Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am so fed up with the system.How in the hell can we allow our countries women and children to be brutalized on a daily basis by scumbag sickos? We are so concerned about the freedom of other countries, yet our own,open borders and all,has multiple serial child molsters and killers running wylde.Yeah, I am pissed having to watch John Coueys trial,this scumbag propped up in a new suit and coloring on a pad! Jessica Luncesfords traumatized family just feet away having to go thru all the gruesome details of the ordeal that ruined their lives.To see father Marks face racked with pain and anger makes my fur stand up and claws sharp and out,wanting to just put a bullet between those beety twisted eyes of that monster,then and there.How can it be this pig walks into a home,into a childs bedroom and steals her from the safety of her bed? Then just yards away brutalizes her for 4 friggin days B4 he tosses her LIVE BRUTALIZED BODY into garbage bags and buries her alive under his sisters trailer steps.Why a trial?Why has not one of these scumbags had the balls to fess up and spare the family and nation of another long drawn out court case? You see on DATELINE how they know WE KNOW they are out there and with out shame or remorse,they lust after children.Sometimes it turns to murder. I cant believe some moron thinks green licence plates will help identify these animals.I always said the only way I want them identified on the FIRST OFFENSE is a TOMBSTONE.We will never understand why their brain circuts are screwy.Death isnt even enuff for them.I realy want a public execution of chid sex offenders/killers on a monthly basis.We cant fix them,and how many more lives must be ruined and taken ? How many more lame ass bills with dead kids names on it will there be? I am ashamed that we dont have the stomach or balls to put down these creeps.We must somehow change they way the system works (or DOESNT WORK!). I would even support public vigilaties who hunt them down with some wild west like justice.The government is letting us down as the numbers are so outragous of how many are in our own neighborhoods. I dont want to see these psychos get fat on death row on our dime.I hate that there are more jails than schools being built to house offenders.I hate to think how tragic and painful little Jessicas last 4 days on Earth were.And all the othe Jessicas and Dylans.We as a nation must stand together and show a sign of force against child molesters/killers.Please pop an email to your local lawmakers and tell them how sickened and tired you are and demand,as I will, a change.Its not enuff to catch and release them.Swift Death is the only way. I pray this never touches you personaly,but chances are some of us will be.So sadd. This is a very important issue that needs alot of light shined on it.Please help me help our kids.God Bless and be safe and strong =^.^= PLEASE THANK, RESPECT,SUPPORT & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS FIRST RESPONDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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