as she stood their w/ that same ole stunned look we have seen over the decades wayyyyyy to many times. 1st ,b4 I go off on the scandalishious part, I beg women from now on....PUH-LEEZE,PAH-LEEZE!,spare what ever nugget of self respect you have 4 yourself and family and dont allow these sleezy weasels to prop you up as a shield against harsh questions and a hope of making the cheater look more family oriented. Just as they screwed you and your families hearts and minds ALONE,let them STAND ALONE.My heart bleeds everytime,and there are so many I cant count over the decades, when these betrayed,lied 2,maybe even sexualy deasesed and emotional crapped on spouse is standing by her man.Maybe its my HOTT IITALIAN BLOOD, but that bastard would be bruised ,on a crutch or probably a stretcher doing his press confrence, and the infamous,forgive me I have sinned speech.The skeezers on Capital Swill and all high profile politicians and lewd servants of the Lord are out of control!! NO WONDER so much redickulous shit is going on (like the our military contract going 2 FRANCE!II HELLO!Who did France have to screw 2 get that sweet deal?Makes ya wonder..) These 2 headed monsters are scheaming and cheating and the lies 2 cover,Woah,that takes, time, money and alot of effort and TAX DOLLARS to cover up! Between the sex and campaigning we are being BLED DRY !!! Why do we have to wait 4 them to deside if AND when they RESEIGN?THEY WORK 4 US, Why cant,'We The People' COME TOGETHER and FIRE their sorry asses and demand our tax bucks back that has paid there sick fetishes and lifestyles of the sick and famous? Freakin TACO BELLS standards are higher than our governments and some religious sects!!!! And they worry if athletes are jacked up on Hulk juice?What a joke,yeah and its all on us. This latest blowup will probably end in rehab and divorce and maybe jail for Elliot Mess.Between the FREE gay random sex and high paid hot hooker sex ,page didddling, bribes and well ya'll know how they are screwing the tax payers,I have to believe a 'clean sweep' B done and kick their mealy asses out,send Trump down to tell em YOU'RE FIRED!!!!! if needed. We are going to Hell in a Handbasket and these morons are at the wheel of the SIN WAGON we are been driven there in! Hell, they are HIGH JACKING OUR COUNTRY!!With so many of us good hard working American paying for these jerks high end lifestyles on OUR DIME,we deserve to have a SAY in what they are accountable 4,what they do 4 us.Where did our balls go people??? This is thee greatest country in the world being ruined and cash strapped by the jackholes WE BELIEVED in at voting time.And its not just the sex my claws are out at,Its candidates who lay with terrorist,rasists and scammers and cheaters.And they get this GOD COMPLEX which in their sick twisted mindz dont think they will get caught! And Its insane that many of these men wrote and passed bills about exactly what they are doing.4 Petes sake, THEY KNOW they ARE BEING BADD! And note to these naughty,badd boys...STOP ASKING US TO PRAY 4 YOUR POOR FAMILY,or KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS,or WE NEED OUR PRIVACY.I wish a lightening bolt would come outta the heavens and strike them dead BANG! Like they were on their knees praying while they were,well....on their knees! Is it me kidz OR ARE THE INMATES RUNNING THE ASYLUM????????????? Its hypocritical,gross and the children,yours and theirs, dont deserve this news and details either 24/7. With all the murders,abductions and lead painted toys and filthy beef and high priced gas, IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR. we dont need to hear about the nasty dirty deedz and details of these OVERPAYED,OVERSEXED,BOOZED UP,PILL POPPING,scuriliss decievers! What or who,comes next I cant say,but I know there are sleezy weasels crappin their pants,but a few dayz will pass,and the games are back on 4 them.Letz get the brooms out PEOPLE and DEMAND some psych tests,drug tests and kick their crummy asses 2 the curb, not REHAB and keep paying them and give retirement funds too!!!! Give em a boot in the ass INSTEAD!!!There ARE plenty of great people who can serve us well, I just DONT THINK THEY ARE POLITICIANS! Too badd,soo sadd... =^.^= PLEASE RESPECT,THANK,HONOR,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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