Friday, April 06, 2007


HAPPY EASTER and PASSOVER!! Hope U have a great fun and wonderful weekend ;-) Ok, thats the end of nice kitty ;-)> STRETCH PELOSI has me yacking up a couch sized hair ball THIS TIME! She jumped on her broom and fly over to start up her AXIS OF EVIL WORLD TOUR '07 .Mz.Thang has snubbed her surgicaly altered nose at us and THE PRESIDENT by taking Spring Break in Damascus,Saudi Arabia so far..whats next North Korea,NAN? Think how the troops feel, not only do THEY NOT GET SPRING BREAK! but they here CONGRESS (urghh!) is on a 3 week spring chill out.From what? All the hard work they have occomplised?What a crock, they are R & R'in from all that gas and smoke they blew (much up Al Gorey's ass for Warming Movie) ,the give them selves raises and guns up there,they live in their own conveluted,twisted,self absorbed world.(If only Jim Webb would go 'Postal' on Kerry one session...ahh, to dream) And talk about alot to do.Sitting COLD on their empty desks,are severe Natioal biz! Do you you how sick i was to watch in the year 2007 a boat load of about 100 Haitian's invading the beach I was raised and loved. 20 freaking years ago was the huge Cuba crimal/Haitian invasion sensation.(Scary as a kidd!) And why,someone tell me why... did not HOMELAND SECURITY spot this.How do we even KNOW there werent haters on board.Most want a better life, but in these times WAR, if you forgot, we are as open at ALL BORDERS NOW MORE THAN EVER. They (the jerks on the Hill) need to get their asses in gear,make our land INPENATRATABLE and at least see a friggin busted boat load of INVADERS,for Petes Sake! It gonna be worse if we dont get a lock down on who and WHAT is coming in her ILLEGAL and under our noses.Theres laws, just aint used or respected.AND MEXICO and the slow dance we are doing with them is another thing.As long as they get pay-ola...its on like Donkey kong,whatever you did or need, WELCOME!! They take our crimals.Andrew Luster millioanaire/rapist/left US was busted by Duane 'DOG' Chapman,goes down a gets the scumbag!And Mexico wants DOG 4 some minor infraction,yet he sayed Mexican females from the same brutal raping.Its f'ed! FREE DOG CHAPMAN. And our goverment got a noodle spine and is trowing Dog and his kid & bro under the bus,mine while we fee and employ and insure MILLIONS OF ILLEAGAL INVADER JOB STEALERS!!! Whats up w/ that? A task nedded to be taken.These overpayed,self absorbed,conveluted mutants are trowing out alot of opposition, and no blueprints, and WHAT LITTLE we have seen is LAME!! LAME!! Quitcha bitchin Dems and GET 'ER DONE! (is it 100 days yet???) Or stop ACTING LIKE YOU CAN DO THE JOB,GOT THE STOMACH and BALLS 2 do whats neccisary.And to all those inbreds squawkers diss the war/troops/sitiation (again,just cut and run as a solution,yaaaawwwnnn...) IF YOU DONT STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS,THEN BY ALL MEANS,FEEL FREE 2 PLACE YOUR FATT ASSES INFRONT OF THEM!!!!! The job NEEDS 2 done/complete,ITS WAR GIRLIE MEN!!!! And them Cindy Sheehan-istas!gag me.These people make me sick, not bad milk sick EBOLA SICK! A 'Thank You is sooo inadequte, but youse know the degree of luv/respect/honor! KISSES! =^.^= PLEASE HONOR, RESPECT,SUPPORT,THANK & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS,VETS,FIRST RESPNDERS and THEIR FAMILIES ;-)

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